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Avery Maehrer

by , Manager of Communications, Walt Disney World Resort

For nearly 50 years, Walt Disney World Resort has continued to evolve the guest experience to best suit the changing times. As we plan for the future, we are looking at how needs and preferences are changing across the travel industry, particularly in the way people want to get places faster, at their convenience. 

Vacationers have more options to choose from than ever for transportation, including ride-share services that save time and offer more flexibility to go where they want, when they want. In light of this shift, when Disney Resort hotel bookings open for stays in 2022, we will no longer offer Disney’s Magical Express service for airport transportation, starting with arrivals Jan. 1, 2022. We will continue to operate the service for new and existing reservations made at Disney Resort hotels for arrivals throughout 2021. Additionally, complimentary transportation options – such as buses, monorails and Disney Skyliner – will continue to be available within Walt Disney World Resort for Disney Resort hotel guests, including to and from all four theme parks.

While we are retiring this option, we’re introducing some new ways for guests to enjoy their visits, while reimagining others:


  • Return of the Park Hopper Option: We kicked off a new year with the exciting milestone of bringing back the Park Hopper option, with some new updates as part of our ongoing focus on health and safety. With the return of this option, guests can enjoy more Disney magic in our theme parks, including the Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Arts happening now through Feb. 22, 2021 and the Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival springing to life beginning March 3.
  • Special Vacation Offer: For those of you ready to start planning your next vacation, we just released a special new offer! Get two extra days added to your ticket when you buy a 4-night/3-day room and ticket package at select Disney Resort hotels for arrivals most nights Jan. 8 through Sept. 25, 2021. Also, visit DisneyWorld.com/Offers to learn more about other great offers we recently launched for visits to Walt Disney World Resort.


  • Early Theme Park Entry: We know how much guests enjoy extra park time, so coming later this year as part of our 50th anniversary celebration, Disney Resort hotel guests and guests of other select hotels will be able to enjoy more fun with 30-minute early entry to ANY theme park, EVERY day. It’ll be a great way to get a jump start on your Disney day, no matter the day! As a reminder, the Extra Magic Hours benefit was suspended when Walt Disney World Resort reopened last summer, and as we continue to manage attendance with health and safety top of mind, Extra Magic Hours will not return. The new early theme park entry benefit helps us better spread visitation across all four theme parks, while providing added flexibility by giving guests extra early park time on each day of their vacation and in the park of their choosing. Please note that guests need valid admission and a park reservation made via the Disney Park Pass system to enter a theme park.

As with every other change we’ve made in our history, we will help guests navigate through these next steps and will continue to deliver on what’s expected from a Disney experience. We remain focused on exploring new ways for guests to spend more time with their friends and families and creating memories to last a lifetime.


  • Soon is going to be a train that takes you from the airpot to Disney. Most likely included with your stay at Disney.

  • @michael – well said said and thank you for your sharing your thoughts. I agree with you – let’s keep those cast members in mind. If saving money here brings more of them back elsewhere, that is a good thing. Disneyland does not have a DME equivalent and people still visit. My last experience with DME was not all that great & I am already looking at alternatives for my next visit this summer.

  • Honestly, this is horrible news. Why on earth would you make the arrival experience WORSE for guests by telling them to take Uber or other services. Disney’s Magical Express is a great part of the value and experience which makes Walt Disney World unique, to remove this makes no sense to me. If the issue is cost, and it must be, why not add a small fee but keep the option? I am very disappointed in this decision and truly hope you reconsider.

  • Choices.

  • The Magical Express is one of the main reasons we go to Disney World instead of staying at Universal or even off site in a regular hotel. It makes it so much easier to get to the hotel, and it’s especially helpful for getting back to the airport. No stress over whether or not you can get a cab to get there on time. I could save money by staying some place else, but I choose a Disney resort (Pop Century) because of this convenience. If we go back again in 2022, you’ll be losing all the money from our accommodations, and we’d likely not spend as many days at the parks. We’ll also be less likely to buy food on site because we’ll be staying off site and bringing food in. I understand that you’re trying to save money, but I don’t think you realize just how much you’re going to lose by doing this. Why would people spend even $200/night to stay at a value resort when they have to deal with the hassle and cost of getting to and from the airport when they can spend $100/night for modest accommodations off site, rent a car, and save on food, too?

