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#DisneyMagicMoments: Behind the Camera – Backstage in the ‘Balloon Room’ at Magic Kingdom Park

Chloe Rice

by , Creative Photographer, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

This is a backstage magic photo I took in the “balloon room” at Magic Kingdom Park, where the balloons are prepped for the day. My plan for being in this room was to show how Walt Disney World Resort brings joy to guests every day. And what brings more joy to a child than a balloon? 

The balloons on Main Street, U.S.A. are one of my absolute favorite things in any Disney park. The colors … the liveliness of them bopping into one another … I just LOVE them! 

When I walked into the room on this particular morning a few years ago, balloons were flooding the space, making it hard to even close the door behind me. Walking through hundreds of these balloons – having them all bump up against me and my camera gear – felt like a hug. It was a really magical moment that made me feel lucky to work where I do. 

I had some lighting equipment in tow and an assistant to help me carve out a shot I had envisioned in my head, but as we were setting things up, I saw this scene playing out and quickly fired the shutter. I knew immediately, before even looking at the little screen on my camera or getting back to my desk, I had the shot that was in my head – no additional help or lights needed! It’s moments like that when I’m reminded Disney magic is everywhere.

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  • Thanks! this behind he scene news makes me want to be there right now! your a great writer and photographer and I seriously want to create my own show that describes walt disney world, anywaay great job!

  • What a dream job!! You did an excellent job capturing the magic.

  • Beautiful colors–it looks like being inside a stained glass window!

  • Need a travel ballon. Thanks for sharing. I could put a chair in that room and just sit.

  • This is gorgeous and so fun! Is it available for sale?? I’d love one for our walk!

  • What a beautiful photograph, Chloe! Thank you for sharing 💗💙💜💛❤️💚

  • Thank you for posting this. It is unbelievable beautiful and helped brighten my day. 💖

  • Is this picture available for purchase? I would love one for my craft room. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Chloe!

  • What a GORGEOUS shot! This is amazing 😀

  • Beautiful! On my first visit to The Magic Kingdom, I was 11 and thought I want to sell balloons in Disney when I grow up. On my 50th birthday (same as Mickey’s) I was there and still felt the same way… maybe in my retirement.

  • Did you take anymore balloon room pictures?

  • What an amazing shot I would love a framed copy of this

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