Welcome Back! Here’s What You Need to Know About the Phased Reopening of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort

Matt Simon

by , Vice President, Disney Springs

Wednesday, May 20, will be a great first step in the phased reopening of Walt Disney World Resort, as Disney Springs begins its initial reopening that morning. With the safety and well-being of our guests, cast members and third-party operating participants at the forefront of our planning, we are eager to begin welcoming you back to this part of Walt Disney World. While our theme parks and resort hotels remain temporarily closed, the phased reopening of Disney Springs is a welcome milestone as we navigate through this unprecedented time together as responsibly as we can.

Next week, many of our third-party operating participants will open their doors to Disney Springs guests. On May 27, three Disney-owned and -operated stores and venues will reopen: World of Disney, D-Luxe Burger (mobile order) and the Marketplace Co-Op. You can visit DisneySprings.com/reopening for the most current information on which locations are open.

Based on applicable government requirements, as well as guidance from health authorities such as the CDC and appropriate government agencies, we are implementing a number of new health and safety measures and operational changes. Rest assured, there is plenty of magic awaiting you at Disney Springs – it just may feel a bit different than before. Here is what you need to know prior to your arrival: 

  • Parking and Entrances: During this initial phase, guests will be directed to self-park in the Orange and Lime Garages. All surface lots will be closed. We will also reduce the number of entrances for Disney Springs to four locations: Orange and Lime Garages, along with the Hotel Plaza Boulevard pedestrian bridge and ride share location.
  • Appropriate Face Coverings: All guests 2 years of age and older, along with cast members and third-party operating-participant employees, will be required to wear an appropriate face covering while visiting Disney Springs. This is an important part of protecting both our guests and our cast. Please be sure you have an ample amount of face coverings for yourself and your party before you arrive, as you’ll need to wear them over your nose and mouth at all times (except when sitting at a dining table).
  • Temperature Screenings: Once you arrive at Disney Springs, you and your party will be required to undergo temperature screenings. Based on guidance from health authorities, anyone displaying a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be directed to an additional location for rescreening and assistance; those who again measure 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed entry, nor will those in their party. I encourage you to check temperatures of yourself and your party prior to leaving home, as an extra layer of precaution.  
  • Physical Distancing and Capacity Measures: To maintain appropriate physical distancing throughout Disney Springs during this initial phase, we will limit the number of guests visiting the property, as well as within each location. In addition, ground markings will help promote proper distancing when queuing is necessary. We will also add physical barriers in select places where it’s difficult to maintain physical distancing. 
  • Cleanliness: We’ve increased cleaning and disinfection procedures in high-traffic areas such as elevators and escalators, handrails, benches, tables, handles, restrooms and more. We will also have hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer available, and encourage you to use these frequently.
  • Cashless Transactions: We’re recommending you use cashless payment options whenever possible during your visit to Disney Springs, including debit cards, credit cards, Disney gift cards, etc. You can also opt for contactless payment options or use cash to purchase a Disney gift card at the Welcome Center and select merchandise locations. 

Our cast members are going through extensive new training as we all learn to adjust to these changing times together. To that end, we will have some cast members walking throughout Disney Springs to explain our new procedures and answer any questions you may have. They will also encourage everyone to follow these measures for the health and safety of us all. 

Everything we’re doing during this unprecedented time is in service of our guests, our cast members and our third-party operating participants, who will also be following these new guidelines in their locations. We are constantly monitoring conditions and best practices, and we continue to learn every day from health and government authorities. As a result, our operational changes and safety measures may change from time to time as circumstances evolve. We want to deliver all the Disney magic you know and love with safety, as always, our top priority. 

I understand this is a great deal of change to absorb, and I speak for all of us at Walt Disney World in thanking you for your cooperation and patience during this initial phase. Today’s world is different, and it’s going to require a shared responsibility, with everyone doing their part.

As a reminder, please visit DisneySprings.com/reopening for the most up-to-date information on available shopping and dining locations, operating hours, new safety procedures and more.

