Welcome Back! Here’s What You Need to Know About the Phased Reopening of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort

Matt Simon

by , Vice President, Disney Springs

Wednesday, May 20, will be a great first step in the phased reopening of Walt Disney World Resort, as Disney Springs begins its initial reopening that morning. With the safety and well-being of our guests, cast members and third-party operating participants at the forefront of our planning, we are eager to begin welcoming you back to this part of Walt Disney World. While our theme parks and resort hotels remain temporarily closed, the phased reopening of Disney Springs is a welcome milestone as we navigate through this unprecedented time together as responsibly as we can.

Next week, many of our third-party operating participants will open their doors to Disney Springs guests. On May 27, three Disney-owned and -operated stores and venues will reopen: World of Disney, D-Luxe Burger (mobile order) and the Marketplace Co-Op. You can visit DisneySprings.com/reopening for the most current information on which locations are open.

Based on applicable government requirements, as well as guidance from health authorities such as the CDC and appropriate government agencies, we are implementing a number of new health and safety measures and operational changes. Rest assured, there is plenty of magic awaiting you at Disney Springs – it just may feel a bit different than before. Here is what you need to know prior to your arrival: 

  • Parking and Entrances: During this initial phase, guests will be directed to self-park in the Orange and Lime Garages. All surface lots will be closed. We will also reduce the number of entrances for Disney Springs to four locations: Orange and Lime Garages, along with the Hotel Plaza Boulevard pedestrian bridge and ride share location.
  • Appropriate Face Coverings: All guests 2 years of age and older, along with cast members and third-party operating-participant employees, will be required to wear an appropriate face covering while visiting Disney Springs. This is an important part of protecting both our guests and our cast. Please be sure you have an ample amount of face coverings for yourself and your party before you arrive, as you’ll need to wear them over your nose and mouth at all times (except when sitting at a dining table).
  • Temperature Screenings: Once you arrive at Disney Springs, you and your party will be required to undergo temperature screenings. Based on guidance from health authorities, anyone displaying a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be directed to an additional location for rescreening and assistance; those who again measure 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed entry, nor will those in their party. I encourage you to check temperatures of yourself and your party prior to leaving home, as an extra layer of precaution.  
  • Physical Distancing and Capacity Measures: To maintain appropriate physical distancing throughout Disney Springs during this initial phase, we will limit the number of guests visiting the property, as well as within each location. In addition, ground markings will help promote proper distancing when queuing is necessary. We will also add physical barriers in select places where it’s difficult to maintain physical distancing. 
  • Cleanliness: We’ve increased cleaning and disinfection procedures in high-traffic areas such as elevators and escalators, handrails, benches, tables, handles, restrooms and more. We will also have hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer available, and encourage you to use these frequently.
  • Cashless Transactions: We’re recommending you use cashless payment options whenever possible during your visit to Disney Springs, including debit cards, credit cards, Disney gift cards, etc. You can also opt for contactless payment options or use cash to purchase a Disney gift card at the Welcome Center and select merchandise locations. 

Our cast members are going through extensive new training as we all learn to adjust to these changing times together. To that end, we will have some cast members walking throughout Disney Springs to explain our new procedures and answer any questions you may have. They will also encourage everyone to follow these measures for the health and safety of us all. 

Everything we’re doing during this unprecedented time is in service of our guests, our cast members and our third-party operating participants, who will also be following these new guidelines in their locations. We are constantly monitoring conditions and best practices, and we continue to learn every day from health and government authorities. As a result, our operational changes and safety measures may change from time to time as circumstances evolve. We want to deliver all the Disney magic you know and love with safety, as always, our top priority. 

I understand this is a great deal of change to absorb, and I speak for all of us at Walt Disney World in thanking you for your cooperation and patience during this initial phase. Today’s world is different, and it’s going to require a shared responsibility, with everyone doing their part.

As a reminder, please visit DisneySprings.com/reopening for the most up-to-date information on available shopping and dining locations, operating hours, new safety procedures and more.

We’re looking forward to seeing you real soon!

Please note that this post will be updated based on the latest information and guidance from health authorities and appropriate government agencies.


  • I am an annual passholder and will be canceling my pass and not returning until mask are not required. I am not wearing a mask all day in Florida’s heat. It should be a recommendation not a requirement if you feel safer with a mask and want to wear one that’s fine but healthy people who don’t want to wear one shouldn’t have to. I am a long time Disney lover have been going for years but will not go back until mask are not a thing.

