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Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club Members: Here’s a Very Merry Digital Design Created Just For You

Melody Vagnini

by , Senior Manager, Public Relations for Adventures by Disney and National Geographic Expeditions

As a special holiday surprise, Disney Cruise Line released a new digital design created for Castaway Club Members. Castaway Club is our way of recognizing those of you who have sailed with us, and if you’ve ever been on a Disney cruise, then you’re already a Castaway Club member!

This year’s artwork features Mickey Mouse in the driver’s seat of Santa’s sleigh, as it magically flies above the Disney Dream.

Add some holiday cheer to your digital devices!

To use this as a video conference background, right-click on the image and save it to your computer. Then, follow the conferencing platform’s instructions. And to further deck the halls – ahem, devices – you can download this festive design as a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device.

Be sure to check out the terms of use before downloading.

Happy Holidays!


  • Thanks. We are set to sail in June 2021. Will the ships be ready? This will be for my daughter’s birthday and she is so excited. Fingers crossed. Until then be safe.

  • For Robin and iMac, open the link with your iMac’s resolution. You will then get another window to open with the full image. Go to File and save the picture to your computer, then System Preferences and display and change your picture

  • I made a deposit for my next cruise on the last one I took in 2019. Where can I find the information on that deposit? Debra

  • would love to download this. won’t download on my Imac. thanks.

  • Thank you! Can’t wait to show my granddaughter.

    We are looking forward to our first cruise as Platinum Members! Let the planning begin!

    Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

  • We have been on one Disney Cruise so far and loved it. We are taking a second one next September so I pray the pandemic is gone. I miss Disney World also. 2020 has been a horrible year. Cant wait for the new year.

  • Thanks for sharing with us. Happy holidays to the Disney Team. Can’t wait for another trip…

  • Can not wait for our next cruise. Hoping this pandemic ends soon. Love the Disney Dream Cruise.

  • Thanks! Happy Holidays from our family to our Disney Family! Looking forward to our next cruise hopefully very soon!

  • We so missed our cancelled April 2020 Hawaiian cruise. We can’t wait for the pandemic to be broken so we can once again book cruises on Disney. Just one thought. DCL needs more than two Hawaiian cruises per year. It seems the demand is there for these cruises.

  • Thank you!! Since our 3rd cruise aboard the Fantasy this coming March may get cancelled this will give my daughter something to enjoy while we wait..

  • Thank You! What a wonderful gift from Disney! Looking forward to our next cruise with you and fellow Disney members!!!

  • Sparkly and joyful – love it – just like Disney! Taken kids and grandkids (17 total) on cruises for many years – so missing our sailing this year! Already booked for next Christmas and we’re all very excited! Be safe, stay healthy! Until we sail again, cheeers!

  • Thank you.Love this! Can’t wait til my next adventure!

  • Beautiful & Thank you! Looking forward to my next adventure with Disney Cruise Line! Happy Holidays! Here’s to good health and a prosperous year ahead!

  • It’s been almost two years sine we took our granddaughter on the last DISNEY cruise. We are eagerly awaiting our opportunity to take a safe one ASAP!

  • Thank you for this Holiday cheer. Looking forward to our next magical cruise.

  • Thank you! Happy Holidays ❣️

  • Thank you! Waiting patiently to cruise again 😁 We miss it soooo much!

  • I miss you guys and cruising with Disney. I hope once the Vaccine is more widely distributed we can be on a Disney cruise sometime towards the end of next year. Until then this image will bring me happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all as well as overall Happy Holidays!

  • Love it — please send our thanks to your talented graphic artists!
    We are not very confident that both cruises we’ve booked for 2021 (DVC members in June, and Europe in July) will be allowed to set sail, so this beautiful artwork is a boost to keep us dreaming. I immediately made it the background of my desktop monitor.
    Looking forward to our future Disney vacations is getting us through the covid pandemic. Thanks again!

  • Much Appreciated!! DCL is top notch company looking forward to many cruises in the future especially the holiday cruises

  • We are so ready to bring the family back on the beautiful Disney Dream

  • We are very much awaiting a Disney cruise with our Kids and grandkids that we had to cancel this year. Can’t wait to get back to sailing.

  • Thank you. We are so excited about our next cruise. Merry Christmas ☃️

  • Can’t wait till April, we will be celebrating (late) my 50th birthday!!!! Can’t wait to hear the words “welcome home” as we board the Wonder!!!❤🥰

  • Thank you. Awaiting our next cruise. So excited!

  • You guys are awesome! Thank you!

  • Thanks!

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