Hide the Dishes! Stitch Is Crashing An All-New Collectible Series Coming to Disney Parks, Disney stores and shopDisney.com

Anthony Armenia

by , Communications Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products

In 2002, Stitch crashed fans’ favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios film scenes, and now in 2021, they can join shopDisney, Disney stores and select Disney Parks as he crashes an all-new collectible series, all year-long!

Inspired by the original “Lilo & Stitch” film trailers from 2002, Stitch Crashes Disney is the latest monthly series that includes a new pin, plush and MagicBand each month, featuring experiment 626 himself crashing iconic Walt Disney Animation Studios scenes. A new collection from the series will be released on the third Saturday of each month throughout the year.

Starting today, fans can access the first collection through MerchPass on shopDisney.com then on Jan. 16, guests can find the collection at Disney stores globally, Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort and later this month at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

In true Stitch form, we can find him crashing his first collection just in time for the 30th anniversary of “Beauty and the Beast.” This month, Stitch is our ‘uninvited Guest’ featuring the film’s iconic roses and stained-glass artwork, check it out:

As seen here with this month’s adorable plush and pin designs, the cute and fluffy Stitch even managed to snag a rose…or two for himself!

Stitch MagicBand

Each release will have an all-new matching MagicBand available to guests only on shopDisney.com and at Walt Disney World Resort!

To complete the look, make sure to snag yourself a matching tee and mug that will be available for a limited time on the Thursday after each MerchPass release only on shopDisney.com.

Stitch Crashes Disney Pin Trading book

Of course, you’ll need a place to hold your new pin collection with this new Stitch Crashes Disney Pin Trading book! You can shop these products and even more at shopDisney.com today!

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to get ahold of Stitch today, because you can find him popping up all year-long with a new style released globally on the third Saturday of each month throughout 2021. Can you guess what classic Walt Disney Animation Studios film Stitch will be crashing next?

Can’t get enough of this mischievous little guy? Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog as we reveal the latest addition to Stitch Crashes Disney monthly and be sure to collect all 12 unique styles!


  • Interesting that the second series of this collection has already stopped using MerchPass and would now be released on the fourth Friday and Saturday of the month. Hmm…

  • They come out on the third Saturday of each month.

  • What date ,can I buy Stitch Crashes,number two.

  • Is there any news on the Castle Collection? I tried to reach out to ShopDisney customer service to find out when the next release would be and I could not get an answer.

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