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Introducing the Disney Park Pass System for Reserving Theme Park Visits to Walt Disney World Resort

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

It’s almost time for magic as we prepare for the reopening of Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, starting July 11 with Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom and followed July 15 by EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We’re taking a deliberate approach that includes limits on attendance and controlled guest density to align with guidance from health and government authorities on physical distancing. We’re also using technology to power creative solutions as we develop new ways for guests to visit The Most Magical Place on Earth in this unique environment. 

To manage attendance during this reopening period we are introducing the new Disney Park Pass system. During this time, all guests with a ticket or Annual Pass will be required to make a reservation in advance for each park entry, using this new online tool on

Here are a few important details to know about this new system: 

  • You’ll need a My Disney Experience account, as this is where your Walt Disney World Resort plans are stored and managed.
  • You’ll also need a valid theme park ticket or Annual Pass that’s linked to your My Disney Experience account. 
  • If you have a Disney Resort hotel reservation, be sure to link it to your My Disney Experience account beforehand, as well. 

Once you’ve logged into your My Disney Experience account and linked your ticket, you’ll have access to a calendar of available reservation dates for each theme park. If you have a multi-day ticket, you will be required to make a park reservation for each date of your visit. Families and friends can link their tickets together and look to arrange theme park entries at the same time. 

Please note, park reservations are limited in number and subject to availability. Availability can change until the reservation is finalized. At this time, guests will be able to select one park per day; visiting more than one park per day will be temporarily unavailable upon the reopening of the theme parks due to attendance limitations. Guests with existing tickets that include the Park Hopper Option or Park Hopper Plus Option have options available to them for ticket modifications and cancellations, and can visit for more information. We hope to bring back the ability to visit more than one park per day soon and will continue to offer these add-ons for 2021 ticket purchases.

For Existing Ticket Holders and Annual Passholders: Beginning this week, we will reach out to existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders with more information on when they will be able to check availability to make their park reservations. We will open the Disney Park Pass system to these guests in phases, beginning with those with future Disney Resort and other select hotel stays. Later this summer, we will resume sales of 2020 tickets and Disney Resort hotel arrivals, based on availability of park reservations, while we continue to provide guests with existing tickets and Annual Passholders the opportunity to make park reservations for 2020 dates.

Planning a New Trip for Next Year: By June 28, all guests will be able to purchase new Disney Resort hotel packages and theme park tickets and make their park reservations for arrivals starting in 2021 as our phased reopening continues. Guests will be able to view park reservation availability on prior to purchasing their tickets. 

As you begin planning your upcoming visits, we’re also exploring engaging ways for guests to use their mobile tech to experience the magic – particularly now as the use of phones and apps continues to evolve. In 2021, we plan to unveil an innovative new offering as part of the My Disney Experience app that will bring features of a MagicBand to your smart devices, building on the app’s existing digital key feature. With this new offering on the horizon, we will be retiring our complimentary MagicBand distribution to Disney Resort hotel guests for new reservations with arrivals beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Disney Resort hotel guests will continue to have the option to purchase new MagicBands at a discount, and we’ll be introducing even more colors and designs featuring favorite Disney characters in the future. Guests who prefer not to purchase a discounted MagicBand will be able to use the My Disney Experience app or a Key to the World card during their visit. We will still offer MagicBands in retail locations and on, and guests will be able to continue using the wearables throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

We understand these updates may change the way you plan your visits to the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and Disney Resort hotels for the time being. We are focused on making your Walt Disney World Resort experience magical, convenient and enjoyable. To find out more information, please visit and continue to check back with us here at the Disney Parks Blog. You can also call the Disney Reservation Center, submit questions to the Disney Parks Moms Panel or speak with your travel provider for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Most Magical Place on Earth!


  • I forgot to mention in my earlier post, the system once it opened up was remarkably simple! Clear, concise and easily navigated! We were able to get all 5 days that we wanted for the parks and it could not have been more simple. Thank-you, with a new system I was a little worried I might have issues wondering where and how and not a pause on how or where whatsoever! Excellent site! Thanks again for ALL your hard work!

  • I’m wondering after almost 6 hours of trying to make park pass reservations with a confirmed package mind you, if it’s worth it at this point. It’s just an endless loop that gets you nowhere. Not cool and certainly not very fair at all.

