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#DisneyCruiseLife at Home: A Pirate Life for You!

Ashley Long

by , Cruise Director, Disney Cruise Line

Ahoy, Mateys! Without a doubt, Pirate Night is one of the most popular events aboard a Disney cruise. This swashbuckling celebration is filled with exciting activities for the entire family, including a buccaneer-style feast, family game shows and special entertainment.

In today’s “#DisneyCruiseLife at Home” we are going to share tips and tricks to turn your “homeport” into a fun-filled pirate ship. So, assemble your crew and get ready to chart course towards adventure with your very own “Pirates IN the Caribbean” party.  

Daisy, Mickey Minnie and Goofy during Pirate Night on Disney Cruise Line

1. What be ye Goin’ to Wear?  Head to your closet and grab your boots, pants and your favorite striped shirt (preferably one with black, red or navy stripes) for a rugged swashbuckler look. You can also step it up a notch with a flowy white top, dark vest and pirate hat. If you would like to add a cool accessory to your pirate-inspired wardrobe, here are the instructions to create your very own pirate bandana, courtesy of our crafty friends at Disney Family

Kids on pirate night and a pirate bandana

2. To the Galley! Our Pirates IN the Caribbean event celebrates “a pirate’s life” in our restaurants with a special menu featuring Caribbean-inspired specialties. You can get into the buccaneer spirit and bring a taste of the islands to your house with these mouthwatering Guava Glazed Barbecue Ribs. Just click here to download the recipe

Guava Glazed Barbecue Ribs from Disney Cruise Line

3. Mermaids Tales! You best be wary of the summoning tune of a mermaid song! Here is a way to pay tribute to these alluring mythical creatures with a batch of yummy and whimsical mermaid tail cookies from our swashbuckling friends at Disney Family. 

mermaid tail cookies

4. All Hands Hoay! Here is a fun activity for the little adventurers in your crew. This 3D paper craft will add a few more tiny buccaneers to your pirate band. Just click here to download the template and instructions


  • @Melissa those are bad for the environment. The refillable soaps and shampoo on the wall is much better!

  • Now, this looks fun and the ribs are yum.

  • please make sure you bring back individual shampoos.

  • Our cruise was cancelled because of Covid-19. We had saved for many years to take all our children, their spouses and grandkids. My husband was especially bummed because he was looking forward to Pirate Night. So on Father’s Day we surprised him and everyone dressed in the pirate costumes they had purchased for our cruise.

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