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An Update on Walt Disney World Resort Reservations

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

In case you missed it, this week we shared some big news about Walt Disney World Resort, including plans to welcome guests back to the theme parks as part of a phased reopening beginning July 11, pending state approval.

We know many of you are excited to return to the magic and make new memories with your family, friends and loved ones. As we previously shared, as we take these next steps forward, we are introducing enhanced health and safety measures reflecting guidance from health authorities and appropriate government agencies. 

When our theme parks reopen, we will manage attendance through a new theme park reservation system on DisneyWorld.com that will require all guests to make a reservation in advance for theme park entry. Over the coming weeks, we will be making some necessary updates to prepare for the launch of this park reservation system. Here’s some important information to help you plan ahead:

  • New Ticket Sales and Hotel Reservations: At this time, we are temporarily pausing new ticket sales and Disney Resort hotel reservations so we can focus on guests with existing tickets and reservations. Existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders will be able to make a theme park reservation before new tickets are sold; we will be reaching out to these guests soon to provide additional details. We will resume new sales of tickets and Disney Resort hotel reservations after that period of time. Theme park reservations will be limited due to attendance limitations and will be subject to availability. 
  • Dining and Experiences: In order to foster physical distancing during this time, upon reopening, our offerings, restaurants and other experiences such as behind-the-scenes tours will be limited in capacity, and other experiences may remain closed. As a result of limited capacity, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all existing dining reservations and experience bookings, including Disney dining plans included in packages. We will reopen dining and experience bookings with more limited numbers closer to when the parks reopen. We will also shift from a 180-day booking window to a 60-day booking window for dining and experience bookings going forward to allow Guests to make their plans closer to their visits.
  • FastPass+ and Extra Magic Hours: As a result of the COVID-19 impact, the FastPass+ service will be suspended for the time being as we plan to use additional queue space to manage capacity at our attractions and maintain physical distancing. We will automatically cancel existing FastPass+ selections and share any future updates on the service at a later date. Also, please note that upon reopening, Extra Magic Hours will be temporarily suspended.
Walt Disney World Reservations Update

We are reaching out to guests affected by these updates with additional information and details on options, including refunds. We understand how much excitement, thought and time goes into planning a Disney vacation and realize some of these changes may be disappointing. Please know we will be here to help you, as we remain focused on delivering a wonderful experience for everyone who visits. 

You can visit a new “Know Before You Go” hub at DisneyWorld.com/Updates, where you can find the latest updates on our operations and offerings, including details on how to modify your plans. If you booked through a third-party, we recommend you reach out directly to your travel professional or ticket seller.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding as we continue to keep the well-being of guests and cast members in mind. Stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks on how to use the theme park reservation system and other tips to be aware of prior to your visit.


  • Sooooooooo – what exactly is the point of Staying at a Disney Property with these changes? No Dining Plan , No Fast passes, No Extra Magic hours, No Fireworks, No parades – and Severely cut hours to the Magic Kingdom… guests wont even get to see the castle lit up at night since the sun will still be out…On top of that, guests are going to have to reserve which day they want to go to whichever park? That does not seem fair at all….Sometimes we wake up in the morning and decide to change plans and go to a different park instead, spur of the moment…so, I’m not too keen on having a vacation that is literally going to be micro managed – Paying this kind of Money for a vacation, you should be able to go where you want when you want…I hope You change your Mind about the Dining plan/Fireworks/Fast Passes/ Extra Magic hours Disney. This is not going over very well.

  • I will never ever visit WDW again.

  • When will our My Disney Experience show these cancellations? And will we be notified by email or phone about how and when we may reschedule or cancel our trip (July 3rd-9th)? We received an email reminding us to finish paying for our trip that we currently can’t take because WDW won’t be open. We’ve called and were told reservation system is down so we aren’t able to make changes or cancel, yet system is working to remind us to pay… That’s a bit jarring.

  • I have a DVC reservation for December.
    I have an AP but my husband still needs to purchase his park ticket .
    I read AP holders will be given access to the park admission system to reserve park days.
    When will I be able to purchase my husband’s park ticket ?
    We want to be able to visit the same park on the same day together?
    Since he is on the DVC reservation will he have access to book a ticket and reserve park reservations before the general public ?
    This is very confusing and stressful !
    Also, if you have a day reservation at say the Magic Kingdom can you leave the park to go back to your resort and then go back and re-enter the park later that afternoon?
    HELP !

  • Why do people feel a need to post they cancelled? Do you expect Disney to accommodate your expectations based on the current environment? 😆

  • Even if they have done away with the hopper passes WDW should @ least make a statement about it . I still plan on coming to Disney in Sept just would like an official statement. To those that can’t hack the new “normal” simple -don’t go .

