UPDATE: Disneyland Resort Proposes Plans to Begin Phased Reopening July 9, with Proposed Reopening of Theme Parks July 17

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

UPDATE 6/24/20: Our theme parks and resort hotels remain closed and will reopen at a later date, pending state and local government approvals. https://bit.ly/3drzzgh

Sixty-five years to the date after the historic opening of Disneyland park, we are planning to open our theme park gates once again on July 17, 2020, welcoming guests back to the Disneyland Resort

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products today announced proposed plans for a phased reopening of the Disneyland Resort. Pending state and local government approvals, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel plan to reopen on July 23, and Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park will plan to reopen on July 17. Additionally, Downtown Disney District will begin reopening on July 9.  

Because theme park capacity will be significantly limited to comply with governmental requirements and promote physical distancing, the Disneyland Resort will manage attendance through a new theme park reservation system that will require all guests, including Annual Passholders, to obtain a reservation for park entry in advance. Theme park reservations will be subject to availability. More details about this new reservation system will be available soon. At this time, there will also be a temporary pause on new ticket sales and Annual Passport sales and renewals. Additional details will be available soon. Please check Disneyland.com for the most current information. 

Once approved, the Disneyland Resort will reopen with enhanced health and safety measures. In addition, a Guest Experience Team will be available throughout the parks and Downtown Disney District to assist guests with questions regarding these new policies.

Certain experiences that draw large group gatherings – such as parades and nighttime spectaculars – will return at a later date. While character meet and greets will be temporarily unavailable, characters will be in the parks in new ways to entertain and delight guests.

Pending governmental approval, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and Disney Vacation Club Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa are planned to reopen to guests and members starting on July 23. Plans to support physical distancing as well as increased cleaning measures, along with a number of other health and safety protocols, will be implemented as part of the phased reopening of the hotels and the Vacation Club. 

Downtown Disney District will begin reopening on July 9 in line with the state’s reopening guidelines, with its unique variety of shopping and dining experiences, including the flagship World of Disney store. With the health of guests and Disney cast members at the forefront of planning, several operational changes will be implemented based on guidance from health authorities to promote physical distancing and cleanliness throughout the Downtown Disney District.

Additional information on enhanced health and safety measures and operational changes for reopening locations will be shared soon. These policies are under continuous review and are subject to change as the Disneyland Resort monitors conditions and receives guidance from health and government authorities.

Disneyland holds a special place in the hearts of people around the world. It was created as a place where family members of all ages could have fun together – a place to “leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” Sixty-five years later it still is.

It’s time for magic – and we look forward to welcoming you back. 


  • With all the information out there, the most common statement from annual pass holders alike, is what about my pass. The one plan that Disney hasn’t offered is giving annual pass holders a pro-rated refund (if they choose to do this) for any pass above the flex pass. We know now that to regain entrance into any of the parks this will have to be done on a reservation system. That is what the flex pass was set up to do. I’m sure others would agree with me that since any pass above this flex pass cannot be used to its full extent, it would still allow pass holders an opportunity to visit the parks. Remember, Disney stated that no new annual passes, renewal of passes and new ticket sales will not be available till at least 2021.

  • I have health issues so I am more at risk, so can we freeze our passes and payments until a later time when I am not high risk and taking serious precautions still?

  • We have paid in full for my family of 4 annual passes. Does Disney have an option to freeze our passes and reinstate it at a later time with no penalty? If we are not comfortable going when the Park reopens in July, then we still have an option to use our remaining time on our passes at a later date.

  • We all have to trust that Disney will do right by their passholders. Please keep the parkhopper option!

  • We have purchased the AP pass for only blackouts on Christmas Holidays and New Years. Since there is a required reservation and we utilize the AP pass at least 3x a month. Are we being credited?

  • I have paid in full for my family of 4 annual passes. Does Disney have an option to freeze our passes and reinstate it at a later time with no penalty? If we are not comfortable going when the Park reopens in July, then we still have an option to use our remaining time on our passes at a later date. This will also allow those who are comfortable going more opportunities to attend.

