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Where Can You See This? Disney Vacation Club Edition

Yolanda Cade

by , Yolanda Cade, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Disney Signature Experiences

We recently put your Disney Vacation Club knowledge to the test with a fun trivia night. Now, it’s time for a visual challenge. Do you know where this exquisite piece calls “home?” If you know the answer instantly, welcome home, you eagle-eyed pro. If not, no worries. Here are some more clues and images. 

"Tangled"-inspired mosaic mural

Do you recognize this scene? This mural is comprised of more than 500,000 hand-cut tiles and depicts Rapunzel’s beloved floating lanterns from “Tangled.” This stunning work of art rises 20 feet in the air from walkways on each side of the tunnel’s central fountain, joined at the ceiling above by a shared mosaic sky.  Have you guessed?

"Peter Pan"-themed mosaic mural

In its location at Disney Vacation’s Club’s newest resort, the mural is joined by a second one that shows London at night, with Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael and John flying off to Never Land. One final clue resides in what both murals have in common – the theme of “flight.” Have you figured it out? 

Scroll down for the answer.

"Tangled"-inspired mosaic mural

Answer: The walkway from Disney’s Riviera Resort to its Disney Skyliner station.

At Disney’s Riviera Resort, families can catch the Disney Skyliner, an aerial gondola system, for magical flights to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. On their way to the Disney Skyliner station, Members and guests pass through a tunnel featuring two spectacular mosaic murals inspired by flight.