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Robo Carts Have Arrived at Walt Disney World Golf Courses

Emily Amato

by , Public Relations Manager

Walt Disney World Golf is continually looking for ways to enhance the golf experience and their latest innovation is already turning heads up and down the fairways around Walt Disney World Resort.

Introducing the Robo-Cart!

If you’ve ever walked around an 18-hole golf course carrying your clubs or using a push cart, you know that can be exhausting. Disney Golf aims to ease that hardship with the Robo-Cart, a small robotic golf cart that uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to transport your clubs safely around the course.

Golfers merely clip on the cart’s small transmitter (I found that attaching it to your belt behind your back works best), load your golf bag on it and then the autonomous cart follows a few paces behind you wherever you go. If you stop, the cart stops. If you start walking, the cart starts moving (max speed is approximately 7 mph).

Obviously you have to be a little careful when you’re walking across narrow bridges or along any lakes on the course, but Disney Golf officials told me the GPS technology in the carts is very accurate and, as a result, they have not had any incidents of golfers leading the carts into any trouble.

Robo Cart at Walt Disney World Golf

The Robo-Carts, designed by Club Car, are also equipped with all of the amenities that golfers need –  beverage cooler, cup holder, sand bottle and even a USB port so you charge your smartphone while you play. The front of the cart has a color GPS screen that gives you all of the standard yardage information typically available on full-size riding golf carts.

Walt Disney World Resort is one of only a few places in the surrounding area where you’ll find these robotic carts in use. They are ideal for Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, a 9-hole walking course that appeals primarily to families and younger golfers, however they are also available if you want to walk the 18-hole Magnolia and Palm championship courses.

The best part is the Robo-Carts rent for only $10 in addition to your green fees. They are available only at the Palm, Magnolia and Oak Trail courses. Check out the Disney Golf website to learn more.

And here’s another tip for you: If you’re interested in playing on Saturday or Sunday mornings, you can book your tee time at least six days in advance to get a 10 percent discount on your green fees ($49 plus tax). It’s part of a new “Early Bird’’ program for weekend tee times before 11:30 am.

These two new features should help elevate your golf experience and maybe even help you get a hole-in-one. If you do, you’ll be added to our new Hole-In-One Club where you’ll be featured on our Hole-In-One Club website and presented with a personalized Hole-In-One Club certificate.

Just book your tee time at and ask about our Hole-In-One Club and our Early Bird program, or rent a Robo-Cart when you check in at the clubhouse.

See you on the tee box!


  • Great to see this added to the courses and can’t wait to try them out at our next round. We saw the Tempo Walks (aka robo caddie) at the PGA show last year at the Club Car booth. Great information and excitement around the product.

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