We’re looking forward to seeing you real soon!

Please note that this post will be updated based on the latest information and guidance from health authorities and appropriate government agencies.


  • No thanks. I will be letting my 4 Platinum passes expire.

  • The way I see this is….this is owned by someone or several someones if you wish….and it’s private property someone is allowing you to enter. As with any private property there are rules you must adhere to so if I’m ask to wear a mask then so be it….it’s to protect me and others from humans who for some reason never learned to cough or sneeze into their hand…a tissue or their sleeve. I personally am happy to wear one for my own protect as my immune system is suppressed and with that I would do anything to stay healthy. I ask the folks who refuse to wear a mask that if you get sick don’t ask for help…just keep it to yourself and don’t complain about how bad you feel.

  • All those saying they won’t visit if masks are required make me so happy. Less nonsensical people clogging up the paths.

  • We look forward to returning to Disney as soon as it feels safe. We applaud you for taking precautions to minimize the chance of infection from the thousands of visitors from all over the world that come to celebrate at Disney. We would like to see the opening be successful so that more of the parks can be opened safely. If an infection spread among visitors to Disney, it would seriously hamper the ability to continue with more openings and damage Disney’s reputation.

    I’m sure Disney has expert staff and consultants that are much better informed than the blog reading general public. Thank you for taking all of us into consideration in setting your policies.

  • Thank you for looking out for us and creating the best case scenario considering the pandemic. Thank you!

  • Anyone, once allowed onto Disney properties, that doesn’t follow these rules should be kicked out and banned for life. I applaud Disney for taking precautions during these trying times.

  • It’s a no for me and my family. We love Disney, however, for our money this will not measure up. I just don’t see how the experience will justify the cost and hassle you will incur, thermometer check(long lines), recheck( more lines), unable to get into a store as it will be deemed at capacity(frustrating). The whole point of being outside is to enjoy fresh air. I don’t see why there is a requirement to wear a face mask in an open air environment, closed in spaces, yes. Just too many restrictions and in my mind it just does not add up to fun experience. Until it is no longer necessary to wear face masks, I will be at a state park, beach or simply enjoy my own backyard.

  • Masks don’t do anything! It will be way worst people eating and drinking taking them on and off! Your not suppose to touch them? Children will not keep them on they will be touching them and taking on and off just defeating the purpose! Then all people that have medical conditions and can’t wear them what are you gonna turn them away? Turn away autistic children that can’t wear them? It’s almost June the worst part of the year in Florida for heat through September you will have people falling out with heat stroke, asthma, I mean have you really thought any of this out? If Parks open with these guidelines we will cancel passes I’m sorry just too much! There will be plenty of other places to go, Disney is suppose to be magical it’s why it’s so expensive and people continue to go and pay, if you think people are going to continue to pay the prices and except what your proposing you will see it’s not gonna happen! How do you tell a little child they can’t touch or hug the characters they adore, it’s why they come they don’t know any better? I don’t blame anyone but China for what’s happen but it’s been a terrible time and people are ready to get back to some normalcy! You will get some business but your not gonna get anything like your use to! People have had enough and are not going to accept this they will find other places and things to do with their families.

  • Thank you for making the health of your guests and cast members your priority! As a long time out of state family of pass holders we are very happy to know Disney is doing the right thing. Looking forward to making many more Magical Memories!

  • To everyone that won’t go or are not going to renew your annual passes, thank you!!!! That means the parks and Springs will be less crowded for those of us who don’t mind having to wear a mask and follow the new rules.

  • It’s scientifically proven that masks protect the person wearing them, and people in close proximity. Thank you Disney for protecting your employees and your guests. As a Florida resident with an immune compromised child due to cancer, wearing masks outside is the norm for our family. Yes, it can get hot, but we all agree it’s worth it to protect each other. We will be renewing our annual passes!

  • I’m glad irresponsible, thoughtless people who consider lifesaving measures inconvenient will stay home. THANK YOU, Disney!

