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#DisneyMagicMoments: Journey to the ‘Top of the World’ with Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jeremy Schoolfield

by , Walt Disney Imagineering Communications Manager

Looming over Disney’s Animal Kingdom stands a massive, snow-capped mountain that beckons adventurers and thrill-seekers brave enough to attempt a journey to the “top of the world.” Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is an iconic attraction at Walt Disney World Resort, and today we’re inviting you to take a virtual ride on this fantastic and foreboding coaster in our newest “Ride & Learn” video.

You’ll find Everest in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At the base of the mountain is the office for Himalayan Escapes, the travel company that brings curious tourists to the mountain’s peak aboard a special train. As you make your way toward the train, you see the results of past excursions and begin to understand what awaits you – most notably rumors of a ferocious beast lurking somewhere in the mountain …

It’s at this point we join our virtual ride, where you’ll learn more about Expedition Everest and how it was created. I love that this particular trip takes place at night – my preferred time of day to experience this amazing attraction. So gather your courage, hold on tight and conquer this mountain once and for all … and be sure to keep a close eye out for more #DisneyMagicMoments like this one in the future!


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