  • Disney, I understand giving those with tickets already purchased priority to park reservations. I hope that the next group you give priority to are those who already have resort reservations before you open it up for new report reservations/ticket purchases. We have a reservation for in a little over 3 months and were waiting until closer to our fastpass+ window to purchase our park tickets. It would be very disheartening to have to cancel our trip because we can’t get into a park due to new reservations getting the same crack at the park reservations at the same time as those who have already had reservations.

  • I am wondering why the decision to cancel dining plans for trips as far away as December was made. Why not take it month by month? Or why not at least give us the option for quick service dining plan? Based on the fact my trip is planned for the last two weeks in December, it does sound like that Disney has already made the decision that all these changes will stay in affect for the rest of 2020. Why not just say that? Also how will this affect the Christmas Party? I feel like if you already know that you are going to limit capacity throughout the year, you already know what is going on with the special events for Halloween and Christmas. I think it is only fair you lay it all on the table so that people can make the most informed decision before they pay thousands of dollars to visit.

  • I would like to know if there was by any chance we would be able to buy tickets for the end of July. My boyfriend and I were high school graduates this May and instead of having a huge graduation party we were just gonna go on a vacation, the two of us. I would love to be able to experience Disney at it purest but I completely understand the precautions that must be taken!

  • Our trip is in November and we have friends coming that this is their first trip. I refuse to come under these conditions and yes I’m fully aware that’s my choice. But I will not spend $4000 for half the experience I’m use to. And as far as cancelling my dining reservations if they think this is still going to be the case 5 months from now when my trip is planned then I don’t see much hope for a visit anywhere in the near future. My families love for Disney is slowly breaking our hearts.

  • I had a vacation booked for Sept 2020 it included the free dining promo. This is obviously not going to happen it’s unfortunate but life right now is learning to adapt to changes, I have changed plans and have booked a Disney cruise for the first part of 2021 instead.

  • My girlfriend and I rescheduled our flights to Florida so many times and got a hotel in July down there. I was wondering if there was any way we could get tickets to Disney world or if that wasn’t the case because the virus.

  • Safety first! Thank you Disney! See you next year.

  • How do DVC members who have August WDW reservations purchase park tickets? Will they be given priority To purchase theme park tickets before the reservation system opens to everyone else? Now that all my dining reservations are being canceled for August, How can we make New reservations for dining without having admission to the park first?

  • I am getting married on September end. My boyfriend and me are from Spain we want to have our honey moon in Disney world. We have already done our reservation two weeks ago, but it is very expensive if we can enjoy spectacle, fireworks or paredes. We decided to book a Disney resort because of the magic extra hours and the dining planing, but now, I have a very expensive hotel without any advantages and a very expensive Disney tickets without spectacles, parades or fireworks.

  • I am getting married this October at Disneyworld. It’s not only a huge expense for us but for all my attending family members as well. I I had to email 4 separate accounts before I received one message saying I could postpone for 10 months and that I wasnt a priority because my wedding date is 5 months out. I am trying to be understanding but I have no realistic idea of what my wedding/honeymoon/family vacation is now going to look like. I hope that I will be given the option to cancel with a full refund, instead of just a postponement (because who is to say the August 2021 will be any different from Oct 2020 when it comes to cancelled dining, experiences, and fast passes). At this point, I would appreciate just a form email outlining the basic changes for all weddings. I dont need anything too specific, just something to go on

  • Is there a tentative date to when ticket sales will reopen? My girlfriend and I just booked a trip within the last week to stay at last Disney Springs resort in the middle of August and were just wondering if we’ll be able to purchase tickets before we go

  • I have a trip scheduled for July 8-15. I purchased my tickets for Disney for July 13,2020. We still plan on going but I am unsure about going to Magic Kingdom. Who gets priority for the reservation system. Is it people who are staying at Disney hotels? I am not staying at a Disney resort so how does that work for me? I purchased 6 tickets already and still needed to purchase 2 more for my daughter and her fiancee who decided to join me bc her job finally approved her vacation. So now I am 2 tickets short for her and cant purchase bc no more tickets are being sold. If I cancel do I get a refund for my tickets bc I do not plan to visit again after this anytime soon. Going to Disney is a once in a lifetime experience and very expensive. We are a family of 8 going and have spent over 10,000. I deserve a refund not a credit for my tickets for future use.

  • While I understand that these changes are probably a work in progress, eliminating the dining plan is probably going to be a deal breaker for us. We were supposed to be there for a “once in a lifetime” multigenerational family trip for Easter. That obviously was canceled so we rescheduled for August but I don’t think we will keep that reservation especially with all the on-property “perks” being eliminated.

  • What does this mean for MNSSHP in August? We already bought tickets.

  • When will our My Disney Apps show these cancellations? And will we be notified by email of how and when the queuing works for rides and reservations for the parks? Thank-you.

  • Does this impact MNSSHP party?

  • If Disney if reducing the experience they should be reducing our ticket prices being that there will be no meet and greets, parades or fireworks or Extra Magic Hours, and no park hopping. That is a hugh part of the Disney experience.