  • While most businesses and states require face masks to be worn, most, if not all, exempt masks for those with medical conditions. Will Disney allow for verified medical exemptions?

  • No way will my family put I with these ridiculous requirements.

  • Thank you for a well thought out plan and for requiring masks.

  • This is very thought out plan and appreciate all the effort put into this. I applaud Disney for thinking of many ways to keep everyone safe. You will never please everyone and those who can not understand will just have to wait until they feel more comfortable. I completely understand parents are worried but they cannot blame Disney for not thinking of everything. There will be a time when we can all go back to Disney and feel safe. I for one can’t wait to go back to the parks!! If there any consideration for having reservations for entry and for pass holder preference when you reopen? Just a thought. Bravo Disney!!

  • We will be cancelling our annual passes.. trust people to protect themselves. This is so sad…. 40 years of Disney memories ending!

  • Thanks Disney for thinking this out. We applaud your efforts to try to get us back to having a Moroccan bud light in Morocco and a funnel cake in America. Break out the masks. I’m ready to go. Safety first and if you can’t follow rules please stay home. I don’t want to share my park with you. See you real soon. John C.

  • I support the use of masks and have been doing so myself in public areas. If I were a local pass holder who could visit the parks for a few hours at a time I would certainly wear a mask. However, as someone who visits the parks once a year for my vacation, I would rather not spend entire days in the parks wearing a mask. For me, this would not be an enjoyable vacation and I would postpone to a time when masks are not required.

  • I agree with majority of the comments. Me and my entire family and friends will not be going to Disney Springs until masks are not required. It is super ridiculous to think that this requirement will even be plausible for any toddler or child under the age of 5. We will definately not be renewing our pass if we can not enjoy the parks or Disney Springs as it is intended to be. I think the distancing, frequent sanitation and temp checks should be enough, masks are just extreme especially since it is outdoors. Sorry Disney the “magic” is lost in all of your requirements and stipulations.

  • Sell your DVC, it won’t effect Disney as someone else will purchase it.Sell your stock, it won’t effect Disney as someone else will purchase it. And get a refund on your AP’s… better read the fine print you agreed to when you purchased it. Disney IS doing the responsible thing to protect guests ans, more importantly the 60,000 cast members that earn their living at the WDW resort.

  • I find it very interesting and concerning that some people don’t realize that life as we knew it prior to March 1st is gone. We may be able to return to 75% normalcy of what we had, but there will be permanent changes forever. Disney, I applaud you for taking the first step to our new normalcy. Although Disney is supposed to be a magical place, unfortunately they can’t magically make this and future viruses disappear. I will return with caution and proper protection and not whine about it.

  • Thank you to Disney for allowing information and science to guide your decision making, rather than emotion or fear of lost revenue. I am a health care professional who has face-to-face patient contact 5 days of the week. I wear a mask from the moment I walk in the building until I leave. Do I enjoy it? No. Is this the new normal? Perhaps. I am more than happy to wear a mask any time I am on Disney property. Of course it will be an inconvenience, but life as we knew it is not likely to return any time soon, if at all.

  • I support the company 100% in this decision. They have a responsibility to their patrons to protect their guests, and at this time masks are necessary for the safety of those AROUND you. If you are unwilling to wear a mask that is okay. You will be able to enjoy this wonderful place when Coronavirus is behind us and a vaccine is available. See ya real soon!

  • Thank you Disney! In this world of diverse opinion, it’s so hard to keep everyone happy. Personally my family has been so glad that Disney has done the right thing from early-on in this pandemic. As a passholder and DVC member since 2013, I’ve noticed the care and consideration put into every decision. This plan is well thought out. Masks and social distancing are essential to beat this pandemic, and I’ll be happy to have a safe place to bring my family as we all start to venture out. Thank you Disney for being part of the solution. Our family and friends can’t wait till our vacation this October.