  • This is very disappointing to hear that more and more perks and services of staying at a WDW Resort Hotel are disappearing, especially transportation to and from the airport (with luggage service direct to our room) and extra time (usually 1-3 hours) in the parks.
    My family and I visit roughly every three years (coming from from California) and justify the higher price of staying at a Disney property based on the extra services we receive that add to the Magic and ease of an all inclusive Disney vacation.
    We are seriously considering staying off property after our trip later this year since it will save money (that we will now have to spend on alternate transportation) and there will no longer be the extra Magic touches and other incentives to justify the price (one of our fondest memories was several years ago when we stayed late in Magic Kingdom during Extra Magic Hours and rode every ride in Fantasyland)!
    We love Disney but these really seem like more poorly made decisions in a recent series of bad moves on the part of the company.

  • This is too bad. We have 3 small children and have been bringing our kids to Disney every year since 2013. We loved the convenience of the bus service. It was always a no brainer to us to stay on property because Disney always took care of their guests. We never worried about catching a ride, what to do with our luggage, or how we were getting home. It was always like we were well taken care of from start to finish. The service was second to none. We received exciting mail months before our arrival from the bus service, the yellow tags to put on our luggage to take to our hotel for us, luggage tags, and information about where to go in the airport to be picked up from the “magical” express. We always looked forward to getting that in the mail. The ride on the bus, the video, the driver, the anticipation of a great trip, and everything was always amazing. Then the ease of the return- slip on our door with what time the bus would be there, airline check in and the airline service at the hotel to take all of our luggage was always incredible. I’m no longer considering staying on property anymore for weeks at a time or at all. We will no longer be annual passholders and if we come- just get a day or two park pass and stay off property in the future. No more magic hours, magic bands, and bus service. What perks are there for this magical place anymore? Truly disappointed to hear this.

  • I first went to Disney World in 2000 with my fiancee (now my wife). On that trip we flew and used Meers Motor Coach. On subsequent trips we have driven twice, and taken the Auto train three times before returning to what we found to work best for our family which is flying and using “Magical Express” for all of our trips since. Now we see this. It is so much more convenient to fly in and use the ME to get all of us and our baggage to the resort. We could understand it if Disney was doing some of these things until we get through the pandemic and to help help recoup losses and money spent to add some of the lands and attractions and then put things back to normal. But, I fear that all of these posts will go unheeded as it seems that Disney needs to relearn the lessons they already learned some 20 years ago during the Michael Eisner era where profits were put ahead of all else. It didnt work then nor will it now. I have for years now told anyone in business or starting a business to take a trip to Disney World to see how they go above and beyond… I suppose I will have to stop saying that now. Can Disney really afford to give away their biggest fans and the money they bring in? Robert Iger didnt think think so. As for our 2022 plans… we will be holding off now to see what will really be available for our trip before making up our minds. As of tonight my wife just asked me a series of questions from “What do you think about staying off property?” to “If you could go to any country for a vacation, where would you want to go?” I never thought I’d hear these words from her let alone to have me actually thinking about it. On top of all of this – We just informed my sister in Roanoke (who just purchased a DVC membership for her family in late 2019) and she texted us back after reading this article saying she’d have never purchased a membership had she have known this. She and her husband are now talking about selling it and going back to staying off property as well.

    Way to go Mr Chapek.

  • Extra Magic Hour of 30 minutes early 😳. What a joke! I loved, loved, loved the Extra Magic evening hours and so did my kids. Not everyone has little/young kids that wake up at the crack of dawn. My teenagers preferred sleeping in and going to the night time hours and so did I. I can’t imagine there aren’t more of us out there too. Please reconsider this for late 2021/early 2022 and return to your old and proven hours.

  • Universal gives you the option to pay for there shuttle service. Please consider at least allowing customers to pay for the shuttle service. Also, will Disney be discounting the on-site resort rate to justify the loss of the shuttle service? How about park tickets…. will this be discounted to reflect the loss of magic hours? How about offering a discounted resort & tickets offer to veterans (not just retired & active duty) & their families? I’m seriously considering spending our $8k in Hawaii instead…. this is just absurd.

