In Case You Missed It: Here’s Our Grand Reveal of Disney Cruise Line’s Newest Ship!

Ashley Long

by , Cruise Director, Disney Cruise Line

The wish you’ve been waiting for came true! We just unveiled never-before-released details of our newest ship – the Disney Wish – showcasing the incredible new spaces and experiences coming to the high seas in summer 2022.

Play the video below to watch our grand unveiling, Once Upon a Disney Wish. This special 30-minute virtual presentation, hosted by yours truly, gives you a sneak peek at all of the magic that awaits, including a look behind-the-scenes with Walt Disney Imagineers and the creative team bringing the Disney Wish to life. Plus, this enchanting reveal includes special character appearances and surprise performances you won’t want to miss!

We hope you enjoyed this first look ahead at the next chapter of the Disney Cruise Line story. More details about the Disney Wish are on the horizon! Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog to be among the first to see our exciting updates.


  • Yay!!! Can’t wait to see and hear all of the details 🚢

  • So exciting! Ashley – Were you on the Wonder in January 2018? I think we did an amazing Southern Caribbean sailing with you!

  • It will be great to experience some Disney magic I think a lot of us could use that right about now. Wishes really do come true bon voyage everyone and see you all onboard real soon.

  • This is so exciting!!! I’m looking forward to it!!!

  • I so wish it was already here. I so wish upon the end of this pandemic. And I wish my dreams come true.

  • With everything going on the last year. This is about the best news our family could hope for. Can not wait to see the magic DCL can create!

  • I Wish I May,
    I Wish I Might,
    Have The ( Disney ) Wish I Wish Tonight — All Chipmunks Aboard !!

  • I wish I wish I wish, not only to see but to be able to go on board one day!!

  • This is a great so exciting..i wish my dreams come true.

  • This is a great so exciting.. and i wish my dreams will come true.

  • We are excited to watch! We have been delayed on my daughter’s Children’s Wish trip, and fingers crossed, we will be able to be on our Disney cruise soon! This will certainly get the children back and excited!

  • I wish a good experience on board with Nice passsenger

  • Is anyone else having trouble finding the release?

  • I thought this was happening at 11? Have not seen any updates…

  • I’m so excited to see this. I keep telling my kids one day I will take them on a Disney Cruise. My 9 year old and 8 year old save money in their piggy banks from chores and ask me is it enough to pay for the cruise. I tell them it is almost enough and to keep dreaming. I’ve taken them to Galveston which is 45 minutes from Houston where we live and before COVID we’d watch the Disney Cruise ship leave the harbor. I’d tell them to picture themselves on that boat waiving to people. We will get there!

  • I am so excited! I have been looking forward to this and I am so excited to be on Disney Cruise Line!

  • It’s been a dream of my 2 autism kids and 2 sons to ride on this amazing cruise ship. I wish we can afford to give this spectacular once in a lifetime dream… to come true.

  • Where is this “Big Reveal” happening??

  • Disney you will always have my gratitude because meeting Elsa and kissing her at age 4, gave my son, who is mod/severe autistic, the reason to talk. Two days after meeting her he began talking and telling people what he had experienced. So now at 10, he and his twin brother, who is also autistic, can not wait until you release the dates for the Wish. We have been watching construction updates on YouTube for the last year and have been getting so excited for the chance to go on the Wish when she first sails. We had two cancelled cruises this year and were hoping to put it on the Wish, but that was not allowed, even though we were willing to wait. I just wish Disney knew what a blessing and a challenge it can be for kids with Autism. The magic for us can be very real, but when we as parents cannot deliver, we’ll it is hard enough for any child to understand. Here is a Wish to sailing soon and a return to the Magic, Wonder and Fantasy that all of us Dream of. We miss you Disney!

  • Oh! We need our FairyGodmother to grant our wish to be on the WISH and wish it was soon, but we will do our best to wait till next year.

  • You can not register or receive the digital background if you’re not US or Canadian ? Why Disney ?