  • As an AP that travels several hours from the Bay Area for a Disneyland weekend usually 3/4 times a year. I worry I wont be able to get consecutive days or hopper access which pretty much make the trip a waste. I love Disneyland but 14 hours in a car (round trip) for less than 12 hours in the parks would be hard to stomach. Hopefully the Disney team comes up with a plan that takes care of us all. But above all we all need to be safe especially the Cast Members.

  • I hope you consider an option for those who are high risk or live with people who are!!! I make monthly payments for myself and my mother – she lives with me and is high risk. While there’s nothing in the world she (or I) would love to do more than return to her favorite place in July, it’s not going to happen. That would go against cdc and pretty much the recommendation of everyone everywhere.

    Essentially meaning I’ll be paying for two passes I cannot use. I would happily agree to freeze payments and continue on if the parks open with no restrictions before they expire. This is such a unique circumstance and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this situation.

  • I just want to say thank you to all the workers at Disney that are trying to work these things out. I’ve been a premiere pass holder for many years and just a pass holder forever. I love Disney and want to return as soon as possible, but since we have the highest price pass and are unable to use it properly. I would be ok if it stayed paused and when the parks reopen with regular service and amenities again then it becomes unpaused and then the 4months it was closed we just get that time back then we can renew after the four months. So it keeps the parks with less people, but we don’t lose the 4 months it was closed and then we can take advantage of what we paid for and then when those 4 months are up just renew our passes. I also had purchased the California resident 3 day tkts for my niece and nephew who no longer have passes, added park hopper and max pass which they can’t use so hopefully that will extend so that they can use next year. I know WDW extended theirs till September 2021 hope Disneyland does the same. Thank you for all your work on these matters, people have shared I know it’s not easy to please all, and even though we’d love to be there when it reopens on July 17, but I’d be ok if our passes stayed paused for a little longer not earning more credit just waiting till it can be used and then just give us the 4 months that you were closed to use our pass. It’s an idea to think about! Thanks

  • I see many comments here with people saying they’re upset that they will not be able to renew their annual pass, that they’re not getting a refund, etc. First of all annual passes are not canceled – they are TEMPORARILY suspended (which they have been anyway), as is everything else including hotel reservations just as they did with Florida right after they announced their reopening. It’s to get everything in place and make sure those that already had existing reservations that are still good are accommodated so they know where they can fill in. As capacity is so limited and guest attendance will be low the Disneyland Hotel will remain closed and continue undergoing rehab, so any existing reservations there have to be moved to the other two hotel so that’s another issue. Not knowing when they could reopen they couldn’t do any of this well in advance.

    Way back when this first started they said that there would be an option to either refund passes for the length of time they were closed (it will be 19 weeks and 6 days), or add the additional closure days onto the pass when they reopened. I called a while back and had a note put on my account that I did not want to refund, but it was indicated at that time that in the future we will be given a choice on how we want to handle our pass going forward. Everyone just needs to wait. Disneyland is not in the habit of screwing these types of things up or handling in a careless manner. They have continually kept us updated – everyone just needs to be patient!

  • All of these people whining about their ‘highest level passes’ and how much money they spend, etc. You are not the only ones. Not to mention these people who think they should get special treatment for being long term passholders. Get over it. This is a luxury and not a necessity. And they can’t give a lot of specifics, because that date is subject to approval by the state government and can change. I for one am going to wait it out and see how this plays out. As we have seen, opening too much too soon has had detrimental impacts.

  • So what are the options for season pass holders?
    We are extremely healthy, don’t love to wear masks and certainly don’t want to spend much time in a queue wearing a mask. We have a toddler to teenagers and fighting them all over masks would be interesting.
    Is Disney offering prorated money back for season passports or the ability to put the passport on hold until all of this is over?

