#DisneyMagicMoments: Virtual Viewing of ‘Happily Ever After’ at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Tonight, we’re bringing more #DisneyMagicMoments to everyone at home with a virtual viewing of one of the most spectacular nighttime shows ever created at Disney Parks – “Happily Ever After.” 

For this special pre-recorded  viewing of “Happily Ever After” at Magic Kingdom Park, you have the best seat in the house!  Watch as the castle you know so well becomes a canvas for the heart-tugging story of the importance of chasing your dreams, no matter what, and finding your happily ever after.  

Along with tonight’s virtual viewing of “Happily Ever After,” Disney PhotoPass Service is releasing several favorite images captured during the fireworks extravaganza as downloadable digital wallpapers.  

‘Happily Ever After’ at Walt Disney World Resort ‘Happily Ever After’ at Walt Disney World Resort ‘Happily Ever After’ at Walt Disney World Resort ‘Happily Ever After’ at Walt Disney World Resort

We hope you enjoyed this special viewing of “Happily Ever After”- which is brought to you in the parks by Pandora Jewelry – and the Disney PhotoPass Service wallpapers. Please be sure to check out the terms of use before downloading the wallpapers.

Keep checking back for more virtual pixie dust coming to the Disney Parks Blog.


  • Thank you for showing this. We are suppose to be there tonight with my family celebrating my granddaughter’s First Birthday. Looking forward to coming when it is safe and Disney opens again.

  • Thank you so much Disney for posting this incredible video–Disney has been part of our lives forever and the creativity, hope and inspiration that the Disney family provides helps lift the spirits and keeps us moving forward. My daughter and her new fiance visited Disney World in February and did not see this. I have been providing them with as much fun and uplifting support –they are both young physicians working on the Covid wards in Boston — as I can and this will be a
    wonderful thing for them to listen to and watch at the end of a hard day. We cannot wait to go back to Disney World as a family to experience this in person. If anyone can figure out how to reopen safely it is the Walt Disney Company and we all look forward to that day!!!Stay safe and
    in the words of Mickey Mouse–See ya soon!

  • Wow, I have loved Disneyland since my grandparents took me as a 5 year old in 1957. Since then the visits were with my parents getting up before sunrise to drive the two lane roads from Torrance, through acres of farmland and dairy farms until arriving at the park mid morning. Enjoying with my children and their first experiences there and now grandchildren. I am now 67 years old. The magic has never left me and the thrill is ever the same walking from the park gate through the tunnel to mainstreet, I am seeing the park as if for the first time all over, I am young again!

  • ❤ Yes!!
    Thank you for sharing cried right from the beginning. I cant wait to be able to go back to the park to watch this live. You really made my day. To everybody take care stay safe and have a Magical rest of the day. 🏰🎡🚄🎢❤❤❤

  • What a wonderful gift and special treat this is today! It made me smile and cry at the same time on an otherwise gloomy day. I very much look forward to being there in person again but until that day, thank you very much for sharing this.

  • One of my favorites. We saw it the first time in May ’18 and are planning to go back in December ’20 if all goes as planned.

    The video we shot of it was on an iPhone, on a windy night [no tinkerbell] and from only one angle. Thanks for putting this online.

  • Thank you so much for returning me to one of the happiest moments of my life–watching this live with my then 10 year old grand daughter. Memories of WDW go back 35 yrs of going every year with our two daughters for 23 straight years and now experiencing with our grand children.
    Truly the most magical place on the planet to be with the ones you love the most!! Awaiting anxiously to again start taking more of our grand kids before it is too late for us to experience.

  • I’m happy to say that I finally made it to Magic Kingdom before it closed. We did all 4 parks in 3 days leaving Magic Kingdom the last. I was able to see the fireworks with my niece and grandson while the others in the party rode a couple of rides. We even got to see Tinker Bell fly down from the castle. Got to take a few shots of the After Hours lighting at the castle. It was wonderful to see. Maybe next year, we’ll even get to stay for the After Hours @ Magic Kingdom. Thank you Disney.

    Everyone continue to safe and at home unless absolutely necessary to go out. God bless you all.

  • Thanks so much for the magic on this rainy day in Virginia. I can’t wait for Disney to open again. Hope it will be soon, grew up in Florida, I miss being there.

  • I cannot wait to go home to see this again in person.

  • What an awesome show!! Can’t wait for the happiest place on earth to open so we can come experience the magic of Disney!!

