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Cinderella Castle is Ready to Welcome You Back to Magic Kingdom Park

Jason Kirk

by , Vice President, Magic Kingdom Park

Just as we’ve missed you, I know many of you have missed visiting our parks and on your next visit there will be a lot of new things to notice. We have introduced new health and safety measures throughout our parks, like physical distancing and modified restaurant menus, and at Magic Kingdom Park we’ve also continued the royal makeover of our beloved castle.

As I shared earlier this year, Cinderella Castle is currently in the process of receiving a royal makeover and the work is nearly complete! The treasured icon at the heart of Walt Disney World Resort is being made over with bold, shimmering and regal enhancements befitting The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Walt Disney Imagineering helped select the new royal color scheme to give Cinderella Castle its glistening new look. Special elements, such as a sapphire dusting on the blue rooftops and gold trim, were added to make the iconic spires sparkle in the sun. Here is a sneak peek at the regal new look, which you might see our painters applying the final coats of paint and adding the finishing touches to if you’re planning to visit Magic Kingdom Park over the next several weeks:

Newly painted Cinderella Castle  at Magic Kingdom Par

Cinderella Castle looks more stunning than ever and I can’t wait for you to see the progress we’ve made when we reopen Magic Kingdom Park on July 11.


  • How does one ever get lucky to be able to score a night in Cinderella’s Castle? This is my first time getting to go into Cinderella’s castle to dine in Oct. I grew up going to Disneyland as a kid living in LA. Now I’m indulging my daughter in the magic. Oct5-9 we are going to WDW and she and I will get to dine in the castle for the first time, I’m so excited.

  • So very Unique and …..Bravo!
    ~Definitely a “Tip of the Hat” to The Disney design team. To those visionaries always working gently pushing the envelope outside of “The Norms”. You keep us all enthralled, engaged and wondering whats in store next! Thank you for an unexpected yet interestingly pleasant change.

  • Poor Cinderella… evicted from Magic Kingdom. Aurora must be happy… Paris, California, and now Sleeping Beauty castle in Orlando!

  • Except for the gold, which is beautiful!! ..
    Really don’t like the new paint’s not even Cinderella’s colors. I would’ve went with the gold but went with the white and blue and maybe enhanced them with shimmer and the like.

  • Disney vacation 2.0 is closing in for us! We thought we’d see scaffolding in May and now we get to view it in its full regalia in September! So looking forward to seeing it in person!

  • It looks really beautiful. I am praying that we can see it in person sometime in 2021.

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