In Case You Missed It: Here’s Our Grand Reveal of Disney Cruise Line’s Newest Ship!

Ashley Long

by , Cruise Director, Disney Cruise Line

The wish you’ve been waiting for came true! We just unveiled never-before-released details of our newest ship – the Disney Wish – showcasing the incredible new spaces and experiences coming to the high seas in summer 2022.

Play the video below to watch our grand unveiling, Once Upon a Disney Wish. This special 30-minute virtual presentation, hosted by yours truly, gives you a sneak peek at all of the magic that awaits, including a look behind-the-scenes with Walt Disney Imagineers and the creative team bringing the Disney Wish to life. Plus, this enchanting reveal includes special character appearances and surprise performances you won’t want to miss!

We hope you enjoyed this first look ahead at the next chapter of the Disney Cruise Line story. More details about the Disney Wish are on the horizon! Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog to be among the first to see our exciting updates.


  • My family and I can’t wait to discover new adventures and enjoy the best vacation ever on the Disney Wish.

  • We were going to wait to take another Disney Cruise until 2023 when we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Then I discovered that the Disney WISH will be departing Port Canaveral ON my 70th birthday next year. We’re all excited about it. The ship looks absolutely gorgeous. My WISH is that I’ll be able to book a cabin for us for that cruise.

  • I’m wishing!

  • I am in HAPPY TEARS…

    All I can say❤️🌷

    I love it🌷

  • I love Disney but this ship is magical I can not wait to have my family and friends join me
    Disney has always done a wonderful job Every since our first Disney cruise we cruise no other

    Thank You to all the Disney staff that have made our WISH come true
    Hope to see you all 2022
    Love from CT

  • OMG We watched together the video and we are SO excited and emotional because this could be Nicole’s graduation trip with me!!!! We are so excited that WISH will become our memory to celebrate one of my gorgeous daughter’s most important day!!! We are crossing our fingers and wishing with all our heart that we can book Wish Cruise!!!!

  • I’m looking forward to sailing on this ship❤🥰!!!! Love the Disney family!!!


    I’m ready to cruise again and what better way to get back into it than with the Disney Wish!

  • Wild to think about all the work that goes into building something so grand. Looks beautiful. We will definitely wish on a star to join everyone in person onboard one day.

  • LOVED watching this Wish reveal, reminds me of how magical Disney cruises are. I’ve been on The Magic multiple times, I hope The Wish will also be sailing out of NYC 🙂

  • My family is looking forward to sailing on the beautiful Disney Wish. My daughter was a Make A Wish kid and had a Disney Cruise as her wish in November 1998 – and she’s a happy and healthy adult who carries happy memories of the experience with her today. We love cruising with you, Disney Cruise Line!

  • I was very impressed watching how the new ship the Wish was developed. Cant wait to book our cruise and sample all that it has.

  • Definitely looking forward to my next Disney Cruise!

  • I am so excited! Definitely looking forward to my next Disney Cruise!

  • Yay ! Disney never disappoints ! Been on the Magic, Dream & Wonder, cannot wait to cruise on the Wish ! Only cruise line I’ve been on, only one I trust. Bravo 👏🏼

  • What a wonderful reveal! As usual Disney has found new ways to elevate their offerings! Looking forward to booking a cruise with you!!!

  • Can’t wait to sail with Disney’s newest ship! I absolutely 💯♥ love it! Thanks for sharing this virtual tour on Disney Wish. We sailed Disney Dream last time and we all enjoyed everything about it. I’m sure Disney Wish is even better and more magical! Thanks Disney!

  • YAYY can’t wait. I have been on a Disney cruise before and this time I will be taking my grandchildren. Well some of them since I have 19 LOL.

  • Great to see something so wonderful to look forward too. Having being a Nurse working thru COVID past year and still continuing this is such a nice distraction. Have sailed on the DISNEY WONDER several years ago with my Mom and daughter & her friend and it was just amazing. Disney WISH is way beyond what any other cruise line has to offer. Can’t wait to click my heels, spin around and there I am aboard WISH…..Best of luck to you all on your first journey(have to wait to book not a cruise line member…as of yet! )Video was great love Fairy GODMOTHER….