  • That leaves precious few reasons to stay at a Disney Resort. Needing to plan and pay for transportation is a hassle and an expense I don’t need. Replacing Extra Magic Hours with a scant 30 minutes in the morning is a real loss in value, especially since we are a family of night owls and always make use of the nighttime EMH and never the morning. I hope that the After Hours Events come back to make up for that. When I consider these losses along with the loss of magic bands (seriously I don’t want to take out my phone for everything) and no mention of the dining plan returning… I don’t see us staying on sight again. I might as well save money if I am losing perks and services.

  • I don’t know where to begin with this decision and ESPECIALLY the way this announcement was worded. To be fair, I am sure Disney has many hard decisions to make right now. Despite the hard times, loyal guests deserve immediate honest clarification or reconsideration of the decision to eliminate Magical Express.

    Although I often take advantage of rental cars for convenience, your announcement claims that vacationers have many “new options” and shockingly compares Magical Express to the level of everyday ride share companies. As soon as possible, someone who made this decision needs to get ON the magical express and sit with the guests headed to their resort. Hear their stories, and then get back to us! You are undervaluing and diminishing your product and the “Disney Magic” by selling this budget CUT as some type of enhancement. Forcing people to the curbs and tunnels of MCO does not enhance anyone’s safety, spending capacity or flexibility. Although it is true Magical Express hasn’t been around forever, with one poorly written decision, you have reversed decades of Disney tradition of “plus-ing” the disney experience and always putting the guest first. Please reconsider this or explain your future plans to replace it.

  • I have been a loyal Disney goer since 1973. I was just discussing with my daughter about taking a trip in 2022, to celebrate many things and to take her daughter for the first time. Neither my or her family are overflowing with wealth, so we can only afford to go every 5-10 years. With the changes mentioned in this article in addition to the recent years’ costs that have been added to the bottom line, we may not be able to afford the trip in 2022. When you add together the room, tickets, park hopper add on, plane trip, NOW transport from MCO (train, Motor coach, taxi, ride share, rental car, etc), and food. It is actually cheaper to go to Scotland & Ireland for 15 days. I never thought I would ever consider going anywhere else for a vacation. Chapek has forgotten why Disney parks were created, accord to Mr. Disney…“Disneyland really began,” Walt once said, “when my two daughters were very young. Saturday was always Daddy’s Day, and I would take them to the merry-go-round and sit on a bench eating peanuts while they rode. And sitting there, alone, I felt there should be something built, some kind of family park where parents and children could have fun together.” So now I will have to find somewhere else for parents and children to have fun together. Sad day for Disney park fans.

  • This news breaks my heart. I’m a young woman who likes to travel to Disney alone, not only because the parks hold a special place in my heart, but also because I felt safe. I knew that from the moment I arrived at the Orlando airport to the moment the Magical Express dropped me back off at the end of my trip I was going to be in the hands of a Disney employee. I do not feel that safety with ride-share services or other forms of public transport. I truly hope the company reconsiders, or has some service they’re planning to introduce that has yet to be announced.

  • Hello, As a solo parent, I truly appreciate the DME. One of the many reasons we continue to visit Disney is because of the convenience Disney creates for traveling guests. As a mom caring for a young child, I prefer the safety of DME over ride shares. Additionally, as a parent traveling alone with a child, adding a car seat in addition to our stroller and luggage is a lot for one person to organize and handle. Please reconsider offering DME to resort guests. It’s one of the added perks to staying onsite and it’s greatly appreciated.

  • I am devastated that all the perks of staying at a Disney resort are gone. DME makes vacation stress free not having to drive or rent a car, and I would get so excited watching the video on the bus-it’s where the magic begins for me! And I hate that extra magic hours are gone. I understand during the pandemic, but I am not an early person and loved the extra magic hours. My favorite night of my honeymoon was extra magic hours at MK. And 30 minutes is a joke. Plus they’ve taken away complimentary magic bands for park guests too, so i seriously don’t understand the benefits to staying in property anymore. Yes the resorts are beautiful and I have always stayed in property, but at this point will be looking for off property hotels. I’m just so sad and as a loyal disney guest I feel like I am being taken advantage of and not cared for anymore.

