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#DisneyMagicMoments: Create Your Own Disney Cruise Line Pumpkin Tree Book Nook at Home With Our DIY Tutorial

Ashley Long

by , Cruise Director, Disney Cruise Line

With Halloween approaching frightfully fast, we are bringing some ghoulish Disney Cruise Line fun to you at home. During our Halloween on the High Seas cruises, every Disney ship boasts its own signature Pumpkin Tree in the atrium lobby. Now, you can create your own pumpkin tree book nook at home using our DIY template

Disney Cruise Line Pumpkin Trees are inspired by Ray Bradbury’s classic tale about the traditions of Halloween, “The Halloween Tree.” The trees magically transform from eerie and barren into the life of the party, with sprouting Jack-O-Lanterns, flickering lights and a booming voice. Each Pumpkin Tree is unique and tended to by a mysterious caretaker, who tells stories of the haunted holiday.

Before you get started making your own, gather your family to watch this video and learn more about the eerie legend of the Pumpkin Tree!

Happy Halloween!


  • Hi Ashley,
    I do miss the three HOTHS cruises aboard the Wonder that were canceled because of C-19. I miss the gentle motion of the ship, the decorations, the food, and the activities, but most of all I miss the cast and crew. I miss our fist-bumps of course.
    Stay safe and healthy; we will sail again.
    Marc S

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