5 Tips for Navigating Life with the Child Ahead of the Premiere of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Recently, the all new trailer for Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian took the galaxy by storm. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out here:

Premiering Monday, May 4, with new episodes available every Friday on Disney+, the adventurous new series will offer fans the opportunity to join executive producer Jon Favreau as he goes behind the scenes of the first season of The Mandalorian. Packed with never-before-seen footage, interviews, and more, the eight-episode documentary series will explore unique elements of the first live-action Star Wars television show, from the filmmaking process to the series’ groundbreaking technology.

With the new series and May the 4th right around the corner, now is a great time to honor one of the fan-favorite characters from The Mandalorian – the Child. If you recently welcomed the Child into your home or are expecting the Child’s arrival any day now, here are some helpful tips on ways to integrate the Child into your everyday life:

The Child is a curious and mysterious alien! Show us how it is joining you in your daily activities with #TheMandalorian #StarWarsBe sure to stream Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, premiering Monday, May 4, 2020 on Disney+.


  • Oh, how I love this adorable little green bundle of joy! He is the gift that keeps on giving. I have lived my whole life thinking that Mickey Mouse was my favorite Disney character. The Child is now right up there near the top of the list, battling Mickey for the #1 spot. All that aside, though… “The Mandalorian” is a new favorite show, and I can’t wait for this new documentary series, as well as Season 2 of the main show.

  • Got an issue with #2. I Am a trained Mandalorian, for years now. I have no problems helping care for the Child. I’d raise him as a proper Mando with proper training starting now. Never too young to start training.

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