  • I truly wish this would be reconsidered. The magical express offered such an ease of travel that you can’t get anywhere else. This is part of the magic of Disney, part of the joy of traveling to WDW! I don’t have kids and generally travel light with just a carry on so I just take care of the bag myself, so I can’t speak to the bags magically showing up in my room. I cannot imagine families traveling with car seats, gathering their luggage, and calling an Uber or other service. MCO airport will turn into a mess at all times with people just waiting everywhere for ubers, and I can imagine them taking advantage of this and charging surge pricing. I wouldn’t even mind paying an extra fee for magical express, even if it was technically built into the hotel price. It was so nice to see a friendly face at MCO to welcome me home to WDW. Traveling is stressful enough. Please, don’t take the magical express away from us!

  • I have read through the majority of your comments, and with that being said, you will not like what I’m about to say. I have read a ton of comments about how this free service is so detrimental to your brief stay in Orlando, that you’re considering canceling your trips, selling your DVC, staying off site, etc. How the extra money for rental car, paying for an Uber, carrying car seats etc. “ruins” your vacation and you will stay elsewhere. Most importantly, how this has “ruined the magic” and how disappointed because you are such true Disney fans. You know who else were huge Disney fans and people who did everything – and I mean everything – to make your stay magical? All the Disney employees at WDW who lost their jobs and are struggling to pay their rent, get groceries, afford their bills. So yes, has Disney made some bad decisions lately in regards to trying to save money? Absolutely. But loss of a free bus service to people who are staying at “deluxe” resorts? You will get little sympathy from me. Also before anyone asks, no. I do not work for Disney, never have, but I am a “Platinum passholder” for 20 years and guess what? Annual passholders pay just as much if not more in a year than your 1 or 2 trips a year. We get very little to no discounts on hotels and we pay for parking at the resorts when we stay on site. We don’t get priority fast passes, extra hours, or even early reservation priorities for the parks. So complain all you want, but remember a large amount of people are out of jobs – and will soon be out of a job when the service is discontinued- so please have some consideration for those cast members while you whine about free bus services.

  • 30 Minutes early entry is a joke!!!!
    If it makes more sense for me to rent a car I may as well eat of property too and find other ways to cut my expenses at Disney to compensate for that added expense.

  • I would love to hear the basis for the discontinuation of the Magical Express. Will Disney offer other forms of transportation such as Minnie Vans? It is interesting that Disney is forcing its guests to select alternative forms of transportation from the airport such as a rental car that gives guests more freedom to explore other parks and dine off property. If I am paying to rent a car I will most likely stay off property and eat off property. This actually might be an advantage considering your other ‘perk’ mentioned today. An extra 30 minutes ahead of park opening for resort guests. That is laughable. We were just at your parks for Christmas/New Years and numerous times we had issues with the timing of busses at our resort. We often waited 45 minutes for a bus. In this case I think I would be at an advantage to have a car as I would be getting to the park probably at the same time regardless. Disney, I hope you rethink these recent decisions as I don’t think this plays out well for you in the long term. You are forcing people to start exploring other (often times cheaper) options for entertainment, hotels, dining, etc. Disney is no longer the ‘all inclusive’ experience which has made it successful historically and you will find that people are not willing to pay the prices you are charging if it is a six flags experience.

  • Most large companies loose touch with their customer’s desires. Disney has a heritage of being one of the few that really keeps their fingers on the pulse of what the Disney public really wants and enjoys. I realize that COVID has caused a huge loss of revenue and this is most likely a cost-cutting measure, but removing the magic and taking away things that make these trips relaxing and stress free does not seem like a good idea. I am a DVC member with frequent trips and the DME was an amazing part of the benefits of the Disney Experience. Now I am forced to use ride-shares (luck of the draw on how competent/safe the driver is), taxi (can be vexing to obtain), or rent a car. Possibly I have to worry about hanging out in the airport, getting luggage, hauling it around..meh. I just went from hassle-free to hassle, no thanks.

    It may seem like a great idea on paper when looking at a balance sheet, but recent decisions by Disney have me wondering if they are truly loosing the connection they have with fans. The little things add up in stripping away the magic you provide guests. The future train line, while interesting, will not be in place and will not deliver guests directly to the resort. If tons more people are renting cars, do you have the capacity in your parking lots? Is the thought, cut the cost of DME and increase parking revenue?

    We understand a business has to be profitable, but at some point the decreasing magic and increasing costs are going to turn people away from your parks. I am very sad at the decisions coming down from the Disney corporation lately. Take care of your guests and they will take care of you.