  • Thank you for reopening. I understand that Disney is doing the best it can under the circumstances. It is difficult for a small business to meet State and Federal Guidelines so I can not imagine what it must be like for Disney. We are annual pass holders and my family will be there when Disney Springs opens with our masks. We are also looking forward to the parks opening. My concern is wearing a mask in the heat for a long period of time. None of us have been out for long periods of time so we don’t know what it is going to be like. It will be difficult for employees and guests. I hope that at some point this summer masks can be an option. I know that this is a contentious subject and based on my current experience it is not going to be easy to enforce. For us masks will not have a big effect on our Disney experience, for guests on a once in a lifetime trip, it will.

  • I’m so excited for reopening! Masks… temperature checks… they’re a product of the world we live in. They’re not punishment. Thank you for keeping those who truly love Disney SAFE. We will be there opening day. I renewed our passes!

  • I am very glad you are enforcing all thrse rules! We will be coming over from europe in august. Here EVERYONE is required to wear a mask as soon as we enter a public location and/or if we cannot respect the 2m social distancing. Our curves are flattening dramatically! My son will wear a mask at school and i at work. No one is complaining…if we all respect the guidelines we will get out of this much faster than if only half comply…in my country we ve only had 100 deaths and 3500 sick… i cant believe with the us statistics that so many people are not taking this seriously…anyway, great job disney!! See you in august! 🙂

  • I really hope masks will soon become a recommendation. Making it a requirement will lose Disney a lot of business. My family will not travel across country and spend $$$$$$ if forced to wear a mask. I see a lot of other people saying the same thing here and on other blogs.
    I am sure that many of the local guests and those in driving distance don’t mind. But unlike them, we are not able to just pop into the parks for a couple of hours whenever we want, then leave when the mask becomes too uncomfortable. When we travel to FL, we spend entire days at the Parks, to make the best use out of all the high expenditures to be there.
    Also, I am not paying $20 for a 3-4 pack of clean masks at the Parks – that means we have to bring an entire suitcase full of clean masks for our family. That is just not practical, on top of lack of solid evidence that cloth masks are all that helpful.
    And it makes me especially irritated when people tell me that’s what they do in Asia. We do not live in Asia and our norms and practices are different. It is also not true that in Asia they “have better results” because of mandatory mask-wearing. Many other countries on other continents have fared well too, for example, Portugal, Brazil, and Sweden. There are may other factors that might affect “the numbers” with masks being only a minor one. Will have to wait until Disney suspends this mask-wearing requirement.

  • Personally think disney are making the right move here but forcing masks. Yes you will get hot but by all wearing a mask anyone with the infection cannot spread it. The masks are there to protect others from the infected. By stopping the vapours leaving your mouth and potentially infecting others. If you don’t want to wear them don’t go. Simply as that.

  • I’m not traveling from MD to WDW just to go to Disney Springs. I’m waiting for the parks to reopen – based on how Disney implements the phased reopening. I can’t see wearing masks all day in Florida’s summer heat. How will passholders be treated if the parks reopen with a strictly limited amount of guests – will passholders be required to buy a day ticket to gain entrance? How will Ohana work (if it reopens) – will they still bring skewers of meat / shrimp to the tables? Will the buffet restaurants reopen (Boma, Chef Mickey’s, etc)? At character dining experiences like Cinderella’s Castle, I cannot imagine the Disney Princesses wearing masks – a not very magical experience. A cast member, wearing a full body costume like Stitch or Chip and Dale, could wear a mask under the costume, and guests would never know. Finally, the end date for the Orange Bird Passholder Magnet is June 1, 2020. Will Disney mail these rare, highly collectable magnets to Passholders? I cannot imagine Disney holding on to these magnets until Epcot reopens – which may not be until the Innovations East / West construction is completed. I am a Passholder, and I want this magnet. Orange Bird is a rare character outside of Disneyland.

  • Wearing a face covering on someone with Hard Metal Lung Disease is going to be unbearable considering they can hardly breathe to begin with. Should I just cancel my annual pass since I won’t be able to go to any parks/resorts/springs until they make them optional? Should be up to the people if they choose to wear them. Totally impossible for some of us. 🥺

  • Sorry if this sounds harsh but to all those getting mad that they can’t wear masks or don’t want to wear masks, this is not Disney’s responsibility! If you can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition it’s not discrimination, it’s how things are at the moment and perhaps given that those people are the most vulnerable in society, maybe staying home to protect themselves rather than getting angry about not being able to go to Disney Springs for a pretzel is the priority. I don’t think threatening to not renew your annual pass is a concern, keeping guests safe is. We have cancelled trips in September both this year & next and will plan to return in 2022 when it’s (hopefully) safe. If you can’t follow the rules, which are being enforced in unprecedented times, simply don’t go.