  • Thank you for adding your Pixie Dust that is so much needed during these difficult times. If there was one place that can uplift people’s spirits it’s Disney, the leader in creating MAGIC! Leaders are hard to come by and now more than ever we appreciate you leading the charge in the world of Make Believe. Your power to create a smile and a good feeling for all ages transcends the world and I’m sure is appreciated by all mankind. All the best for safety and health to every cast member. As we spread the love we will prevail.

  • Thank you Disney for the great show as usual. We were supposed to be leaving for the Vero Beach Resort on Sunday for our 34th wedding anniversary. My wife and I will watch this enjoy our celebration at home. Hope everyone stays safe and hopefully will see you soon. Thanks again Disney

  • What an inspirational video! This was much needed to lift the spirits during this difficult time. No one does it like Disney. We hope to come home for a visit this fall, Mickey!
    Thank you Disney for sending a little magical fairy dust our way.

  • Just what i needed. Nobody does it like Disney. Hoping to make.it there as soon as it is safe . Cant wait to make.new memories.

  • Wow thank you Disney for sharing this. We were scheduled to go for a 3 day after many years of not being able.to go. When all this corona stuff happened. Hoping to be able.to go soon. In the meantime looking forward to more postings from Disney.

  • Thank you Disney for posting these amazing fireworks from Walt Disney World!! I can’t get enough of them–they are the very best!! My husband and I got engaged after attending Disneyland in California and actually spent our Honeymoon at Disney World in Florida–when the only attraction WAS DisneyWorld!! Since then we’ve been back many times with our children and grandchildren and even just the two of us!! I don’t think you can ever out-grow Disney!! Thank you for bringing so much enjoyment to so many!! God bless you and I pray that we are all soon able to return to the magical, wonderful world of Disney in person!!

  • Thank you, my family and I were supposed to be down there tonight. I have been a little sad about not being there. But watching the “Happily Ever After” fireworks brought a smile to my face. We will get down there when this is behind us and enjoying the fireworks and the ambiance of the parks. See ya real soon!

  • Thank you Disney for this wonderful video. Our family was lucky enough to be there at the beginning and have been there many times since. All these years later the magic is still there. Your video made me smile, though the tears. I hope we are lucky enough to make at least one more trip with our family, a tradition I know they will carry on when my husband and I can no longer go. Please continue making these videos even after the parks are able to reopen. Donna

  • Disney Thank You!!! It’s beautiful & watching this made my day. I can watch it over again until we can visit MK once again.

  • Thank you for posting the video tonight. We were scheduled to arrive at Disney on Sunday. ( This was the second reschedule ) I am hoping everyone stays safe and we make it to our new date in September.

  • Thank you!!I think we all needed some Disney Magic!! That lifted my spirits and is the reason why I love Disney so much! Thank you so much again and again!!!

  • Leave it to Disney to get our minds back in a HAPPY place. We love Disney!!! One day I will work there!!! Thank you Walt for creating a place of love, joy and happiness.

  • Absence make a heart grow fonder! Can’t wait to return to a place we love! We have booked our next Disney World trip already and are very excited to get back to the parks, restaurants, and most of all the greatest cast members that make EVERY trip more magical. Thank you Disney family for all the online videos and tutorials. No one does it better then Disney!

  • My magic place, my happy place, my childhood , my adulthood . We closed it down and when it opens we will be back that day. But until then awesome to have the fireworks . Just want a candy apple.

  • Today was our MK day and we were looking forward to having extra hours tonight, enjoying Happily Ever After and hitting the rides at night. Thanks for sharing, we’ll do a distancing show while we eat our Mickey shaped Ice Cream, no snack credits needed. 😉

  • Disney Disney Disney !! You have been my LOVE since I first discovered you. I’m 47 yrs old now I have the childlike heart. I’m a Disneyland Annual passport holder !! I have Disney +. I’m missing Disneyland sooo bad my last trip there was March 10th 2020. Covid 19 has really put a stop on so much, and it’s getting to me. I do the best I can with it, waiting for your gates to reopen. It’s better to be safe then sorry, so I will wait. You’ve stolen my heart Disney! . Cant wait to share the magic with my teenaged boys there again. I had planned to before this happened. When it’s all over it will be even more magical !. Thank you for continuing to keep mine and other families and just people happy at this difficult time. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! A DISNEY FREAK I AM LOL..

  • Love it! If I remember right, a few years ago Disney had videos of each park’s firework show available on their (old) Disney AppleTV app. They were from a few years ago, but I loved watching them. I hope to see something similar on Disney+. No one does it like Disney!