  • How in the world is this opening protocol supposed to give us a pleasurable experience- this is like visiting a hospital!! This is horrible and in no way going to give anyone a old fashioned fun Disney experience. Any face coverings will be soaking wet within a short time in this Florida heat.

  • Thank you Disney!! It’s not just about the customers, it’s also the health of your cast members. Well done! At first I was a little nervous about Disney Springs opening in the uncertainty of these times, but now I feel a little better. I’m also relieved those who are against wearing a mask won’t be attending. Just an added plus.

  • Magic is caring about others. Magic is not being selfish and just thinking about your own convenience or inconvenience. Magic making the responsible decision, even if it is not always the popular one. Magic is thinking “I may hurt someone else..and I don’t want that.”

    Caring…that’s magic.

    Thanks Disney for continuing the magic.

  • Thank you for taking precautions. Thank you for reopening. If someone is not ready to visit. Then they should wait until they feel comfortable. Disney, thank you for getting back to business. It’s a start! See You again Real Soon! Five annual pass holders

  • I will not return to the parks or Springs until the mask requirement is lifted. Disney, look at the comments most are against the mask-wearing. Just wait until July and the temps are about 90. How many people will pass out from overheating before this policy is changed?

  • I appreciate Disney”s efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy. I don’t want to be rude or uncaring, but if one doesn’t want to wear a mask or has a medical reason they cannot wear a mask, then they should stay home. The rest of us should not be put at risk because you do not want to wear a mask or can’t abide by the safety rules. If the heat gets to you, which having lived in Florida in the summer I know it can, then take a break in an airconditioned area. There are lots all over Disney. Parents of children too young to wear a mask should be responsible to keep their children at least 6 feet from others. Please be considerate of everyone’s health and play by the rules. The “World” isn’t centered around you or me, but is intended to be enjoyed by everyone. Thanks for listening to an old retired, ER nurse who wants everyone to stay healthy!

  • No, of course masks are not fun.

    But they DO protect others. The selfishness of “well, I’m healthy, so why should I have to?” is appalling.

    We’re not returning to “normal.” The world as we thought of it in January 2020 is gone. This virus with its horrendous lethality is not going away. Even after we have a vaccine, the world will have been irrevocably changed. It’s like the health equivalent of 9-11.

    So. We adapt.

    For all they, while I applaud Disney’s efforts, I probably won’t be going until high-density situations are not massively risky. We splurged on an annual pass this year in January, after years of feeling we couldn’t afford it…bad timing. That money is a loss.

  • I am so disappointed to see such ignorant comments being posted. Nobody has stopped to think about people who actually have family members or children who have pre-existing conditions. Thank you Disney for actually caring about the 20%. I have a child who has a slew of health problems and would lose out on the opportunity to enjoy Disney due to coronavirus if these types of restrictions were not in place to protect the customers. I’m sure if anybody on here who disagrees actually had a family member who has been sick in the past would be singing a different tune. But it seems that nobody on here has experienced what I have who has watched their own child have less than seven days to live multiple times in their young life. #motherofimmunosuppresedchild. Once again I’m more than happy to give Disney my last dollar because they have always gone above and beyond when it comes to thinking about those who have atypical life situations.

  • Will Disney be offering annual pass refunds for families that do not wish to go to Disney wearing a mask. Also, how will masking be applied to the water parks – I was planning on enjoying the water parks this summer but wearing a cloth mask in a wave pool would seem a bit ridiculous don’t you think ?

  • My family and I will not be coming to Disney until the mask requirement is dropped. Cloth masks are just a way to make people feel better mentally with no real science supporting their effectiveness, yet much science showing how unhealthy it is to breathe in your own CO2 for a long amount of time. Hopefully this requirement is dropped soon. If not, our annual passes will not be renewed.

  • Thank you so much for creating an environment focused on a degree of safety, but still allowing us to experience the pleasure of Disney.