  • This plan is seems to have overlooked the Premier Passport, how can the passholder who must live outside the typical AP distance from one of the parks plan to travel a distance with only three days reserved. My 18 day tripped planned to Disney World in September is useless with these options. Would expect more than three days for this passport to have any value. It would be at an unknown risk to expect you can add other days after the first reservation. My option is to cancel the pass purchase a multi day passport for fewer days (??) and go to other Orlando attractions where I can or get a Disney World Park reservation. Help!!

  • Considering how much money DVC members spend in Disney, I can’t believe that us members didn’t get a chance to renew our Annual Passes before Disney announced at the last minute that they had stopped selling tickets. I phoned up to purchase my Annual Pass and was told that all ticket sales had stopped just 15 minutes prior to me getting through! Why weren’t DVC members, or people with hotel reservations and no tickets, given any sort of notice that this would happen? Is the plan to have Disney just open for local Annual Passholders for the rest of 2020?

  • Looking forward to the day things are back to normal! Disabled son can not wear a mask, so we are counting the days until it is safe to return!

  • I am trying to find information about park reservations and infants. My family is planning to visit shortly after the reopen, this was planned and booked about a year ago! Since my 2 year old doesn’t have a ticket, and doesn’t need one for entry, I am not able to book a park reservation for her like the rest of the family. Will she still be able to enter the park with the rest of the family?

  • Took Two hours but we have our park reservations! 🥳🥳🥳

  • Unable to log in to My Disney Experience. We’ve been trying for over an hour. Very frustrating.

  • From what I read they are only booking reservations to the end of September for the parks. They have not opened park reservations after that yet

  • I am a DVC member with hotel reservations in August and November 2020, my Annual pass expired in February and I am now told ticket sales are on hold. I will now not be able to make Park reservations! Disney could you please let DVC members know if we will get into the parks or are we just left to cancel our hotels? If so what happened to – Welcome Home!! Also if we are blocked from coming do we still need to pay Annual Dues?

  • Like many others we have a resort booked for December and but haven’t bought park tickets yet. We are DVC members. I really hope Disney allows current resort holders to buy park tickets first or better yet allow DVC members to go first. I know they are trying to limit guests but this is very messy and should have been done in stages not all at once.

  • I am a DVC Member and I am booked for Christmas this year, I have had no emails from DVC telling me about this booking system, I have heard from many friends within the business and belonging to groups on FB about this opening up on Monday. I too would like to know I have 14 day tickets what will happen if I cannot book them all? Coming from UK is a long way and a LOT of money, also I am staying into nest year, will I be able to book those first few days in January 2021? not very clear. I know my tickets dates have been extended to Sept 2021, but my flight if I change it or cancel will incur charges. I know I can change my hotel reservation easily but not flights so many questions and I know Disney don’t know what is going to happen, but you should be informing everyone with reservations and with tickets AP’s etc what is happening it is just common courtesy. Also I too like to leave parks for naps and downtime before returning to parks later in day. Gonna be a lot of tired frustrated people around if we cannot re enter at a later time, or else we will all be laying in street for snoozes LOL I am trying not to complain but feel that there has been no reaching out to existing bookings that I can see

  • Question, so we are planning our DT arriving August 8th and just want to attend Disney Hollywood on August 9th. So my understanding is, on my Disney App. Make the reservations right? What are my changes getting that date? Or even the Aug 10th?

  • I am an annual passholder along with my mom and dad. We are out of state passholders. We planned on going in October 2020, December 2020 and several dates in 2021. I’m going to get our park reservations on June 26th, when passholders are able to. I’m kicking myself now because we don’t have resort reservations and you’re not accepting them right now. So basically, we have tickets and nowhere to stay. We always stay at one of the All-Star Resorts or POP Century. Am I going to be able to get hotel reservations before our trips?

  • So now we have to “buy” a magic band instead of using an existing one? Or carry the little plastic card and lose it-or carry your cell phone 24-7( some of us don’t). Just a another small irritating thing amongst others.

  • My husband and I are platinum passholders. We have a reservation at a Disney resort over the Christmas holidays. I am planning to reserve our parks for the days of our stay when the reservation system opens. We live in Orlando and regularly visit the parks. Based on Disney’s wording, it looks like we will not be able to book a reservation for the parks until 2021 if I reserve the parks for the days of resort stay. Am I reading this correctly?

