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Planning Your Disney Parks Vacation

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An update from Guest Relations at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

Dear Guests,

It’s an understatement to say that the past few months have been a challenging time for us all.  As we navigate the longest park closures in our histories, we’ve loved hearing your kind words of hope and seeing how you’ve made your own Disney memories at home has uplifted and inspired us all.

During this time, we know it can be difficult to plan your Disney vacation. Now more than ever we’re longing for the opportunity to come together with family and friends to escape, to celebrate, to re-do missed milestones, like birthdays and anniversaries and to make new Disney memories.

Given the current uncertainty as to when we will reopen Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, we’ve had to periodically adjust the schedule for the ability to book hotel reservations at our resorts. While we’re currently accepting reservations starting in July 2020 at both resorts, as this situation evolves, timing may continue to shift. 

As we continue to follow guidance from government and health care officials regarding how we’ll be able to reopen our parks and resorts in a responsible way, we may also need to make real-time adjustments to booked experiences, park tickets and park passes.  

Please know that if any reservations you may have made need to change, we will work with you to make the necessary modifications.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out the recent blog post from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pamela Hymel, on how we’re planning for re-opening our parks and resorts.

Our focus remains on the safety of the entire Disney community. Be sure to keep checking our websites for more details, and stay tuned for more information right here on the Disney Parks Blog

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this unprecedented time together. We continue to be moved by the incredible support and passion our guests have shown for our Disney family, and we hope to see you real soon.


  • I believe the announced plans are quite good.

  • Nice!

  • We have a reservation in July party of 10, rescheduled 3 times now. If we have to wear masks were out. Four people in our party have asthma and they will not be able to do masks. We use inhalers when we’re there under normal circumstances. Sad because not all my family will be able to make it next year. They usually come every other year, and this was the year. We are so saddened if we are not able to make it. Kids are growing up fast and next year that will make all three of my sons kids a adult. That will add additional dollars especially with the dining plan.

  • We have to pay the remaining balance for our July/August vacation this weekend, or lose our deposit. They need to start addressing policy type questions like:

    1. If we decide to cancel now, can we get a refund on our deposit?
    2. We pay the balance and the parks are open but are severely limited in rides/experiences and the regulations would result in a negative impact on our vacation, can we cancel and get a refund?
    3. If we pay the balance and parks are closed, how long does it take to get our refund?
    4. We have free Disney dining plan but we upgraded to the one table meal per day. If the restaurants are limited in opening and we cant book tables, will we get a refund on the unusable portion? If the “free” part becomes unusable then we’d want to cancel since its not really free.
    5. If the parks are at capacity when we are there, will we get a refund on our tickets?

    I know that nobody knows the answers to these questions now, but when you spend thousands on a vacation these are questions that people want answered…

  • We won’t be visiting any theme parks or taking any cruises if masks are required. Not ever. Not the vacation experience I’m looking for. It’s Disney’s choice to require them but its my choice too.

  • I had lunch reservations and had them canceled. Can you re-book those for me? So far the app shows nothing available. Just wondering.

  • If you have reservations at a resort hotel, will that give you priority for reservations at the park or how might that work? My family had not one but two trips planned in March and April lol. We have changed our hotel reservations and will keep changing them if needed but just wondering how we can ensure we can actually get in to the park during our stay.

  • Are there reservations available to get into the park yet or just hotel?

  • Just waiting for the information to drop regarding Star Wars Nite tickets. If Star Wars Celebration gets moved, I’m hoping those passes can be transferred to Celebration’s new date.

  • Unfortunately telling a 4 year old to wear a mask in 100 degree + heat isn’t gonna work. Maybe next year.

  • So we have plans to come back to the park in September based on the time frame I don’t even know if the parks will be open by then or should they be??? Disney is one of the most cleanliness most hygienic places I’ve been to compared to a lot of other places. You rarely see anything out of the ordinary as far as from the restaurants the bathrooms even in the park. You rarely see garbage on the streets at any park. The thing I’m most concerned about when they reopen are they going to have a time frame where the ride will be down so they can clean it before the next group of guests get on?? Will they provide guests with gloves and mask before going on the ride?? Will we have to be social distance apart when entering the attraction or restaurants along with guest services at are hotel resort. Will there be rope that divides the guests to stay on one lane?? Where they be skipping seats on ride attractions or for the train?? Will they have the tables sectioned off when we’re eating our meal or will they only be serving food outside??? These are not only unprecedented times but out of the ordinary expectations!!! I think for a while this will become the new Disney

  • I have a vacation booked for September, I am optimistic that the parks will be open once again whatever that looks like in the new normal. But as I’m Canadian, it looks as though the border between countries may still be closed. I want to be hopeful, I don’t want to have to change anything as those who have posted before me have stated in their own ways – this is difficult on all of us.

  • Welcome to the blog Guest Relations!

  • Disney has done more than it’s share the “flatten the curve”. You are to be commended.
    But it’s time.
    Local, State and Federal governments are on board.
    Your fiercest theme-park competitor is on board.
    And I believe a majority of your loyal fans are on board.

    Let’s go.

  • I think it’s important for us to understand that the last 2 months have been an inconvenience for everyone. Every person and every business (both large and small) has been impacted in some way by what has been going on. Some proprietors are not even staying afloat and are having to close up shop forever. Thank the heavens that Disney is still here for us!!! That said, these are not ideal circumstances for anyone, including Disney. They are doing the best they can in a very complicated situation. It must be a Herculean task to navigate through all of the steps, details, guidelines and new procedures that will have to be implemented inside all of their parks, hotels, shops, restaurants, etc., to keep us — the guests — safe, as well as the Cast Members. Along the way, schedules will be altered. Some entertainment offerings might be temporarily halted or modified. Hotel reservations may be changed. Lots of things will have to change — at least for a while.

    This is uncharted territory, and I think everyone is figuring things out as best they can. This is not a situation that anyone thought they’d have to be in when this year began. Some people may have to cancel plans or not visit the parks for a while, but others will happily return to the parks as soon as the gates open. A little patience and understanding will go a long way right now.

  • What a great responsibility you have. You are not only trying to make sure all of your guest are safe but in addition you are taking precautions to keep all your employees safe and well trained for a task that has never before been done. As guest we are all very anxious to be your guest and the reason is because Disney does it best. Sometimes we think that there is no limit to what Disney can do
    All that you are doing Thank You for keeping our best interest in first place. See you real soon and THANKS

  • Kudos to the entire team for not only your ongoing communication as you navigate through this unpredictable and very fluid time, but also for your extreme amount of patience with the Guests expressing their frustrations with this “inconvenience.” Please know that most understand that this situation is constantly changing and is simply out of your control and we appreciate all that you do.

  • I agree with the above comment. I honestly find this “indefinitely” policy inexcusable from Disney World. I get there is uncertainty, but people have decisions to make, and a more formalized plan would go a long way for people facing these decisions.

  • Though I appreciate the update, there isn’t much in this new statement that hasn’t been stated previously. I know it’s a difficult decision, but until you have a definitive plan it’s better to just not say anything at all. I’ve been playing the Charade game trying to figure out what all these mixed messages mean the past month and how they will affect my trip in July. It’s getting increasingly frustrating. It’s time to decide something concrete with your plans, or let your previous statements stand for themselves. Just be upfront with us.

  • There are so many logistics to a vacation that would also need to be changed again including: work schedules, vacation times, flights, car rentals, etc. It’s not only inconvenient, it’s exhausting. Why not stop taking Resort Reservations altogether until you have a solid reopening plan and avoid all of your guests to go through the entire process again.

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