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First Look! Step Inside a Reimagined Room from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World

Jeremy Schoolfield

by , Walt Disney Imagineering Communications Manager

Can you feel that Pacific breeze blowing? That’s because we just stepped into Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort here at Walt Disney World Resort! Have a look at these new photos we’re sharing for the first time, taking you inside a newly reimagined guest room at the resort.

Reimagined Room at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Reimagined Room at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

These reimagined spaces feature a new color palette inspired by the Pacific Ocean and its many islands, including details, patterns and textures from the hit Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Moana” – look closely and you might even spot some characters from the story!

You’ll also see all-new furnishings and fixtures. In the bathrooms, for instance, Disney Imagineers took inspiration from the sandy ocean floor for the tiles and carved details in the vanity. The colorful patterns found throughout the room bring a whole new energy to the space, evoking undulating ocean waves and tropical flowers.

Rendering of the new entrance to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is now accepting bookings for late July 2021, and the next time you pull up to the Great Ceremonial House, you’ll notice even more exciting changes we’re currently working on. The porte cochere is in the midst of a dramatic overhaul that will feature a high-pitched, open-truss roof covered in a thatch style with pops of color. Above the porte cochere, the Monorail station is receiving new wooden screens with tropical colors, adding to the open and airy vibe befitting of the South Seas.

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This popular locale joins the other Disney Resort hotels of Walt Disney World in creating the Disney Resorts Collection, where the magic you find in the theme parks extends to every moment of your vacation. Disney Resort hotels offer you a wide selection of fantastic settings to choose from, inspired by worlds both real and imagined. You’re fully immersed in our legendary storytelling and guest service that extend beyond our theme parks to every moment of your stay, whether you’re visiting an African savanna, strolling a seaside boardwalk, see a favorite Disney character or so much more – there’s magic seemingly around every corner.

We’ll have more to share about the developments happening at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in the weeks and months to come, so keep checking back with us here at the Disney Parks Blog for updates. This exciting progress is part of the overall evolution of our Disney Resort hotels, as we infuse even more Disney touches across our collection – just in time for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration,” beginning Oct. 1, 2021, in honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

Disney Resort Collection graphic with Pluto and Goofy

You can click here to learn how the Disney Resorts Collection offers something for every family’s need and budget. It’s time to start dreaming up the story you want to experience on your next Walt Disney World vacation!


  • They are all starting to look like value resorts, I have a 16 night vacation planned this coming Sep-Oct for my grandkids. My husband and I booked originally 14 nights at Beach Club Garden view $11873. I am not a DVC member, nor do we want to be. I am a CASH paying customer and have gone many many time since I was 9!!! …..We decided to add 2 more nights to surprise our grandkids….another $1370. Ok, that’s fine but this isn’t…..We couldn’t get the extra 2 nights in the Garden View….we had to book a standard view because thats all that was available. So, we called and asked if we could stay in the garden room for the extra 2 nights and pay the upgrade instead of moving after being in the same room for 14 nights……NOPE!!! Cant do it…your gonna have to move to standard room even though you asked to pay for the extra charge. If it weren’t for waiting years to take our grandkids (had to wait our turn) we would never ever stay at Disney ….after 45 years of staying at Disney since 1976 with my parents!!! So much has changed….someone tell me what benefits you get from this crazy expense?? 16 nights at Beach Club total of $13,243 plus $400 to park!! As we deal with more and more drunk people doing their bar crawls….I have to walk completely out of a park full of drunks now to have a cigarette. Yes, smoking sucks…..but so does dealing with obnoxious drunks, all over in every park a and youtubers!! Lets promote drinking thats healthy! Portofino Bay is half the cost and I can actually have a cigarette in the park tucked away so it doesn’t bother anyone. Never again!!!!

  • When will the DVC rooms be updated ?
    They are well worn, carpet needs to go, bed spread needs to go, walls need a fresh look,and lighting is a must upgrade.
    All rugs, in all resorts need to be removed, they harbor germs. Never walk barefoot on their rugs.

    Time to get rid of the dungeon feeling.
    If anyone still wants old look and some nostalgia, book a room in Ocean City, MD.

  • My Husband and I really love the changes! Great job as always Disney Team! 🙂 I hope you carry the new theme to DVC resorts as well. I think it mimics the movie but also the upscale style of Grand Destino with Polynesian elements. I wish you could makeover my house!

  • These rooms look fantastic! I’ve always found the former design to be a bit too dark, but these are brilliant! Just booked a 3-night stay in August to check these out!

  • I’m with Melissa and Christopher, I really like the old rooms better. Not everything has to be based on a movie.
    This is my home resort with DVC and I would be very disappointed if all the rooms will look like that. 😔

  • I’m with Christopher: I also wish the sleeping area had carpeting. Getting up in the middle of the night is a lot nicer on a soft floor than it is non a cold, hard floor.

  • I have stayed there many times. Love the upgrade! I’m so very glad that as Walt Disney World upgrades all of it’s Resorts that all of the carpeting and those nasty comforters are being removed especially in this age of Covid. I starting on our last trip this past Christmas Week to leave my sneakers at the door upon entering the room. I then wear my flip flops/shower shoes in the room until we are ready to leave again.

  • Ok honestly I like the old room better. The Tiki room and laid back feel and Iz ukelele music with the cozy little pull down bed in the wall for the wee ones. And the lava rock tile in the bathroom. The old rooms look more like old Hawaii than Hawaii today before Ala Moana boulevard went all corpo. When they had the international marketplace and a warm feel. This look sleek but cold. Please leave some the same to get the old Hawaii feel. The orange and teal is nice just needs a little freshen up. This is meh.

  • Ok but honestly I like the orange and teal and Tiki room better. The lava stone tile is nicer. And the pull down beds are super cozy for little ones and cute. This looks cold and like the other new places. I want a laid back feel like it had before. I hope you leave some the same because they look more like old Hawaii than Hawaii does today. And I really enjoy the Iz and other ukelele music because I feel like I’m in hawaii before they went all corpo on Ala Moana boulevard. Leave SOME as is PLEASE just freshen them up.

  • Really wish the sleeping area had carpeting. But very beautiful.

  • Beautiful! Are the DVC rooms being refurbed as well?

  • Looks great. Can’t wait for my visit during Halloween.

  • I can’t wait to stay in the Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for my 50th birthday in January 14, 2022 and we never stay in the Disney’s Polynesian Village before and I can’t wait! I love it!

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