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New Walt Disney World License Plate Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Can Help a Child’s Wish Come True

Tajiana Ancora-Brown

by , Director of External Affairs, Walt Disney World Resort

Today we are sharing some exciting news for Florida-registered car owners – there’s now a way to be part of history and to help grant wishes for children who need them most. For the first time ever, a specialty Walt Disney World Resort license plate is available for purchase in honor of our 50th anniversary. Proceeds of the license plate will go to Make-A-Wish of Central and Northern Florida.

Disney has a longstanding relationship with Make-A-Wish, dating back to 1980, and since then, more than 140,000 Disney-inspired wishes have been granted, with more than 8,000 taking place each year at Walt Disney World Resort. 

While the design of this specialty plate will be revealed at a later date, interested car owners can purchase a presale voucher now for $25 plus applicable state administration fees by appointment at local County Tax Collector’s offices and license plate agencies (DMVs) across the State of Florida. Online pre-sale will be available soon.

We are busy planning our 50th anniversary celebration and will share more details in the months to come. More information about Florida license plates can be found by visiting


  • We aren’t required to have front license plates in South Carolina. How can we pre-purchase one of these to support such a worthy cause?

  • I found out about this yesterday, and called my local tax collectors office and paid for the voucher. I’m excited, can’t wait.

  • As of 11/12/21 we still need 1,702 pre-vouchers purchased in order for, Florida to move forward with the Disney plate. Please spread the word. When I call the tax collector’s office, the customer service person did not even know what I was talking about. She thanked me for bringing it to her attention. She is going to buy one too!

  • Has there been any updates? I have not been able to find anything to purchase the license plate.

  • Do we know when the design will be revealed?? I went the first Monday after it was announced to get mine!! °o° ♥️💛🖤

  • Went first thing this morning and got it at my local Tax collectors / DMV office! I’ve been waiting for this since I moved to Florida in 2008. The 50th anniversary makes it even more special. I can’t wait to see the design. Also, I would advise making an appointment. You’ll want to select “registration” from the DMV website. I was in & out!!

  • Grabbed my voucher today at my local tag office. Ready to go!

  • Hey Disney Parks Blog, how about pushing the California Legislators for a similar Disney license plate for California’s registered car owners? I know most people think of Disney only in Florida, but there wouldn’t be any Floriday parks without Disneyland in California.

  • As a Florida resident and a Florida title clerk, I am so excited for this. The FLHSMV website does not show the presale yet but I will DEFINITELY be calling my tag office Monday morning. Here is the pertinent information from the link this article provided. It looks like as soon as the pre-sale “goes live” they have to sell 1,000 vouchers before they can start production. I don’t think that will be a problem! 🙂


    Note: Currently, no organizations are in the pre-sale process.

    When a specialty license plate is authorized by Florida Statutes, the requesting organization must sell 1,000
    vouchers within 24 months before the plate is manufactured.

    Pre-sale vouchers may be purchased at local county tax collector offices or license plate agencies.
    The clerk will process the transaction and provide the customer with a Pre-Sale Specialty License Plate

    If the organization meets the 1,000 pre-sale requirement at the end of the 24-month period or any time
    before this date, the specialtylicense plate will be made and distributed to the tax collector offices and
    license plate agencies.

    If the organization does not meet the pre-sale requirement of 1,000 at the end of the 24-month period, the
    specialty plate will be deauthorized, and the department will discontinue development and issuance of the
    pre-sale voucher.

    Upon de-authorization, the purchaser of a pre-sale voucher may use the annual use fee he/she paid as credit
    towards any other specialty license plate or apply for a refund.

  • Will we be able to purchase the pre-sale voucher online? Or must it be in person? The website you provided does not give any further information.

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