  • Good morning Happiest Place on earth!!!!
    I have the highest passport. Can you please tell me how your reservation will be for people like me? I’m hoping you will take the level of passport into consideration when you reopen.
    Thank you
    I eagerly await your reply:)

  • I must admit, I’m reluctant to rush back to the resort. As much as I love to be there, the virus doesn’t care about my tender feelings for Disney nor my AP status.

  • So with this reservation system makes me nervous. I have a trip August 6th to the 9th but we don’t get our tickets until we get to our hotel. I’m worried we won’t get to go into the parks. I won the trip on the radio.

  • What about the Southern California passes if we didn’t use all of our tickets will we still be able to use the tickets we did not use yet?

  • So many spoiled people in the comments! Talking about since Disney did this, I should be able to do this. It’s a business! And the government required them to close. Yes, there should have been answers to your question but just because you’re a spoiled pass holder doesn’t mean you’re more special than someone else wanting to visit Disney. It just means you probably live closer to be able to use the pass. Contact them through Twitter or Disney direct, don’t beg through comments here.

  • Hi
    I will like to know when will be a dates for reservations?

  • I was there the week it opened. I was there the day it closed this year and hundreds of times inbetween. I will be there the day it re-opens. So much a part of my familie’s history. Not only that, do you KNOW how many times I have called my out of state brothers and sisters and left this simple message “I am at Disneyland, and you are NOT! HA HA!” Countless! It’s always an awesome one-up on them! Even got to do it the day California Adventure opened, 😂😂😂😂 ! Thank you!

  • I can’t wait to be able to go back to Disneyland. I love the rides, the atmosphere, the food, the cast members and JUST EVERYTHING! It’s always so clean and now it will be cleaner! Wow. I just read so many complaints about how Disney is handling this pandemic. This just makes me sad. We are all in the same boat. They are working their best on opening the parks and figuring out the best way to accommodate all of the Annual Pass Holders. This has never happened in the parks lifetime, give them some time to work this out. It’s not something that can be worked out in an afternoon meeting. The covid people keep changing the rules and how things are transmitted. I love Disneyland and everything Disney, So Please take a deep breath, hold it, then let it out and go on with your day. There are lots of things to do.

  • I just wanted to give my 2 cents! I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK TO WHERE THE MAGIC RESIDES! I don’t care about anything regarding partial payments or refunds, I just want to be able to not be blocked when the park opens. That is literally my only concern! We have been deluxe passholders for years and that means blockage in summer, but we’re crossing our fingers that we are extended a welcome hand knowing we haven’t been able to get our dose of Walt and his magic. WE JUST MISS IT SO MUCH. We have no ill feelings and I am so sorry about the people who are so angry about Covid and directing it towards the wrong people. 🙁 I have not called, complained, emailed, returned anything, etc. I support you ALL and the decisions you have to make. I have not insisted on any money returned nor will I. I understand that you have painful decisions to make that will not be able to make everyone happy, and I will fully accept what plans you will roll out. I just felt the need to SAY something so that you KNOW there are SO MANY OF US who love and support you guys. It’s got to be THE HARDEST DECISIONS TO MAKE. We are here, with tears in our eyes, waiting to see when we can go. WE ARE TRUE AND STEADFAST. WE LOVE YOU. GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED. In Walt we trust- Shawna and Riley

  • I see all these comments but not replies from anyone from Disneyland! I absolutely LOVE DISNEYLAND & would go everyday if i could! I have the highest level Annual Pass but try talking to Reps from Disneyland & they have no answers….a little frustrating that they set a date to open but have no answers to simple questions!?
    But not only that but to be told that we can’t renew also is disheartening!
    Very seldom am i ever upset with Disneyland but this is one of those times!
    I’ve stuck it out, didn’t cancel, suspend, pause or anything with my pass but would be nice if they showed appreciation for hanging in there! It like they want to cancel Annual Passholders because they can make more money with no passes!

