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Let’s Go There: Planning a Trip Can Boost Your Happiness

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Here’s some news we can all use: new research shows that even the simple act of planning a vacation can boost your happiness and even increase your energy levels.

The recent survey, from researcher Michelle Gielan, showed that 97 percent of respondents reported having a trip planned makes them happier. Seventy-one percent of respondents felt greater levels of energy when they had a trip planned in the next six months. 

These findings were released as part of a new travel industry-wide initiative called “Let’s Go There.” The effort, coordinated by the U.S. Travel Association, brings together major airlines, hoteliers, local destinations and other businesses part of the travel ecosystem. Disney is proud to support this initiative, which aims to spark conversation about future getaways and encourage travel planning.

“The memories and experiences that travel enables cannot be replaced,” said Jill Estorino, President and Managing Director at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and a co-chair of the Let’s Go There Coalition. “This campaign is a first step in inspiring Americans to think about planning a vacation, and encouraging them to look forward to experiencing the wonder and joy—and even magic—that only travel can offer.” 

Given the benefits to planning travel, it might be the right time to start thinking about your next Disney vacation. And we have just the group to help! The planDisney panelists are a passionate group of guests with years of personal experiences planning their own Disney vacations, and they are excited and looking forward to sharing advice and tips with you!

“Quite simply, the world needs more joy. When little ones light up seeing Tiana for the first time or parents witness their children find the courage to ride an attraction, or families finally get everyone together in the reunion t-shirt, that joy inspires me as a panelist,” said planDisney panelist Donyell R.

Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready to welcome you back!


  • I really wish they would already open up dates past September 2021, would love to schedule my families November 2021 trip.

  • We are on our 5th reservation this year. We had one in March, May, June, January, and now December into January (December 29-Jan 4). A lot of the planning isn’t there anymore. No fast pass plus. No dining reservations 120 days in advance. All of the resort stay perks are gone. No events, parades, or fireworks. It’s a different Disney World experience. Hoping, I get some sort of discount. Planning for Disney used to be fun and exciting. Now, we have to be grateful we are going anywhere.

  • The planning is one of my favourite parts of a WDW holiday however I have had to move my holiday from this year (we would be going in 2 weeks time) to next year due to Disney cancelling the Dining plans and then because of the travel restrictions from the UK. I cant start planning next year as we arrive the 29th of September and everything after the 26th is blocked.

  • Oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree more. I started planning our Disney World vacation a month ago for Spring. Since then I’ve been so excited I started to walk and take care of myself just so I would be healthy and in shape for the fun and all the walking we will be required to do. I’m so excited!!! This has definitely given my family and I a little pep in our step. 😊

  • I couldn’t agree more! We are 10-days away from our DVC trip to Disney World, spending quality time with kids and grand kids. Good medicine. Part of the fun is in the planning and the anticipation of the next trip. We have official countdowns on our home and phone calendars, daily reminders that vacation is coming – a magical light at the end of the tunnel. Best of luck to everyone as they plan and book their next WDW vacation!!

  • Our 499 days has been on my calendar for over 3 years! So sad it came and went still no reservations! 🙁 Nothing could make us happier then to book our planned vacation. So scared I’m not going to be able to get a reservation for Fort Wilderness in November of 2021. Upset I might miss reservations opening up! We usually visit on Anniversary years and we are so looking forward to the 50th celebration! Yah, Disney! Our Happy place! Just love it at Christmas time too! Fingers crossed reservations opens up soon so our planning can continue! Need some happy thoughts!

  • I’m pretty stressed right now because I have reservations for November and we can’t go because of work problems and I’m trying to make reservations for next year in November. When are they going to open up reservations for then? Am I going to lose my money or have to cancel and get my money back? I’m really starting to worry and how do I find out if November 2021 is opened up without waiting on the phone for an hour just to find out I can’t change yet.

  • Hope to be back soon. 2 things are going on,
    1. Everyone is getting accustomed to the new normal so some will be frightened to travel.
    2. Everyone on the internet is over exaggerating how this will be by the Spring.
    Therefore, in my opinion, tourism should be back in business very soon.
    All us Disneyland fans are eagerly waiting for an announcement upon opening. How we survived at least 5 months of closed parks so far is beyond me.
    3. The magic is still there. It hasn’t left. It is waiting.

  • I am excited to book a trip since our July trip was cancelled. It would be nice if 2021 was opened up for planning and booking

  • What made me sad reading this is “This campaign is a first step in inspiring Americans to think about planning a vacation.”. I am sad to see that Disney World vacation plan was limited to in country, because I thought the magic was to every one in the World who makes the dream possible. (I know there are restrictions to trip to US, but everyone should be inspired to plan the next vacation to Disney World). I hope I can see you soon Mickey, even in my dreams. Be safe.

  • Looking forward to upcoming trips makes our family extremely happy. Even when our Disney cruise was cancelled this summer, we rebooked immediately to have something new to look forward to. As soon as WDW announced we booked a trip and were fortunate enough to spend a magical week in our happy place ❤️

  • Under normal circumstances, I absolutely agree. But today there’s the added stress of “will we actually be able to go?” I’ve helped the family plan several Walt Disney World trips, and it does build the excitement to decide on FastPasses (which I know aren’t a thing right now) and restaurant reservations, knowing that you’re going to do those things. But everything is so fluid right now that it’s a struggle these days to balance being excited with not getting our hopes up too high when things change so rapidly these days. And I know that’s not in the destination’s hands (Walt Disney World or any other destination) since calls are being made by governors and, in some cases, mayors. We KNOW you want to be open and welcome us (and we look forward to seeing the parks and having wonderful experiences with your amazing cast members), but we never know what could change between now and then with the way things are right now.

  • We had two trips planned but canceled one because annual passes aren’t for sale and I can’t justify the cost of tickets for the two trips without them. But we’re super excited to be going for one trip and hope that there will be more food options when we do go. Only Sanaa at AKL and no breakfast in the parks is making the planning a little disheartening.

  • I’m ready to book my trip, but bookings aren’t open for my dates yet. It would make some of us very happy if Disney opened the rest of 2021 for booking at WDW sometime soon. Give us something to look forward to.

  • We’re excited to be planning our trip later this month. However, it’s frustrating that part of the planning is ‘what are we going to do each evening once the parks close?’. We would love to see the parks open later and close later, rather than having all parks closed by 7pm each day. The beauty and magic of the parks after dark is special and something that we’re sorry to miss on our next trip.

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