The Magic of Nature: Celebrating Earth Day with Disney Parks

Dr. Mark Penning

by , Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment, Disney Parks

Happy Earth Day! 

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and here at Disney, we recognize the important role that nature plays to ignite joy during these unprecedented times. All month, we have shared the Magic of Nature to inspire hope and share educational information about this extraordinary planet we inhabit.

We also celebrate 30 years of dedicated Disney Parks’ environmental and sustainability initiatives, implementing programs in support of waste and emissions reduction and water and resource conservation. We are continually exploring, testing and implementing new ways to turn things we see and do every day into sustainable experiences. These efforts have led to incredible progress towards conserving natural resources – protecting the magic of nature for the future of our business, community and the planet. 

This year also marks a special year for several anniversaries for The Walt Disney Company. The Disney Conservation Fund (DCF) is proudly celebrating 25 wonderful years of supporting nonprofit organizations globally in their efforts to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet.

The Walt Disney Company is also celebrating one year since welcoming National Geographic into the Disney family. National Geographic recently launched NatGeo@Home to support families and caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis. The hub is home to free educational resources and content to help parents and educators keep kids engaged while schools are closed, including an exciting neighborhood safari. The Earth Day Neighborhood Safari invites families to design their own “safari stop” with resources available on NatGeo@Home, complete with lessons from Disney Animation, Pixar and Marvel Studios on how to draw your favorite safari animal. National Geographic is collecting a feed of “safari art” on NatGeo@Home to help bring neighborhoods all over the world together.

Today and every day, we celebrate the wonders of the earth, and on this day, we recognize how the magic of nature can bring us all together during the times when we need it most.

Throughout our parks across the globe, we have continuously enacted efforts to celebrate this planet that we all call home. Stay tuned to learn more, and follow the conversation with #DisneyMagicofNature, to see how all of our parks around the world celebrated Earth Month!


  • Thank you for all! I hope see you REAL soon! 🌎

  • The Disney Company has not only initiated meaningful, effective actions to reduce its own impact on the environment, it has served as an inspiration and example to its millions of guests and fans around the world to actively find ways they—WE–can protect and preserve this planet we all call home, and its many, varied inhabitants.

    The Earth is the only home we have. Thank you to the Walt Disney Company for all you do to protect it, and to teach your guests how to do so, too.

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