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Celebrating the Magic at Shanghai Disneyland

Joe Schott

by , President and General Manager, Shanghai Disney Resort

A Disney park is a place unlike any other – where we are transported to wondrous worlds of fantasy and adventure to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Today, we marked a return to those worlds, as Shanghai Disneyland reopened its gates to welcome guests and fans.

For myself – and for our Shanghai Disney Resort cast members, who have taken great care to prepare the park for our guests – this is a very special moment. Making magic means even more to us today, as we reflect on the resilience of our community; our wonderful cast members who worked so diligently to preserve the park during the closure; the enthusiasm of our guests and fans; and, of course, the determination and dedication of the medical workers and first responders who helped to make this possible. 

For Shanghai Disney Resort, while this is a key step in our phased reopening, there are many more milestones to come for us and our sister parks around the world. I invite you to learn more about our approach to reopening our parks here.

Thank you all for helping the magic live on, in your homes and imaginations, during these challenging times. I hope you enjoy these moments of joy and excitement from the first day of our reopening at Shanghai Disneyland!


  • P.S. will we need masks at pools?

  • My question is with the opening of Resorts. Will the pools be opened? July 15th stay at Animal Kingdom resort Kadine

  • I can’t wait for Disneyland to open and I hope everyone is wearing a mask! You can wear a mask and still enjoy life and Disneyland!

  • Reading some of the posts of people not happy & won’t go, this could really make WDW the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! It sounds like a GREAT get away from the Debbie/Donny Downers & have fun with good, like-minded folks! Obviously, distancing during drinks/meals with no mask (Duh, Dad – LOL!) & I’m good with that. I know one thing…I’ll certainly have a HAPPY mask! =) I could imagine folks will be a little friendlier and with fewer people, I may not even need fast passes…Yee Haw! Now, where’s my turkey leg, beer, & chips! =D

  • Unfortunately, if face masks are mandatory I would have to say it is also a deal breaker. The warm inviting experience that is Disney will be severely dulled and for the price of admission to these wonderful parks it would not come close to getting the full value and experience for the price. I want us all to be safe and Disney to be restored to its magical status, however, until it is safe enough to Venture out into one of their is without a mask, Disney will have to wait.

  • I have been on all of the to Disney blogs for months. Wearing masks is a dealbreaker for the majority of people including myself. Between the heat and humidity, inconvenience, and not being able to see facial expressions, it’s a hard NO. Check out the 200+ comments on Disney Tourist Blog regarding masks. Can’t imagine paying 10k to not see smiles on my kid’s faces.

  • @LARA – absolutely. I can only speak for the U.S. parks, but I have seen too many obnoxious self-entitled guests try to bully their way around rules at the parks too many times.

    Zero tolerance with this stuff. If you willfully, deliberately ignore the safety rules – refuse to wear a mask, eat at a table that you’re not supposed to. etc. – you and your party are escorted out of the park. Period.

    And if that ruins your family’s vacation, they only have you and your big mouth to blame.

  • Quite a sight to behold! Nice to finally see there is a light at the end of this tunnel! Continue to “Ignite The Dream,” Shanghai Disneyland!

  • I really hope that Disney will require face masks for everyone and gives CMs the ability to enforce that without fear of retribution or being in trouble with management. In this case, the guest is not always right. It is for everyone’s safety and significantly reduces disease transmission.

  • @William I’d rather go to Disney World with all the safety precautions than sit at home all day. Besides, sure, face masks are kind of uncomfortable. But it certainly wouldn’t stop me from having fun at Disney World.

  • Face masks required? How NOT fun that day is going to be.

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