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Something Is Stirring: Reimaging Dinosaurs

Michael Elliott

by , Content Producer | Media Network Synergy, Programming and Partnership Marketing

I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs and when you journey to Montana with Adventures by Disney, you can travel back in time for an after-hours tour of the Siebel Dinosaur Complex-home to one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils including a world-class collection of Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils.

This month our friends at National Geographic are celebrating the secrets of dinosaurs and bringing new discoveries to life. Incredible fossil finds have dramatically changed our image of dinosaurs – even of the most iconic species! Using cutting-edge new technology, scientists have unearthed the secrets of how dinosaurs looked, lived, and perished.

Explore the new science that is giving these prehistoric icons a modern reboot at and if you’re ready to roar into your own adventure, be sure to visit Adventures by Disney.


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