    From a Disheartened Annual Passholder

  • Hello I am a annual pass holder for three Disney Signature Plus Passports (The most expensive pass) that doesn’t have any black out days. I renewed on my birthday 12/20/2019 and I paid in full. Can you please give out some information to the people in my scenario on how this will work for us?

    Thank you

  • My husband and I are both senior citizens and have had annual passports for several years. With the closure of the parks and our expiration date fast approaching 6/3/20, It was strongly suggested by representative to not be reimbursed for our March payment and just wait until reopen. Last month I tried to call to cancel that option (didn’t even want my March payment returned) All I wanted was to not renew our passports due to financial & health hardships. I was on the phone for close to 4 hours (disconnected twice, on hold excessively long) last option was to write a letter to address on contract. I even returned our passports. As of today’s date 6/17/20 I have not received a response to my 1st letter or my follow-up. I’m hoping a Disney executive reads these concerning comments and responds promptly.

  • I echo the concerns of other annual passholders. First, I do not understand why we had to wait until a re-opening date to get refunds for 1/2 March and April. That is a finite amount of time. Second, WHERE IS OUR REFUND?????

  • I noticed that in addition to pausing annual pass sales and renewals, it also appears you are pausing new ticket sales. I am hoping that those of us who prepaid tickets (in our case for a planned visit in April 2020 that obviously did not happen) will also be given first access to pick new dates before sales open to the public.

    Thank you for your conscientious work to ensure our return (and the cast members’ return) to Disneyland is safe! We look forward to our planned visit happening soon-ish.

  • Best solution would be to put our passes on hold until we are ready to come back. I am happy to start paying the moment we scan into the front gate .

    This will help Disneyland keep us as pass holders .

    Ps: we spend a lot every time we go and we will return .

    Or just refund the remaining months due .

  • Our family is so excited to visit again! As pass holders we do hope we can get in the weekend Disneyland reopens but also understand that we are not premier pass holders. It will be our 21st wedding anniversary on July 17th! Our honeymoon was spent at Walt Disney World. We remain optimistic that Disney will do all the right things as they always have to continue their amazing guest services. We remain a faithful Disney family and have simply missed being able to visit.

  • So happy to be able to go back to my favorite place!! Disneyland holds many fond memories and my children love to go and make memories now. We are so happy to be able to go to the Happiest Place On Earth once again!!

  • I’m glad that Disneyland will be reopening and will take appropriate safety measures. Disneyland should require guests to wear masks. People that wear masks are wearing them to protect others such as cast members and guests.

  • My annual pass doesn’t show on my app no more. Expiration date was in May! How will this work

    Have a plan for pass holders that can not go to the parks due to Covid-19 health concerns.
    This is something no one planned for, and not right to pay monthly for a pass we can’t use. I am pregnant, I have a toddler, and my elderly parents live with me. I really hope you can have a solution for myself and others that are not able to take risks during this time.
    Thank you.

  • All I want to know is when will I be able to go online and reserve for July 17th since it will all be reservations.

  • Yay!!! We can’t wait to get back to Disneyland!!!

  • Our annual passes (one Signature and one Flex both with Fast Pass) were purchased in January.

    It had been my understanding when the park closed in March that auto pay for monthly payments would continue without interruption. Also the passes would extend past the pass expiration by the amount of time the park remained closed due to Covid-19.

    In April I called and spoke to a representative who informed me that auto payments had bee paused until the park reopened. I was also told that I could continue making monthly payments and thereby extend the pass expiration date but I would have to call another representative who would authorise (send me a form) to continue making payments. I would need to call every month to make the payments on my own. This did not appeal to me.

    I have recently heard that when the park opens in July Disney will extend all annual passes for the amount of time Disney remains in the mandatory reservation period. This is great news as it means we won’t be paying for none use or our inability to make a reservation

    Disney has it all figured out but I understand pass holders frustration in obtaining current updates. I have heard that there may well be over a million annual pass holders for Disneyland. This could certainly put a lot of pressure on answering everyone’s calls and questions.