  • Have you lost your minds? Removing Magical Express is one of the most short-sighted decisions with the new executive team. As a shareholder I am concerned, why would you make it easier to leave the WDW resort area. As a parent, why would you take away a valuable service that makes visiting easier with kids. Do you know how much stuff I have to lug around in the airport? Talk about a Disney magic buzz kill.

  • This is very upsetting , feels like the magic is being taken away my trip . I stay on the property for the luggage service magic and for the ahi all transportation so my vacation can being in the moment I step off the plane . The magical express and the extra magic hours make Disney different from any other park and now giving 30 minutes earlier to park entry and not being able to use the magical express and all the service the services with that really is a huge disappointment .

  • I visit WDW 2-4 times per year from Canada (pre-pandemic of course). Clearly these moves were done as a cost-saving measure, but they’re actually going to have the opposite effect. Disney’s Magical Express and being able to enjoy a couple of extra hours in the parks in the evening, when they’re most magical, were among the biggest reasons I chose to pay far more per night than I would have to off-site. My vacation began the moment I boarded the plane, as I knew when I landed I didn’t have to worry about luggage or finding my way to the resort; I was in the Disney bubble. I never rented a car or even used a taxi to go off-site. If I couldn’t get it at WDW, I didn’t get it and I was fine with that. Now, with pretty much all the benefits of being a Disney resort guest gone (aside from proximity) I will, as many others have stated, rent a car and stay (and eat, and spend) off-site. I’m sure I’ll also reduce my number of visits. So whatever cost savings are realized by this move, I am certain will be more than made up for in losses in resort nights booked. Awful move, I’m so very disappointed.

  • Well I am going to beat a dead horse. We are local now but we weren’t before and used Magical Express a few times. This is not the greatest idea to do away with this. Many have made valid points already. But I think even if you had the option for it with a very minimal fee, some would like it to stay. If it could be a break even for Disney just to provide it , it would be beneficial. Like someone said, they rent a car…they are going to use it to go OFF property and maybe get food, visit other places that they might not of before, thus Disney losing $. Hope they reconsider and try to figure out something to bring this back in some capacity.

  • Even if I tried to see this from a $$ saving business perspective, I don’t see how the disappointment and outrage from your loyal base offsets that savings. Did you think everyone would just be glad to book their own transportation and then stay on property without exploring other options? I’d reconsider since this will be a deal breaker for many.

  • Booooo Disney!! Magical Express is the beginning of the magic!! Those wonderful CM bus drivers set the tone for your magical stay! And what’s going to happen to all of them? And what exactly are we paying for now by staying in a Disney resort?!?! No Magical Express, no extra-magic hours, no magic band, no luggage tags… and what have we gained?!?!

  • I don’t like any of these changes. But as a DVC owner, I FULLY EXPECT A REDUCTION IN MY DVC DUES FOR 2022, due to the reduction in transportation expenses at each WDW DVC resort.

  • This is very disheartening! I understand that Disney is a business and maybe we don’t know all the facts. Maybe they couldn’t reach an agreement with Mears to be beneficial for both parties involved. But… Hopefully Disney reads these comments and will find a way to bring some type of Magical Service to take Guests to their Second Home away from Home! This decision is a “BAD SHOW”, in Disney Terms. They are taking things away from Guests left and right! I know we are in a Pandemic but if you want Guests to return, this my Friends is not the way to do it! Please Stop and Think of the Ramifications of your decision!!! I’ll be wishing on Evangeline tonight, in hopes of a Better Outcome!

  • Terrible idea, I am beginning to feel less special with every cut. I have never minded paying more for such outstanding devices like DME I am started to rethink my vacations.

  • I rarely if ever comment on anything on Disney blogs. But getting rid of the Magical Express is a terrible move. You’re removing and changing all the things that actually make Disney magical, one by one.

    And then one day it’s just a place like everywhere else.

  • Ride share options are a TERRIBLE substitution for Magical Express. Taking away magical express will lose you money in the long run. This is a huge advantage for large families who pay you over 500 a night to stay at your resort. Disney has lost its way and corporate greed has crept in. There is nothing magical about dragging luggage around looking for a uber at surge prices that fit cant fit your family. I will be looking at other vacation options next year. Very disappointed!