  • It does not make any sense to cancel the DDP! Please reverse this decision. I enjoy not having to pay for my meals while in the park. It is much less money that I have to worry about bringing with me onto property! If your concern is that there will not be enough sit down options, then switch everyone over to a quick service DDP. But please reverse this decision and do NOT cancel the DDP. I am afraid that DDP is being sunsetted and will not return to the parks.

  • I understand all the world has been going through. But I also know magic keeps us some of us alive during these trial times…and thats only the magic of Disney. I cannot imagine the high responsibility on everybody’s health…and I’m thankful for that, but in a world full of craziness I am in hunger to go back to my happy place, the house of the mouse for pixie dust to continue my journey towards my happily ever after.

  • Many people have resort reservations but were waiting to purchase park tickets until an announcement regarding opening was made. Please consider allowing people with existing resort reservations to purchase their park tickets.

  • Disney guest coming in December here 🤔…. just want to make sure it’s clear. Few Questions

    1. This is just temporary right?
    2. Dining plans paid for that are added to a Disney resort reservation are still good right?
    3. Will there be masks required?
    4. Will fast passes be good to go by December?

    I know you are taking it month by month but give
    me some probability. 🤨

  • Thank you for the update…my family and I are excitedly looking forward to our July 26th DVC Vacation. We are so happy to see Walt Disney World opening back up!

  • What does this mean fir MNSSHP in August? We already purchased tickets.

  • I had free QS dining plan on my trip from a bounce back offer. Will that be removed from my reservation?

  • When are going to reopen spectacles, parades and fireworks?

  • what about honouring the Dining Plan if you rearrange your vacation for next year? I am supposed to be travelling in September and have a package including Disney Dining Plan and Disney dollars but neither my booking agent or Disney customer support will confirm they will honour the package I have paid for if the trip is postponed. Coming from the Uk and with current travel restrictions I can’t see my trip going ahead and the uncertainty with rearranging is causing a good deal of anxiety.

  • So, this completely negates all advantages to staying on property other than transportation. Why on Earth should I keep my hotel reservation for Boardwalk Inn when I can stay somewhere else as nice for far less money?

  • I was wondering the same thing as Scott had asked. Will there be a reduced cost for current reservations seeing how fireworks, parades, magic hours, fast passes have all been cancelled. I completely understand the changes are necessary until things resume back to normal. However, for many people this is a vacation of a lifetime and they look forward to those special moments at the parks. This may be the one thing they are looking forward to this year.

  • If you feel the need to reopen at least you are taking this virus seriously to protect cast members and guests the best you can. However is there any information out yet about how security will be handling bag checks to avoid cross contamination and also how magic band touchpoint with finger scan will be handled when entering the parks? What changes are going to be made? What about restrooms and first aid? Please consider installing an adult size changing table in at least one companion bathroom at each park to avoid having to be exposed in First Aid.

  • I get and understand why this is happening, but I am also upset. I already had my April trip cancelled (including my dining and fast passes) and moved my trip to later this year just to have my dining cancelled that I made 2 weeks ago. May need to move my trip to 2021 because of the unknown.

  • Thank you for all you are doing to keep guests safe!

  • I hope that Annual Passholders get to keep their passes on “hold” if they so choose until everything is opened up back to normal. That is a LOT of money spent on passes to use any day we so choose and to be told sorry you can’t.

  • I understand the reservations being cancelled for the time being. I understand having to rebook them closer to the time of the trip. But to eliminate the dining plan totally? I don’t know that my family will be able to afford it without that. It’s an expense we did not plan for.

  • I find it very hard to justify the very expensive cost of a family trip to Disney without being able to enjoy the full experience of the parks. I assume those with reservations will be offered a discount on their existing book rates?

  • We have a DVC at the Poly in August. Our AP’s are expired but we were going to renew at the 60 day mark to make fastpasses. Will we be able to do so?

  • Will DAS still be available? As someone who can’t stand in line, not having fastpass+ means I have to rely on DAS. Please tell me that will still be an option for people with disabilities.

  • With no fast passes, how will the Genie Pass work for wish kids?

  • Thank you for taking our health and safety seriously. All of these updates show care and respect for guests and Cast Members.

  • Is the dining plan cancellations inclusive of the quick service plan?

  • I am hoping offering to Passholders are considerate of the AP’s residence. I live in Western New York. Our residents are being told to quarantine upon entry of another state, making my AP essentially useless until things are back to a somewhat normal. I am truly heartbroken and did not pick a good year to become an AP.

  • What happens to those of us who were told not to renew our AP passes that expired while the parks were closed. How are we suppose to renew these passes?

  • this is the worst thing they could’ve done to loyal customers. This is beyond terrible. I think most people will want their money back.

  • Will there be reduced costs for current reservations?

  • Does “experiences” mean MNSSHP will also be cancelled?

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