    Hope this helps.


  • I’m am annual pass holder on monthly installment s and have been for years. . My pass end in November. Now I see ur opening in July this year I will not be able to mak it now since covid 19. I have compermized health. I was hoping u would have an option for us in my predicament . That are paying monthly and can’t go. Can u please waive my payments. Please let me know. If u can’t can u please put me on option 1. Thank u

  • I called as instructed and requested my refund for the period of closure from March until my paid in full passes expired in May, that was April and it’s now been two months and I have not received the promised refund, what is going on?

  • Come on guys, I get the concerns about passes and making reservations. – One they already announced they are not selling any new passes or tickets, which means all us pass holders will get a chance, so I wouldn’t worry about not being able to get in. – Read your contracts too, they don’t have to guarantee any amount of days or min. amount of reservations available for you. . . that is the risk you take when you get the lower paying passes. – No matter what, you still are liable to pay for your pass, regardless of you using it that month or not, it’s a contract for the whole amount. – They’ve already extended or skipped the months they’ve been closed, what more do you expect them to do to accommodate you? lol

  • I am inquiring about Oogie Boogie Bash 2020. Are you going to be releasing ticket sales as the parks start to reopen? Typically I have already purchased tickets and made all accommodations by this time for the yearly Halloween event.

  • Wow, my first and only comments will be thank you! I cannot believe Disneyland could be any cleaner than it always is! The biggest reason I still love to go at age 62 is the atmosphere, cleanliness, and courteous staff. I am no longer a pass holder, and I do understand many of these folks concerns. But this guy plans on being back in 6-7 months and as always, will love the place again for these same reasons.
    I hope your annual pass holders will see yet again, this value they never had to look for.

  • I have a Flex-Pass and understand the risks of Fri-Sun use. How will Disney address matters when I cannot get in Mon-Thu? Thanks,

  • Hello. I am a passholder on the monthly installment plan. If I try to get reservations for July or August, and the system continually books out and I am not able to get access to the park, will I still be held responsible for those monthly payments? Thank you.

  • I have called and the representatives don’t have answers!!! How do I get my REFUND for four annual passes I haven’t been able to use from mid – March ???? Simple question.
    If I have to reserved to go to Disneyland After they open, then I would like to reserved for everyday that is not blocked in calendar. Is that possible?

  • When and how will Disney add the extension days to annual passes that expired over the time of the closure? My pass is no longer listed in My Disney Experience nor can I add it.

  • I’m excited about the reopening if done safely. One concern is as a family with 3 Signature Plus Passes (1 fully paid for, 2 on the payments plan) we may not be able to fully utilize them even though we are paying a top-level price. We don’t want a refund becuase we not be able to renew again. I certainly understand there must be a limited capacity, but I think some sort of compensation should be made to pass holders, especially those that have little or no block out days. My suggestion: Extend those passes indefinitely until they can be fully used. Regardless of the circumstances, no one should have to pay full price, anywhere, for anything, and only get part of the benefits.

  • I bought 3 tickets for Disney of the promotion for the residents, I wanted you to inform me how you are going to consider these 3-day passes, please answer me !! Thank you !!

  • YAY!!!! Disney is opening. It would be very nice if Disney let the people who have had their annual pass for at least 25 consecutive years be allowed to have first choice at reservations.

  • can I cancel my pass since I can’t go when I would like to I don’t to pay for a pass I can’t use

  • I was wondering the same thing. I did get a hold of a representative after 4 hours of being on hold, and the only answer he had was the calendar of block out dates remains the same, but did not know the answer to the question if parks are only filled to less than 100 per cent capacity, which is what the plan is, what will the strategy be for installment plan pass holders if they are unable to make a reservation for a while.

  • Hello. I am a passholder on the monthly installment plan. If I try to get reservations for July or August, and the system continually books out and I am not able to get access to the park, will I still be held responsible for those monthly payments? Thank you.

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