  • I see several comments regarding the purchase of tickets for those who have an existing 2020 resort reservation. We decided to renew my Annual Passholder but to wait to purchase a ticket for my husband for our annual November camping trip to Ft. Wilderness. The only info I see about purchasing tickets is for those who have an existing Resort reservation for 2021 which they can purchase beginning on June 24th. Am I interpreting this correctly? I agree this is a miss if that is the case!

  • I’m really hoping someone from Disney is monitoring these responses so they can read the genuine questions people have!
    So if one of our two annual passes expires (September) before our next trip (November) will I be able to renew the AP now so I can make park reservations on June 26th? I think ordinarily APs can’t be renewed more than a month before they expire which would have been fine if Disney hadn’t extended the expiry date by (a useless to us) 5 months!
    On top of that, on our November trip, we were going to have our grandson join us, but unlike one (possibly two) of us, he doesn’t have a ticket. How on earth are we supposed to know if he can join us in a theme park even if we’re lucky enough to win a golden ticket to get in ourselves during our stay?
    Are we stressing needlessly because by November none of this appalling red tape will apply?
    Sorry Disney, once again you’ve raised a lot more questions than you’ve answered and you’re making what’s supposed to be a holiday look far too much like hard work, with half of the experience/enjoyment and at the same or higher price!

  • We are DVC and have reservations at the Poly for September 2020 but no tickets yet. I would like to know how Disney is going to handle folks like us with reservations but no tickets. “later this summer”isn’t very comforting.

  • I have an existing hotel reservation on the Disney property in Sept but do not have any tickets yet. When can I purchase them? We are looking forward to being at Magic Kingdom. Thank you.

  • So since their is no more park hopping what happens with the Disney pass holders prices? As a anual pass holder I like to park hop every time I go with my family. So will the price change or will it remain?

  • I’ve booked a two week vacation with TUI, flying from the U.K in October 2020 – we are now in possession of Disney Combo Tickets and intend to pre book our parks through the “the online Disney park pass system” later this month as has been recommended
    could you please advise ,should we continue to do this and international travel ban remain in place and as no fault of my own i were unable to take my holiday in October, would i lose my tickets or would they still be valid until September 2021

  • According to Disney’s info on their site, on June 22, Disney resort guests with valid admission {so yes, you have to already have a ticket) can make park reservations for the length of their stay (through September 26, I think). On June 26, all eligible annual passholders can make park reservations for three days at a time. Presumably this is for passholders who don’t have an on-site reservation.

  • I have a 2020 resort reservation but I don’t have my tickets yet! I’m being told that I can buy my tickets “later this summer”. Has Disney forgotten people in this situation??? “Later this summer” doesn’t work for people who have resort reservations later this summer! Please fix this!!! I’m so disappointed that Disney has not addressed our situation!

  • So what happens if you have a 14 day ticket and yet can only manage to book 3 days out of the 14 due to capacity.

  • Hi, I purchased a Disney magic band for our trip that was cancelled in may. We rescheduled to January of next year and I was to collect my band on arrival to my Disney resort. My question is. Will I still be able to collect my Disney magic band at guest services on arrival in January ?

  • Correction: you might only be able to add tickets for 2021 resort reservation starting June 24th and out of luck for 2020 until “late summer”…?

  • Gonna try to answer some questions with information I’ve read and also my best guesses (the “I imagines” 🙂).

    Existing resort guests can buy tickets (if they don’t already have them) starting June 24th and then reserve the park days at that point.

    Not sure what time June 22nd réservations open but I would imagine 6:00 am or 7:00 am EST.

    I would imagine you can leave and reenter the parks. Since you can only book one park per day it should be allowed. (I plan to take my kids back to the resort for naps.)

    Depending on how this virus plays out things can and will continue to change. Disney has no idea what things are going to be like in 2021. I wouldn’t count on any plans whether it be next year or this year. I’ve had my trip canceled two times now (March and then May). Thinking my August one might stick… fingers crossed!

    Keep an eye on your email for dates for your reservation openings. (Resort reservation holders with tickets already purchased are June 22nd)

    I imagine you can book a park for every day of your trip. I have three trips planned this year so I can’t imagine they wouldn’t let me book for all of my days.

