Freeform ’25 Days of Christmas’ Snack & View: The Santa Clause Trilogy

Kean Almryde

by , Content, Programming & Synergy Manager

For anyone needing a refresher course on the all various stipulations and provisos required of Christmastime’s jolly man in a big red suit, then look no further than Freeform network. As part of their annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming, they’ve got you covered with all three films from “The Santa Clause” cinematic universe and you can catch them all tonight airing back to back starting at 7:15p/6:15c on Freeform. So come take a sleigh ride up to the North Pole and learn the ins and outs of the Santa clause, the Mrs. clause, and the escape clause. 

“Well, what’s your diet like?” “Milk and cookies”

Cookies are a staple of every holiday dessert table and a known favorite of Santa Clause. So why not whip up a batch (or two or three) of your own to enjoy during tonight’s triple-feature presentation. If you are not sure what kind to make, check out the recipes from the global Cookie Day roundup direct from the kitchens at Disney Parks!

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