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Disneyland Resort Reopening Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We previously announced a proposed phased reopening of our theme parks for July 17, pending government approvals. We developed enhanced health and safety protocols for both cast and guests at Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort that have been approved, allowing us to reopen in a responsible manner and bring our cast members back to work.

The State of California has now indicated that it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4. Given the time required for us to bring thousands of cast members back to work and restart our business, we have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials. Once we have a clearer understanding of when guidelines will be released, we expect to be able to communicate a reopening date. 

Our Downtown Disney District will reopen on July 9 as previously announced with health and safety protocols in place for our cast members and guests. The opening of our Downtown Disney District has been previously approved in line with restaurant and retail openings throughout California. The Master Services Union, which represents our retail cast at this location, previously signed an agreement for members to return to work.

In order to reopen our theme parks we need to negotiate agreements with our unions to return employees to work. We have had positive discussions and are very pleased to have signed agreements from 20 union affiliates, including the Master Services Council, which represents more than 11,000 of our cast members. The signed agreement details plans that include enhanced safety protocols that will allow us to responsibly reopen, and get thousands of our cast members back to work.   

We thank our cast and guests for their patience during this unprecedented time while we await approval from government officials.


  • Hello Disneyland…no doubt this has not been an easy decision for you to make. It is the right one. Slow and steady wins the race. You will come back stronger when you open! God Bless…love ya!

  • Absolutely the right decision. There is no worry that we will all come back in due time, when it is once again safe to do so for us and for your staff. See ya real soon!!

  • A good decision but it’s a shame they won’t be able to celebrate their 65th anniversary.

  • If you read carefully, understand it wasn’t Disney’s decision necessarily – it was the states. So assuming as soon as they get approval, they will re-open. “we have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials.”

    There will never be a perfect time that satisfies everyone’s expectations. Disney is just like any other company, the longer they go without bringing in money the harder it will be to return back to how it was – that will certainly take time.

  • While you may not be open, I’m sure that your amazing Imagineers will come up with a wonderful way to celebrate your 65th!

    Here’s to healthier times when we can return to the DLR again! (My daughter is a laid off DL employee, so I’m really looking forward to it!)

  • I’m so sad about this, and yet I understand. I’m sure Disneyland wants to open as much as we want them to. I’ll be there with bells on as soon as I’m allowed!

  • I love disneyland for 18 years
    And how can I receive disneyland

  • Please extend unused multiday tickets purchased prior to the closure. All other ticket offerings were extended until later next year. By the time we can use our tickets, it’s going to cost so much more. You originally extended them and then took it back! Please consider those of us who have to travel a long distance, especially after extending the SoCal tickets. They are already in the state! 😂

  • I have a 4 day park hopper with me and my daughters and have a 5 day park hopper we plan to use in probably November. Are we still able to use these tickets like normal?

  • How do I register for your disneyland blog parks

  • You do realize that it’s not too late to have a special magical fourth of July fireworks display emanating from a certain park in the heart of Anaheim…

  • When and werencan I purchased tickets

  • So, When’s Disneyland gonna reopen?

  • We don’t want you to close forever, Disneyland! We’ll miss you so much if you will be permanently closed!

  • Disneyland needs to follow WDW and extend ALL tickets through at least 2021. I have tickets purchased 1 month before the park closed that expire Jan 11, 2021. Your original release said ALL unused multi-day tickets were good through Jan 11, 2022- and now they say “respective validity period.” At this point, we’ve lost at least 5 months of the year. Extend tickets please!

  • No doubt one way to make it easier for families to start having their vacations they poetically already partially paid for in this time of financial difficulties would be opening the annual pass on payment plan for the entire us. Many parks already do this. Nothing makes you feel better than Disneyland 😉

  • Is the CHOC WALK going to still happen on September 13, 2020?

  • the reopening for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure has been delayed!? that’s not good!

  • if there’s no reopening date revealed, then in a couple of months Disneyland will be destined to be abandond

  • Please don’t rush. We look forward to coming back when it’s safe.

  • Disney we can’t wait for you to reopen but GREATLY appreciate you taking all precautions 😀. We are DVC members and 1 of our Homes is the Grand California hotel. We realize that they’re fine lines with regards business and well fun but know you will do what’s best and right. I do agree with the comment from Anastasia “ have the payment plan for everyone”. I am a FF from Las Vegas and we are down there all the time and this would make our trips a little easier.. Anyways continue to be safe all and we can’t wait to come home 😀

  • When and where can we put in a reservation? We have plans to visit after Christmas and already have hotel reservations.