  • This is was the biggest advantage for staying on property and not having to worry or deal with the hassle of transportation from the airport. Now I’ll have to compete with all wdw travelers to get a cab or pay excessive amounts for other transportation. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Disney I am sure you are well aware of how well loved and needed this service is. Magical Express takes away the stress, frustration, and nerves that happen at the beginning and end of a vacation dealing with rental cars, children carseats, luggage, etc.. It was that little bit of “magic” for those moms and dads that didn’t have to deal with 5 large suitcases, 3 car seats, 3 kids, a stroller, and trying to find an Uber that can fit them or budget out for a rental car. It was the grandparents who wanted to come along too! For those who are disabled, made it easier and less stressful getting to your resort and back to the airport.

    While we are in 2021, a lot of people do not feel comfortable with the multiple ride share options available, especially solo travelers. A lot of people also do not feel comfortable driving in a touristy location with lots of traffic, especially those from more rural and small town areas. With DME, it took that stress away.

    I am a die hard Disney parks fanatic but the more you raise the prices and chip away at the perks the more I can’t justify staying on property. And let me tell you I ABSOLUTELY love staying on property and being in the Disney bubble. But I can’t justify the price with some of my favorite things that made me book Disney trips gone. I would much rather just go to another destination than visit Disney. Which, ask anyone who knows me, they know I would much rather visit WDW than most anywhere else and pay the price because I know the magic and benefits were once worth it. So so so disappointed.

    I feel Disney no longer cares for their guest experience, only their money.

  • So sad to hear this news. This service made spending a bit more to stay on property worth it. Sure there are other ways to get to the resorts, but this is adding another cost on top of an already pricey vacation. It was easy, stress-free and so much fun. Disney, please reconsider this decision!! It will be tough to justify a trip to Disney once this goes into effect.

  • Doesn’t seem that Disney will be content until they’ve strangled every last bit of value out of a Disney vacation.

  • Recently talked a friend into staying on property. Did this by talking up Magical Express. We use it and love the convenience. Disney please reconsider this decision at least until other options ie brightline is up running and proven to be efficient.

  • Almost 200 comments already, hundreds and hundreds more in the Disney fan groups I am a part of on Facebook, about how absolutely cheap, short-sighted, and incredibly disappointing this news is. We already have ride share options. It doesn’t mean we want to use them!

    How many Disney execs have traveled all day by plane with multiple young kids, many bags of luggage, strollers, etc. Now, we need to bring car seats, wait in lines for a rental because our bags won’t fit in a ride-share, then make our way through traffic to final get to our resort?! Also, tell me why would I dine on site when I now have a car and can eat for less, or drive to Publix and bring groceries to my room? Why would I not now visit other theme parks in Orlando since I have a car? And most importantly, why on Earth would I stay on sight? What is the benefit anymore? Nothing. There is none.

    This was an absolute horrible decision on Disney’s part. Why do you want to turn people away? There are enough Six Flags already. This is the most ridiculously short-sighted decision ever. There is no magic in that.

  • Very sad news! As an international visitor, I loved the convenience that the Magical Express, the MagicBands and the Extra Magic Hours represented. Those perks were reason enough to book at a Disney Hotel, especially because I cannot afford a trip as frequently as I’d like

  • Not much to add to what has been said. Long time Annual Passholder. Canceling Magical Express definitely makes WDW like just another theme park instead of a Magical one.

  • This is going force a lot of people to stay off property, including myself. I’ve been going to Disney for years and each time my family and I stay on property and the main reason for that is convenience. They’ve taken away magic bands, magical express and extra magic hours, Where’s the magic?!?!? I’m paying the same cost for less amenities? I was understanding when they cancelled parades, fireworks and several shows but this is going too far! I’ve never considered leaving the Disney bubble but thanks to these changes I will stay off property!

  • To all those commenting that you’d pay for ME if they bring it back, consider that we already DO pay for it when staying onsite. That’s why we pay prices much higher than offsite: for those kind of perks! Personally if they reinstate it right now and say, ok it’s back but now it’ll cost you $X I’d be furious! Look at all the other perks that have completely vanished yet prices are sky high! I realize the company got hit financially (like the rest of us) due to covid, but right now I’m struggling to come up with any big perks that balance out losing ME and EMH, and the half hour “perk” before rope drop is NOT a replacement for EMH!