  • I get the whole mask thing but it is not safe to wear the same mask all day. (And this is told to me by people in the medical field… which is give or take right now lol) Breathing through a mask limits the oxygen flow and what you are breathing back in isn’t just oxygen. The amount of carbon monoxide breathed back into the lungs and other forms of germs and bacteria that are going to accumulate in the mask throughout the day in the Florida heat will put more people in danger than anything else. People will be constantly taking the mask off to drink water and eat which kinda defeats the purpose. I respect Disney’s rules but we might just ride this one out for a bit.

  • I join many other pass holders commenting in saying I too will Not be attending Disney Springs or any parks until the mandatory face covering requirement has been lifted. I respect your right as a business to implement your policies, however, as a consumer, I will choose not to come until this mandate has been lifted. Is there going to be an option to get my money back for my annual pass that I renewed in November (meaning, my money back from March through November)? Although I know that none of us saw any of this coming, I wouldn’t have renewed my pass if wearing a face mask had been part of the park rules.

  • I think that wearing masks is ridiculous. Many studies have shown that it doesn’t help and could make things worse. The heat and humidity in the summer is almost unbearable sometimes anyway, I can’t imagine what it will be like with a mask over your mouth and nose. Every year that I am there they always have people suffering from the heat without masks. And what about people with medial issues. I have a medical note because I am claustrophobic and can’t wear anything over my face for more then a few minutes and even when I do try to wear it I have to keep it under my nose. I have annual passes and DVC. Didn’t spend that kind of money for a trip that I can take or enjoy. Will be asking for refunds if this is implemented by the time my next trip in July.

  • Thank you for planning a way to reopen while keeping both cast members and guests protected!

  • Thank you Disney for instituting these rules for our new norm! I have no problem wearing a mask at the Springs, Resorts, or the parks! I work in surgery so wearing a mask all day, and yes, it gets hot and tiring to wear, but it is to protect myself and my patients! But in this case, it’s to protect myself and protect the community! No I am not sick, but I could possibly be a carrier and pass it on to one who decides not to wear a mask, or one who forgets to use hand sanitizer, or better yet….those of you wearing gloves, touching everything and not changing your gloves!
    Anyway, I will be there will bells on…..oh and a mask!

  • I feel temperature checks should be good enough.
    I will not be shamed, or bullied into wearing a mask by people saying I’m selfish and don’t care about other people. I have done much research on the effectiveness of masks for both myself and others.
    I will not be back to any part of Disney until the hype and mask wearing has been discontinued. It has nothing to do with being upset about the inconvenience and everything to do with my being treated as a free responsible adult.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I will definitely return since you are requiring everyone to wear a mask! It does no good for employees to wear masks if the guests do not… This will make it safer for everyone! Those complaining need to stay home… They are the very people who are a danger to others because they can’t be inconvenienced or told what to do! It’s not a big deal to do this simple thing to protect other people! Thank you Disney!

  • Thank you for the science-based safety protocols.

    If people are upset about the mask requirement, they can choose not to go.

  • Will not becoming to Disney Springs until the mask are optional, summer heat not suited for wearing mask. If it were winter maybe, but it’s about to be 95 degrees, or higher. Also doesn’t make any sense as well to enforce mask throughout but not while dinning where more people are gathered together, where the disease can spread more easily. Whomever are making these choices not really thinking it all the way thru, your going to open but hardly anybody will be there.

  • I would have to say it’s a no for me and my family and we absolutely love Disney and have been there many times. Wearing a mask for hours on end is not my idea of comfort or fun. Nor is the prospect of having to wait on presumable long hot lines to get my temp checked, re-checked(more lines and delays), unable to get into a A store or restaurant(capacity issues) which will be frustrating. This is not adding up to a good Disney experience. The idea of being outside is to enjoy the fresh air and unfortunately, breathing through a mask in the heat and humidity is not my idea of enjoyment. I also don’t understand the need for the mask while being outside In open space. Somewhat more understandable is wearing a mask In a more confined space, in stores, elevators, etc. I understand the need to protect everyone, however, Disney has always been about the experience and this will not live up to my expectation of a Disney experience I am willing to accept. Until the situation improves and rules are lessened, Disney will remain closed to me and my family.