    For those who will not or cannot wear masks and choose not to visit, I believe you are doing the right thing. Masks appear to be our best defense against infecting others when we unknowingly are infected ourselves with a virus transmitted by respiratory secretions, and if you cannot manage a mask, it is right that you stay home until the dangers are reduced.

  • I will follow any regulations that will keep us safe. As for a large amount of comments of negativity is encouraging to me. It means lighter crowds, with out those who don’t want to follow Mickey’s rules. 😁😁😁

  • Don’t pay attention to the anti-mask vocal minority fringe. The non-vocal majority applaud the use of masks for the time being.

  • Thank you Disney for requiring all persons over 2 yrs of age to wear a protective face mask during this trying time.

  • How wonderful it is that all the complainers are staying away. Yes, please do. Cancel your tickets, passes, and other plans. I’m quite sure Disney has enough reasonable fans to survive without you. Plus it will be less crowded for the rest of us! The level of selfishness that has been displayed by people during this pandemic is astounding. Why should Disney cast members have to be potentially exposed to a person with Covid 19 if the risk can be reduced by that person wearing a mask? It’s Disney’s decision to make, those who don’t like it -yes please go elsewhere.
    Great job, Disney, on being responsible and attempting to listen to the EXPERTS while navigating this pandemic.

  • Do all the silly people complaining about wearing a face mask understand they aren’t punishing us by boycotting. You have free will. Let those of us behaving like adults, who are willing to follow rules and safety protocol enjoy ourselves. If you don’t want to wear the mask, stay home or go enjoy Gator World.

  • I’ll wait until masks are no longer required. I hope this is not the “new normal”!

  • For all those saying they won’t come without wearing a mask…. tx and please do NOT come! As a Floridian who has been quarantined in New Jersey for months due to the severity of the hit up here, unfortunately I personally know several people who have lost their lives or were gravely ill. The simple inconvenience of a mask is a small price to pay in lieu of losing a loved one or infecting others unknowing.

  • Thanks for requiring masks. It keeps away inconsiderate people. Funny all the excuses people make to not want to wear masks. Truth is they have a problem following simple rules, not being selfish, and their fragile ego is hurt because they think a mask makes them look weak.

  • I understand it’s tough to wear these masks, but let’s face it, it’s much cooler if we just don’t wear anything !!but clothing isn’t optional – neither are face masks! I’m so ready for anything Disney to open!! LETS GO!!

  • can’t follow the rules? stay at home and stop being childish and selfish

  • to the people saying they can’t or don’t want to wear a mask, whatever the reason is, medical or your personal opinion – you wanting to go out and not wear a mask, even with some note or a pat on the back is incrediby selfish. Yes, masks are required. At all times. Except when you are putting food in your mouth. Period. End of discussion. Can’t play by the rules, stay home.

  • ”Medical exemptions for masks? Will Disney follow ADA guidelines for accommodations as well as CDC? There are legitimate medical reasons a person cannot wear a mask. I carry a letter from my doctor stating why I cannot wear a mask. Will that be honored as it is at other businesses?”

    stay at home. that’s the most irresponsible and selfish thing I’ve read, not thinking of anyone else you could possibly infect. If that is the case, use your head and stay at home. No mask- you’re asked to leave. You don’t leave? You’ll be escorted out. Thanks!

  • I was reading the comments about the masks, and I think there is one important point many people are missing regarding wearing masks. Disney is not its own county or country. They must follow the local rules. If they are told by their local government that face masks are required, then they must require them. I agree that they are uncomfortable, but businesses have to follow the rules if they want to reopen. Whining and complaining won’t change any of that. As a consumer you have the right to speak with your wallet. If you don’t like the rules then spend your money elsewhere. That’s your right.