    Disney should be emailing everyone. I got my email this afternoon. It is short notice for booking on Monday but they’ve had a lot to do to get ready for this so I’m giving them a pass.

    No more new resort reservations will be allowed until later this summer.

    Colin, we do need more info on the APholders with resort stays number of days! I didn’t like the wording from Disney. It implied you get 3 days or your resort stay. I have trips in August, Sept and Nov. I would be very unhappy if I couldn’t do any days other than my resort days with my AP. I can’t imagine that that would be the case but I think they need to fix their wording.

    You can make changes to trips prior to July 10th now. Modifications to trips later than that will be announced at a late date.

    Hope I helped. 🙂

  • As the park reservation system gets underway, I’m curious what this will mean for booking dining reservations in the future and when Disney plans to bring that and other events back. We have moved our trip from this summer to next and hope that in a year these items will have returned.

  • We have reservations for Disney Saratoga Springs for July 24-31 but hadn’t purchased our park tickets yet. Will we be able to purchase and reserve before our trip??? Please advise.

  • We have park tickets for November 2021 and have heard there will be fundamental changes and this is making us as a family anxious about our trip to Disney. When will we know what the fundamental changes are?

  • 🥰 Got my email a short while ago confirming the process!!!! Have my alarm set already for Monday morning! 😎

  • For the purpose of priority access to the park reservation system, does Shades of Green count? TIA!

  • What if you want to make changes to your current July reservation dates?

  • We booked with tui for April but don’t get park tickets reference number until 30 days before travel so how can we book park tickets?

  • Is there a cap how many days I can book with my AP? I have an 11 day trip in November I’d like to book my days for, but also would like to be able to book day visits in the mean time. Need more info on this 🙂 Thanks!

  • I have a reservation at the Swan in September. I don’t have my park tickets yet, will I be able to buy tickets to reserve my days in the park?

  • When will AP dates be extended? My son’s was already done, mine amd my hisbands weren’t. We have a resort reservation 7/17 and I am concerned this will prevent me from doing park reservations on Monday.

  • Curious how this will work for our booking in December. We have APs to activate when we visit, but planned to stay offsite for 6 nights before staying 5 nights (split stay) on-site. I’m guessing I would have to look at options for the on-site booking on the 22nd then go back and hope for more reservations to be available the first half of our trip under the AP reservation window on the 26th? I hope the parks get to go back to a little more normal before 2021. Fingers Crossed!

  • Some of us have APs but some of us on our resort reservation don’t have tickets – time is ticking. Please tell us you have a plan for this and you are not allowing any more reservations (NBA or otherwise) to happen before you take care of existing resort reservations.

  • Sounds great but you have thousands of guests in the UK who didn’t get much notice and therefor have reservations which won’t yet link to MDE. Not the best Disney 🙁

  • If we have a nine day trip planned, will we be able to reserve a park for all nine days or will there be a limit?

  • We have existing tickets and a WDW resort reservation and by all accounts I should now be able to make the park reservations but there seems to be ambiguity. The blog says “For Existing Ticket Holders and Annual Passholders: Beginning this week, we will reach out to existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders with more information on when they will be able to check availability to make their park reservations’ So who and how will I get information on this to do since it is clearly time and space sensitive? I see nothing on My Dis Exp to book my parks. Please advise Thanks!

  • What about people who arrive at the end of September 2021 onwards? I arrive 29th and have already had to pay more money to move my holiday from this year to next year due to the free dining being cancelled etc and now I’m in limbo again with no idea what’s going on?

  • Will a reservation at a park allow you to leave and re-enter? For example if the kids need a nap or you want to go back to your resort for lunch will you be able to return and re-enter the park where you have a reservation?

  • What time on Monday the 22?

  • What if we are exisiting resort reservation holders but don’t yet have tickets, when can we buy them for our 2020 trips?

  • Joseph – Your kids won’t need any if always with you. They will be on your cellphone, just like maxpass at Disneyland. Everyone in the account can use the parent’s phone, there phone, etc.

  • This is great news! We are looking forward to our trip next month at Bay Lake Tower and couldn’t be more excited!

  • So for my young kids, I either have to use the key card or buy them a magic band……… Got it.

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