  • Please consider masks to be an option outdoors, not a requirement for reopening the parks. I understand you have standards to uphold to reopen. Outside in the Florida heat, 6 feet distancing standards, as well as hand sanitizer stations will be more effective in preventing the spread of disease. Not requiring masks outdoors will also prevent unnecessary sickness with your guests due to a drop in oxygen levels or heat exhaustion. Perhaps consider requiring masks for all non-dining/ indoor activities could be a possibility since the air is recirculating in the room.

  • So much for a magical experience…. See y’all in 2021.

  • So if the amount of people are limited is there priority given to Disney pass holders?

  • Seems a bit ridiculous to me. I live in Orlando and to wear a face mask outside right now for any length of time is absolutely suffocating.

  • If you had seen someone die from this virus like I have, you would wear a mask. Stop watching Foxnews and read a newspaper. You do not reinhale your own Co2 wearing a mask. Yes. They are a bit warm. If you buy a silk scarf, that is cool, and breathable. Wear it instead of a mask. I see too many locals in my state not caring if they infect others. Freedom is not the right to harm others.
    Thank you. Disney, for doing the right thing.

  • Thank you for thoughtfully working to keep us all safe! As an annual passholder, I appreciate the care that Disney takes to follow the best available medical guidance.

  • My family will not be visiting Disney while masks and temperature checks are mandatory. Wearing masks outside in the Florida heat is very unhealthy. Fabric masks are not proven be to effective at all. Disney might as well stay closed until masks are no longer needed.

  • Thank you Disney! Watching and hoping the resorts and/or parks open by end July. Will happily wear masks and follow any rules set to protect fast and others. I never doubt Disney’s commitment to its lifelong fans °o° Stay safe everyone!

  • Thank you for trying to protect everyone. I think masks are important, and if those who don'[t want to wear one, well, that leaves more room for we who care about others. Such a small think to ask…

  • Very grateful for your commitment to the health of your cast and guests. We’ll be there with masks on!

  • Do the cast members a favor and stay home if you don’t like the rules and are going to whine and complain. NO ONE wants to hear it!!

  • Looking forward to a park and Disney Springs full of caring and compassionate guests and CMs. Glad the mask requirement will be keeping away people who believe they’re more entitled to “fun” (as if a mask impedes that, people around the world have been wearing masks during flu season for decades without adverse affects for heaven’s sake) than a person with an unknown underlying condition is entitled to their life. Can’t wait to pack my masks and hand sanitizer and head back to the parks! Thank you for valuing safety over profits, I look forward to years of being a passholder to come!

  • Thank you for these guidelines and trying to problem solve during these unprecedented times. We have 3 annual passes and my only concern is the requirement for my 3 year old to wear a mask, especially in the warm temperatures. Right now, he can only tolerate it for 10 minutes…

  • Agree with Kenneth… complainers won’t be missed …and this IS temporary and not forever.

    Nice to be mindful of others .

  • Thank you Disney for requiring masks, and also for taking other safety measures against the spread of this virus. Please continue to heed science and safety first. Some of the other comments here reflect misinformation re: science, mask wearing and COVID-19 statistics in general. Thankfully, Disney does not make guest safety policy based off comments on their blog. I’m an annual passholder and I gladly wear a mask to protect myself and others in public. Thank you for taking basic measures toward putting safety and health first.

  • I will come mask and all it’s not a forever situation. I love disney in good and not so good times it has brought me joy and rekindled my spirit so many times. I feel it’s my turn to give it my best attitude as they always give me theirs.. as a passholder I can’t wait to return and thanks for everything!!

  • Fantastic to hear of reopening with a well thought out plan.
    Your rules are for the well-being of all.
    You are leading the way with a selfless approach that allows us to enjoy a part of Disney while maintaining the safest environment possible.
    It’s a small world after all.

  • Wow, Disney.
    I understand the fear behind wanting to take “precautions” but this is outlandish.
    Masks?? Temperature readings before entering?? And frowning upon cash exchange?? Sounds to me like you’re pushing New World order kind of things and I’m not here for it. We love your parks and Disney Springs but this is extreme. We ALWAYS buy passes, spend thousands each year, but we will not be returning under these circumstances. Very disappointed in your choice to do this. Will be looking elsewhere to visit.

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