Disneyland Resort Reopening Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We previously announced a proposed phased reopening of our theme parks for July 17, pending government approvals. We developed enhanced health and safety protocols for both cast and guests at Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort that have been approved, allowing us to reopen in a responsible manner and bring our cast members back to work.

The State of California has now indicated that it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4. Given the time required for us to bring thousands of cast members back to work and restart our business, we have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials. Once we have a clearer understanding of when guidelines will be released, we expect to be able to communicate a reopening date. 

Our Downtown Disney District will reopen on July 9 as previously announced with health and safety protocols in place for our cast members and guests. The opening of our Downtown Disney District has been previously approved in line with restaurant and retail openings throughout California. The Master Services Union, which represents our retail cast at this location, previously signed an agreement for members to return to work.

In order to reopen our theme parks we need to negotiate agreements with our unions to return employees to work. We have had positive discussions and are very pleased to have signed agreements from 20 union affiliates, including the Master Services Council, which represents more than 11,000 of our cast members. The signed agreement details plans that include enhanced safety protocols that will allow us to responsibly reopen, and get thousands of our cast members back to work.   

We thank our cast and guests for their patience during this unprecedented time while we await approval from government officials.


  • Please re open already!!! Been planning a vacation with my family for months for the week of December 21st and we just find out they’re closed … it so sad, my 5 yr old really wanted to go and so did we. This is getting ridiculous, just make us wear masks and have sanitation station around the park!! Please please!!!

  • I can’t wait for the park to reopen! I was supposed to go after I graduated with my BA and was accepted into my master’s program but COVID made that impossible unfortunately. As soon as the park reopens I can’t wait to go back to my happy place and celebrate like I had planned to!

  • Disneyland is my home for the holidays. Please open up so my boyfriend and best friends can come and make some new memories all together!

  • Disneyland we miss you! Open up! Were going on our honeymoon to Disneyworld this month because we miss it so much! For the people that our vulnerable and high risk they need to stay home if they so choose.the people that wanna live there lives and enjoy the things they love again should be able to! Especially theme parks.make them wear masks for the mean time at least.this is getting ridiculous now.It’s sad how much the state has control over this.

  • We really want Disneyland and DCA and Universal Studios to reopen right now so, we can all get our lives back to normal very sooner.

  • It’s time to re-open! Those that are fearful and want to stay in doors then this isn’t a place for you. But those of us that choose to not allow this virus control our lives, want to continue making memories with our loved ones. It’s very simple..all those entering the park, sign a waiver. Wear a mask. And have multiple sanitizing stations! Disney, make our dreams come true and open up for the holidays!

  • I cannot imagine California without Disneyland. There is no reason these parks should not open, if everyone is following the rules. Make us agree to disclaimers, all that!! We should not be punished for what is out of our control. ALLOW DISNEYLAND TO OPEN!!!!!!! And UNIVERSAL STUDIOS too!!!!

  • We want Disneyland and DCA to reopen and have a normal life back sooner.

  • Tomorrow my birthday my family were planning to celebrate my birthday at Disney land but unfortunately that’s not happening yet maybe next year hopefully… happy birthday to me 🙁

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