  • This is truly the most exciting thing to happen in a long time for Disney Cruise Line. We have sailed with Disney before and truly love the Magic of Disney. I will be booking a future cruise on this beautiful new ship, thinking this would be a perfect 20th Wedding Anniversary cruise.

  • I’ve told my kids, that I will take them on a cruise once we made out of this Covid era… we will hopefully be sailing in 2022 and I hope it’s on the Disney newest ship the wish… we’re sooooooo excited. I’m going to book soon as the dates are available

  • Ashley, we were with you on the last sailing pre-pandemic of the Disney Wonder (the incredible Panama cruise). Despite the world shutting down around us as we sailed, it was truly one of the most memorable cruises ever. And that was thanks in huge measure to the incredible flexibility and ingenuity of the whole crew who never forgot that they were on a DISNEY ship 🙂 You and Mike were incredible ambassadors for Disney Cruise Line. Looking forward to our 25th Disney Cruise on the Fantasy this November and hopefully on the Disney Wish as soon as we can book something! Best wishes, Jean & Mike.

  • All I can say is I cannot wait till The inaugural cruise And look forward to going to wherever it goes to. I’ve been on all four ships and this one is going to be even better. I am so excited

  • Our last cruise was on the Fantasy January 2020. We were able to meet Michael And David Kay on board, my family has fallen in love with their Disney vlogs.

  • Myself Da Disney Diva will be front and center! Wishing upon a ⭐️ Star!

  • Been on many cruises.. but never a Disney Cruise… my grandkids would love it.. maybe someday, guess we can “WISH”

  • I wish.that.i will open that ship.AND WE ARE THE BEST FLEET IN SEVEN SEAS.

  • Have sailed on all four of the Disney ships, can not wait to sail on the Wish.

  • Looking at the picture it looks like we are missing the AquaDuck, also what is everyones predictions for the shows??

  • I wish

  • Disney is for making dreams come true…close your eyes …

  • We can’t wait to cruise again…our last cruise was in 2019…our 2020 was canceled due to Covid :(…so excited!

  • I needed some Disney today! 😊💕

  • SO EXCITED! I WISH we could jump on the Disney Wish THIS Summer! Where can we go?????

  • My family and I is wishing to be one of the first family on broad the new wish! I love Disney!!!!

  • Congratulations on the announcement- everyone did such a great job and I can’t wait to experience everything!

  • This ship looks amazing!!! I am so excited to see it in person one day. Disney cruises are the best experience ever and ruin you for any other type of vacation. Thank you Disney!

  • This was super exciting but pretty disappointing they said nothing about the Tween and Teen areas. My DD just outgrew the Oceanears club and was so excited to see this part!

  • What an amazing cruise line. Can’t wait to be able to cruise on the Disney Wish.

  • Michael, we were on the Panama Canal cruise with you too and it still amazes me the lengths DCL went to keep us safe and the hoops the entertainment staff jumped through to adapt to the daily changes. Ashley and Michael did a truly amazing job.

  • Wow wow wow. I can’t wait to go on the cruise and my kids, husband and I to enjoy it. This is amazing. Never have been on a Disney Cruise so this will definitely be the best one

  • The Disney Wish looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to travel onboard. Disney has outdone themselves…again!

  • So excited! Did anyone else cry a little! 😭😘🥰😍

  • That was Fantastic. I am so looking forward to being on this ship & enjoying it with my grandkids(sugarbabies).

  • We went on a family cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary on the Disney Magic and had a wonderful time. The Disney Wish would be perfect to celebrate our upcoming 50th anniversary! I am sure our kids and their children would LOVE it! Can’t wait to plan the trip!

  • I hope I can take a cruise on this ship. Looks very interesting. Love Disney cruises.

  • I am a Disney Adult(kid) at heart. I sailed on a Disney cruise and there isn’t any other cruise that can compare. I am disabled an I forget about any of my health issue. I am going to WISH upon a star that one day my husband & I would be able to take 2 less fortunate kids on this cruise to allow them to have a MAGICAL experience like I did.

  • I have only been in the Disney Wonder. I have got to go on this ship. Looks so amazing and magical.

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