  • This is a very sad thing to learn about. The Magical Express is one of the things that my family loves so much about coming to Disney. It was so nice to be dropped off at our home airport, check our bags, fly, get on the Magical Express and have our luggage follow soon after. Seems Disney is loosing it’s magic more and more and using the pandemic as an excuse to make more and more cuts. 🙁

  • Over the past ten plus years of being a DVC Member with perks after perks being removed now there going to start making it harder for you to ever get to the resort. The magic is gone. The first think I tell people who are not disney people is about the easy baggage and the bus ride from the airport and not needing to deel with a car and baggage. I guess I can sell them on taxis and rental cars and crazy long lines. At least wait till that train that’s still just a maybe because the first part of the train system from Miami to Orlando isn’t even done yet. So disappointed. So sad. What’s next. Maybe they should ask Darth Vader

  • Disney, this is a horrible idea! We love Disney and have been 5 times over the past 7 years. The best part of Disney is getting off the plane and instantly walking into the magic of Disney without a care in the world. We love not worrying about our luggage, not dealing with airport craziness, etc. Not having Magical Express will make the airport experience seem like every other vacation and make vacationing to Disney so much more of a hassle getting to and from the airport. We love Disney so much and we are so sad to see so much of the magic that we love is ending. It certainly makes us consider if it’s worth spending the large amount that it costs to bring our family across the country to come to Disneyworld. Please reconsider doing away with so much of the Disney Magic that seems to be ending, including Magic Express.

  • Really Disney? We’re at Kidani right now and took the ME here. We’ve rented cars in the past but ME is by far the best way to get to WDW. This is yet another perk you’re taking away from DVC owners. We have family friends interested in DVC, but now they’re reconsidering. Why stay on property? All you’ve done is take away and kept prices the same. We’re considering selling our points. Disney doesn’t care about DVC members.

  • Please reverse course on this. You have made a very bad move here and it has severely cracked the magical facade (SHOW) you have worked so hard to cultivate these many decades. It’s making you look like you don’t know what you’re doing, as it is very inefficient to have all of your visitors take individual vehicles to the resorts, rather than the EFFICIENCY of a bus. You are a business that is supposed to be focused on families but have made a very family-unfriendly decision. Our SAFETY is lessened by having to seek out much less regulated transportation options. It shows a huge lack of COURTESY by leaving us all in a lurch and charging us the same for fewer services, diminishing the value of a Disney vacation. You have sadly abandoned your four keys.

  • This is very disappointing and it will most definitely decrease how often my family visits, if not halt our visits entirely.

  • I am also sad to see ME go. My children always laugh because I tear up every time I see the ME sign in MCO. We took our oldest daughter to WDW in 2007 for her first trip. Until Covid we’ve been every year and our family has grown so much. One year we did consider renting a car instead, but for a family of 6 we couldn’t get a vehicle that fit us and 4 carseats. For most other transportation options we’d have the same problem.

    The added expense isn’t as much an issue now, but it would have been when our children were smaller. We’d have had to cut our trip shorter or spent less on food or souvenirs.

    But those reasons are personal. What I’m most surprised about is how Disney positioned themselves as stewards of the earth. You highlight your environmentally conscious choices. But now instead of having several families share a bus, you’re creating a situation where more and more families will take individual modes of transportation. Some may hire Uber, but many will rent cars – which I get. You now charge for parking in all resorts so that’ll help with the covid recovery, but Disney will recover from covid better than most other companies. What won’t recover is the earth when we pump extra exhaust instead of maintaining the lower exhaust rates covid offered.

    Back to my personal views. The cost and convenience of hiring a motor coash will determine when we travel to WDW again. I still have 2 children in carseats. As much as I dislike them riding in a bus without one, I like the idea of them being in a car without one even less. So we will refrain from visiting until we have no more carseats.

  • What a sad day!!!! You begin to wonder if Disney magic still exists? We are DVC members and a family party of 10… thats no small feat when it comes to getting us from one place to another. This service is one of the reasons we haven’t minded the increase in annual dues, rise in park ticket prices and of course the never ending increase in the meal plan pricing but at some point you have to start waying the pro’s and con’s. and right now the con’s are winning in a very bad way. We love Disney but I’m not sure we can afford to be members any longer and this isn’t a value we chose to pass on to our childern. Please reconsider and save the magic!!!

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