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Coming Soon: Disney MagicMobile Service, A Convenient New Way to Experience Walt Disney World Resort

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

The MagicBand, the colorful wristband guests wear at Walt Disney World Resort, makes each visit even simpler and more seamless. We’ve continued to invent and innovate, and soon, we’ll be debuting a new option: Disney MagicMobile service!

Launching in phases starting later this year, Disney MagicMobile service is a convenient and contactless way to access MagicBand features like theme park entry through the power of your iPhone, Apple Watch or other smart device. Guests will be able to create a Disney MagicMobile pass through the My Disney Experience app and add it to their smart device’s digital wallet. It works like magic – most features will be available by just holding up your smart device near an access point, just like you do with a MagicBand. Disney MagicMobile service and its features will roll out first on Apple devices.

Guests may choose to use Disney MagicMobile service or a MagicBand – pick whichever option works best for you during your visit. You can even use both and alternate between the two for added flexibility. We’ll also soon be introducing more MagicBands in trendy new colors and fun designs featuring favorite Disney characters and stories.

Our existing digital room key feature will continue to be available specifically within the My Disney Experience app, which helps guests expedite their arrival by using online check-in service, going directly to their Disney Resort hotel room and using their phone to unlock their door. Disney Resort hotel guests may also still pick up a Key to the World card at their convenience by visiting the front desk.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more information on Disney MagicMobile service and MagicBands!


  • Thanks for posting this information.

  • When we were at Disney we couldn’t get our phones to work with the food service. Some people in the park tried to help us but we couldn’t get menu’s or resv. We needed to pull up the menu on the phones and order. But our phones won’t do it.

  • Will this service be available for Disneyland as well, any time soon?

  • When will this be available for Android phones?

  • Do we know if this will also be able to be used for purchases within the parks? of will it be just doors and admission?

  • I’m having issues adding the shortcut of my pass to my Applewatch just like the other comment. I see it on my phone but can’t add it to my watch.

  • Please add this feature to Samsung / all of Android next. Samsung has built a very impressive line-up of phones and watches that leverage Samsung Pay’s wallet and would improve the experience for a lot of guests.

  • PLEASE, please, please …. support Samsung Smart Watches. It would be so great to be able to track steps, have a payment option AND be able to use one device. I never wanted to wear a watch AND a Magic Band to the parks … having it all in one would be great. Much better for me than having to fumble around with my phone all day long in the parks.

  • The MagicMobile will support a family on one device and will work even when the device needs a charge.

  • The card is on my phone and in my Apple wallet on my phone. I can see the card in my Apple Watch app on my phone, but it keeps telling me that it can’t add it to the app on my watch. Please help.

  • Do I need to have a card connected to my wallet on my Iphone for this to work? I keep getting error messages when I try to add it

  • Every time I try to add this app to my IPhone 12 I get an error message saying something went wrong try again. I deleted and reinstalled the app at the suggestion of a CM I spoke to online. It did not help. Any suggestions? Do I need to have a card connected to my wallet for this to work?

  • I am trying to download this to my I Phone but when I fill out the boxes and try to add it I keep getting a message saying try again, something went wrong. Do I need to do something to my I phone to enable this new feature? I have the wallet, but I have no cards connected to it. Could that be the issue? I tried contacting Disney and they said to remove the app and reinstall it. That didn’t help at all same problem. Any suggestions? TIA!

  • I was able to get the passes on my phone wallet. However I have an older watch (series 2) – I can see the passes in the watch app but they won’t move over to the watch it self. Are there specific apple series watches that work and those that don’t? – I’m still going to use a magic band but it is a nice back up option.

  • The only reason I’m excited for this is that I’ll hopefully be able to use my apple watch in place of a magic band and not have to double up.

  • If I may, I’d like to advocate for Samsung to be the first of the “other smart device” devices. They have the most fully-integrated and secure feature set offerings, including the Galaxy lineup of smartphones and the Galaxy Watch Active lineup of smart watches which also fully supports the NFC communications protocol. Knox Security secures the entire infrastructure.

    The day my Galaxy Watch Active becomes my MagicBand, which I can then manage through my MagicMobile app, will be a day to celebrate.

  • Please do NOT get rid of Magic Bands !!!!! This is one of the best things at Disney World. I always hoped to get these at Disneyland as well. My phone already is dead or dying a few hours into a day at the park. I have to carry a heavy charger with me to the park. Please DO NOT DISCONTINUE MAGIC BANDS !!!!!

  • I’ll still use my magicband. It’s too much hassle pulling the phone out for every little thing and draining the battery.

  • The Magic Band is much more convenient than my phone. I already have to bring a charger to get my phone through the day. A second phone charger is much heavier than the Magic Band. Please don’t phase out the Magic Band.

  • Pass. I’d rather just use my magic band. I don’t want to pull my phone out and drain the battery. The magic band is so much easier and quicker.

  • Woohoo! Been wanting my Apple Watch to be my magic band forever!

  • How will this work for those rides, like Seven Dwarves Mine Train in Magic Kingdom or Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom that scan the Magic Band to add Photopass pictures to our accounts? Will we still need Magic Bands for that? Does this mean that PhotoPass Stations might be coming back?

  • I totally agree with @Isaac on this, why go through Apple wallet when it should be as simple as the MyDisneyApp.
    Honestly, my phone is getting worn out being used for everthing, as it is we bring portable chargers along with all that it is used for now.
    I like the MagicBand, don’t have to pull my phone out of my purse, or drop it for the millionth time either :)))

  • Does anyone know if you’ll be able to add your kids to your wallet or they’re still going to need magicbands?

  • What is the time frame for release on Android? Hard to see a reason not to develop for the top 2 platforms simultaneously and avoid alienating one over the other…

  • Will this be an additional charge?

  • When can we expect this to roll out to Android devices?

  • Beta test?

  • I was excited about the coming out until i saw it works through digital wallets. They should have it work through just the My Experience app & not like google pay nor apple pay. I dont use those because i dont like locking my phone in case theres an emergency & someone needs to contact my family. Plus i hate unlocking it everytime i want to use the phone.

  • Very excited for this service! I see that you guys included information about resort rooms still being able to use MDX to unlock rooms, but didn’t say whether or not MagicMobile will unlock rooms.

    Will MagicMobile be able to unlock resort rooms?

  • What is the estimate timeline for Disney MobileMagic to be rolled out?

  • I’m excited to see this feature added! I hope to use it later this year when things get better 😃

  • No, thanks. How about just letting me buy an AP to use with the MagicBand I already have?

  • Will parents be able to use their phones for children who are to young for smart phones? Or do the kids still need bands?

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