  • Even prior to the pandemic Disneyland park is the cleanest park one can visit. Can only imagine how much effort the cast members have put into getting this park up and running. Now waiting for State to issue the green light.

  • When does Disneyland, California Adventure and Hotels reopen?

  • We have our tickets and hotel ready now just really hoping your open soon! Miss you Disney!

  • I can’t wait 😊 when Disneyland Resorts theme park reopens Disney Performing Art’s Conservatory 2020 offerings information ℹ️ to share when reopens so l’ll be interesting 🧐 in Disney Performing Art’s Conservatory 2020 offerings online Registration to share

  • I have been told by Disneyland Resort over the phone and via email that the pre-purchased Military tickets will NOT be honored past their expiration date of 12/18/2020. So I have $1000 worth worth of tickets that will not be any good and the military base office is closed. Is anyone else who is experiencing this? I want to use the tickets but I have my doubts that we will be able to, at least not in the near future or 2020. What are my remedies to be reimbursed? I thought Disney loved the Military!!

  • It doesn’t matter how long it takes…we’ll be there when Disneyland opens again. We know you closed to protect the public. That’s wonderful. But more importantly, Disney has protected the Cast Members who make the magic happen.

    Couldn’t be any more proud to be a guest.

  • I agree! My whole family has memories of Disneyland from childhood to adulthood. I also promised my son after our first family visit together when he was 7, that we would come back! I never break a promise and I want to come back also and see the new areas! I was 6 my first visit and I am 40 now and still a Disney kid at heart! We are here for you all at Disneyland and you are worth waiting for!!! We love you!!!

  • I really need Disney to open because my family and I planned going this summer.

  • I have pre-purchased Military Disneyland tickets in January that expire on 12/18/2020. So I have over $1000 worth of tickets that will not be any good this year if Disneyland doesn’t open. The military base office will not refund me anything. Is anyone else who is experiencing this? What are my options to be reimbursed? I thought Disney loved the Military!!

  • Jai’lani and Janet: My mom and I had the same question a week ago. My mom emailed Disneyland and was told that Disneyland will extend military tickets through December 2021. Hopefully, the parks will open before the original expiration dates. I’m praying that my mom and I will be able to go in November like we’ve planned!

  • Hi, let’s hope this happens soon, I know we have been saying the same thing for several months, but the reality is this year is very special for us since my daughter turns 15 in October, she did not want to party, she just wanted to Disneyland, I am very sorry I did not To be able to take her and fulfill her dream, I hope that when everything ends and they will still have work and money to carry her because I know that the tickets will be expensive for everything they have lost, greetings from Sacramento and stay safe and remember to continue using your mask Family F.

  • When are you going to open? I mean, my family is more important than anyone else and the health of others. I also bought tickets in advance without reading the terms and now I want a refund.

    Can I speak to the manager?


  • We love all things Disney and can’t wait until Disneyland reopens. We know y’all want to be open just as much as we want you to be! Wishing you, the cast members and everyone all the best, as we know this is a challenge for everyone. Can’t wait to be back in the parks!!

  • At least open for shopping and food like Knotts is doing. its safe and outdoors. continue the Food and Wine festival……please!

  • When You Wish Upon A Star, our chance to go won’t be that far.

  • if you read this correctly, not opening is not by Disney’s choice, it is the state of California not giving them the guidelines and approval to open.

  • I’m definitely disappointed that the first year I purchase an AP this damn pandemic hits, Disneyland has always been a special place for my wife and me. As much as I wanted to spend multiple trips at Disneyland this year, I do not want to go back until I can enjoy it they way we use to, everything open and without the added stress of worrying about COVID-19! So I’m okay with the closure for now. I would hate for Disneyland to follow the rest of the state with the open, then close cycle. I’ll return and even buy another AP as soon as we get back to “normal”. Disneyland has always been our happy place and since my wife’s passing it’s even that much more special to me ❤️.

  • Maybe I’m just selfish, maybe I’m just careless or delirious, but can COVID-19 disappear just as well as it appeared? I want my happy place back! So many trips cancelled and my daughters 10th birthday was cancelled. I just want normalcy. I want my $2000 a trip therapy back! We’re AP’s from Vegas and Miss it so much. So depressing. Hope it opens for the holidays, or at least by January! Too all my Disney Fam out there, Faith Trust and Pixie Dust is the saying but I think the trees running out!

    I just miss Disneyland… 🙁 sorry for the rant.