  • As a Nurse, I can assure you that although a “standard mask” may decrease the risk by a small percentage, it in NO WAY protects you from the virus. You must either wear a “95” mask WITH eye protection ( that includes the sides ), or a face shield. Your eyes are exposed, your ears are exposed, and if the general public could witness the actual droplets that come out from the sides, bottom, and tops of these silly masks people are wearing, they would be horrified! Use common sense, those masks are permeable! Distance socialing is the most effective, and using proper hand washing, and sanitization methods. I will not be going back to Disney, or spending my hard earned money on Disney products, as long as they keep these “mask rules” in affect. They are unfounded and a false sense of security, which in turn is more dangerous. GOOD LUCK to those who think they can wear a mask in 90 degree weather, and inhaling your own exhaled carbon dioxide. You won’t make it more than a few hours AT MOST.

  • Please remove the absurd requirement that guests wear face masks. I would love to come back but will not be able to do so until this requirement, which has no basis in logic, is removed from the list of rules.

  • If you don’t want to wear masks, simply don’t go. (: Pretty simple concept. Can’t wait to be back!

  • I’m terribly sorry but this requirement of face masks by everyone and the temperature checks are just flat out ridiculous!! Doctor, after doctor, after doctor has said repeatedly that the wearing of masks by everyone is not necessary!! Those of you that are having a fit about those of us who don’t want to wear a mask or can’t because of a health issue should be the ones to stay at home because apparently YOU are the ones who are worried about everything the media tries to push on all of us!! We live in FL so I can’t wait to see how many of you drop like flies when you experience the 90+ degree temperatures & the humidity while breathing your own germs & breath all day long!! Disney, you’ve just about convinced me/us to sell our DVC membership, our stock and get a refund for our Annual Pass!! This is just over the top!!

  • We will not be visiting Disney as long as face masks are mandatory.

  • Thank you Disney for responsible and planned re-opening.
    1. Healthcare providers are and have been wearing masks all day, all through this and have been for years, it’s not a hardship. CO2 is not an issue.
    2. Cautious opening up does not mean the threat of illness form COVID-19 is gone, it just means now there is room for YOU in an Intensive Care Unit.
    3. It would be helpful to have hand sanitizer at every doorway (including buses and other transportation, when they start running again). If everyone sees the sanitizer and gets in the habit of washing or sanitizing their HANDS every time they go through a doorway viral load, or exposure, is decreased and risk of illness goes down. Usually by the time you go through a door you have touched something.
    4. Gloves INCREASE risk of virus spread since people don’t wash their gloved hands with the same vigilance as they do their hands.

  • I have a question, what about those passengers arriving via Lynx? Will they be screened like we screen rideshare passengers?

  • Disney, thank you for trying to keep everyone safe. For those not wanting to wear masks, Disney is a privately owned property and they can set the rules. If you don’t want to comply, you don’t have to go, but please stop whining about it and insisting that you have to have it your way.

  • Thank you! We are very excited things are opening. I’m glad all the negative people will be staying away since they don’t like wearing a mask or having their temperature checked. My family and I are excited to visit! We will be wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. It will be worth it to be back in Disney. So, we may take things a little slower and go back to our room a few more times for some mask free moments. Whatever it takes to get things back to a new normal!

  • Masks should be optional healthy people should not be required to wear one. Cloth masks do not work they have been tested and shown not to keep fluids out or in. We have annual passes and will get refunds if this is for the parks also.

  • So glad that people who don’t want to wear masks won’t come to the parks. I will feel much safer being there. With my mask on.

  • Thank you Disney for everything you do to keep us safe. Although we all want ‘normal’ back in our lives, the sad truth is face coverings, frequent hand washing and social distancing is the new normal. I applaud your efforts to keep the magic alive for us while looking out for everyone’s health. As you say, we are all responsible to do our part. I will happily comply to keep my fellow human and myself safer!

  • Thank you for your informed decisions, Disney. Those of you who can’t handle lifesaving precautions based on science, by all means, go elsewhere.

  • When we were first told we had to wear seat belts when we are in the car even if we are not the drive, many people objected. However, we we said “Click it or Ticket” and people realized it did save lives almost everyone wears seat belts now.
    May our new chant should be “Mask it or Casket” Masks do save lives.

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