  • Thank you so much for sharing the magic! My spirits are lifted and I am crying happy tears. Can’t wait to get back home!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this magical memory. Definitely my family’s favorite memory is snuggling up near Main Street to watch the fireworks show. Truly made our family’s day! We can’t wait to be there again!!!

  • Thank you Disney, I was having withdrawals but with this, it eases the missing my Disney times.
    I will enjoy the spectacular Happily Ever After fireworks from home anytime I’m missing my happiest place on Earth.
    Keep sending these sort of things to help us through this crisis.
    Here’s praying that you will be able to open up again soon when it is safe to do so. Stay safe to all.

  • I e-mailed this to my daughter today. The virus has us separated, so seeing my granddaughter is on hold for now. To-night we are planning to watch this spectacular video together on Facetime. We all love Disney so much I cant wait to see my granddaughters reaction. We are all planning a not to distant trip to Disney World, see you there and thank-you so very much! Our family in Canada.

  • During this very difficult time, this absolutely lifted my spirits and I can hardly wait to watch this again tonight!! Thank you so much for sharing this, especially at this time!!

  • No one does it better than Disney, what a wonderful, magical, spectacular show!! I, too, got emotional watching this with tears of happiness and joy and I thank you SO much for sharing this with us. What a bright spot during a challenging time. Our family has been to Disney about 10 times now and we simply cannot wait to come back. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing us some joy and happiness. I will definitely be watching this again and again.

  • Thank you so much! This is absolutely wonderful. I’m happy to see this and sad that my trip had to be postponed this summer. Hopefully one day soon though I’ll get my dose…❤

  • Beautiful! Thank you for this. I really look forward to going back to the parks.

  • Thank You!!!
    Wow, I didn’t realize how much I have been missing Disney!

  • I love the idea of having this on Disney Plus. It would be great to play on the big screen with sound system. It could become a nightly end of the day.

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I sit, here, in tears watching the beautiful illustrations, special effects, and fireworks choreographed to the most wonderful Disney tunes, ever! Remembering all the great times we’ve had with our family, with all of your friendly and professional hospitality and park employees, the delicious meals, the gorgeous, fun rides, and our wonderful home away from home, Copper Creek.
    I pray we may be together, soon! It, truly, is the happiest place on earth!

  • Am I the only one brought to tears by this?! #Never2old4Disney

  • Thank you so much, that was fantastic. Just what I needed. Cant wait to visit again later in the year with all the family. Got emotional just watching and cant wait to see all the kids faces when they see it all for real. Thanks again. Not be long till we are there. Grandad and Granny Bobbin xxxx

  • I plan on playing this for our family tonight before bed! Can’t wait. Thank you!!

  • Thank You. It wonderful to hear this music again.

  • The “Happily Ever After” virtual show was magical! We felt like we were sitting there too! Disney is our favorite place on earth! We love it and miss it very much! It was nice to go back to the happiest place on earth for a moment! Hope to see you in the near future. XOXO

  • Just what I needed to remind me of the MAGIC! Can’t wait to go back and visit. In this time we are all experiencing, the images were breathtaking. Thank you again!

  • this is fabulous y’all should add this to Disney Plus. Thank you so much for this I needed this today. made me smile and cry

  • Thank you so much for posting the “Happily Ever After” video! After being Safer at Home for five straight weeks now, watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks was a great memory of our magical visits to WDW. I imagined myself in my favorite viewing spot and sang right along!
    Hope to “see ya real soon”! Susan from Wisconsin

  • Loved the video. My grandkids love the castle opening of the Disney movies. This video will mesmerize them. Thank you so much for making this for all to see.

  • Wonderful video. Thanks so much for sharing this. My grandkids love the opening of the Disney movies with the castle so this will mesmerize them. I loved it as well.

  • Disney THANKYOU ! , little gestures like this will bring a smile to millions around the world! We love “Happily Ever After” it’s a tribute to the Disney cast member’s at every level to what can be achieved and how Disney hits that emotional button that exists in all of us. Disney please consider allowing us to purchase this footage on a USB stick via shop Disney or eventually to purchase it in the parks. Its would allow guests to get those memories of this fantastic show without having to be distracted by holding up a phone or camera. Again thanks for sharing this show and we can all look forward to getting though this together and sharing our Disney and family memories as we did before. stay safe Maureen Australia

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