  • Spectacular !!!
    Thank You Disney for sharing the Grand Reveal video of Disney Wish .
    Our first ever Disney Cruise has been cancelled and rescheduled twice due to the Pandemic . We’re set to sail ( again ) on April 2022 . The supposed to be ” surprise Disney trip ” has been revealed to our kids and so now they can’t wait to go onboard the Disney ship.
    So excited !!

  • So excited. I hope it has the boutique onboard with some fun new outfits and some really cool shows that aren’t on the other boats as well. Can’t wait to book!

  • Dear Disney,
    I am so excited to have been able watch this video about your newest ship The “Wish”. I was on the Disney “Wonder” many years ago and it was magical. I am a senior citizen now but hope I get my wish to sail on this superb adventure with my grand nieces and grand nephews. To see the joy in their eyes as each day unfolds all the magic created by Disney will be a spectular sunrise for me. Sailing and rejuvenating my spirit will be my sunset as I always loved cruise ships from the days when we had the grandest Bon Voyage parties before the ship set sail to the present. Disney does it the best BY FAR!
    With my deepest affection for Disney,
    Adrienne Reidy

  • Amazing!!!!!!!Everything is best of best.
    I really wish.

  • We’ve repeatedly cruised on the Dream, we love it’s routes and the diverse amenities. Looking forward to the Avengers experience!!! Something we’ve been waiting for in any kind of way. I hope there will be Avengers night on the Wish; instead of Pirate Night.

  • So disappointed that my family and I couldn’t take the Disney cruise planned for February 2021. Looking forward to planning soon after pandemic restrictions are lifted.

  • I can’t imagine a better ship to sail on for our first cruise than the Wish! As huge Marvel fans, plus our love for all things Disney I am beyond excited to have the Wish be our first cruising adventure!

  • Thank you for your email and the invitation to see this beautiful tour of the Disney Wish cruise hopefully we could sail and join the next year 2022.
    Be safe and thank you

    Mercia Villagran

  • Absolutely can not wait!

  • YAAAAYYYY!!! Me and my family are super excited to learn of this amazing new Dreamtastic ship! We love everything Disney, but the cruises are an absolute FAV!!! The level of creativity and imagineering is unparalleled with your team and designers! I will be sitting on ready for the booking window to open up later in May. Summer 2022 here we come!!!

    ~TJ Halsey & Family~

  • I Am so excited, can’t wait to sail on This New Disney Wish, We have sailed on the other Disney ships which The Magic being our Favorite, But we love all the Disney ships. Looks Amazing.

  • Are men even allowed on that ship?

  • AMAZING! I was so disappointed when our very first cruise was cancelled at the beginning fo the pandemic. I’m super excited to get onboard.

  • WOW!!!! This is incredible and the best news today!!! I’m going to watch this a few more times!!!

  • WOW!!!!!!!! This is incredible and the best news today!!!! I’m going to keep watching this a few more times!!!

  • I have never been more excited to sail then I am today. I have missed the pleasure of being on a Disney ship and look forward to being able to add the Disney Wish to collection of cruise ships.
    Thank you and wishes really do come true!!!
    See you real soon!

  • YES!!!!!!!!

  • Looks amazing! Can’t wait to sail again! The Disney “Wish” looks very Magical!!

  • We’ve been on The Magic, The Dream and The Fantasy AND I’ll be sitting at my computer the day we can book The Wish too:) Great Video, Great Information and Great looking ship. We look forward to getting on board and setting sail to another Disney Cruise Line Adventure:)

  • Can’t wait to sail in this beautiful cruise!

    I wish , I wish… ❤️❤️❤️

  • Platinum couple here. We are excited too.
    Thanks for all you are doing to keep bringing the “Magic” (our favorite ship) and “Dream,” etc. to all of us. Not sure about this October from NYC-Canada-Bermuda-Puerto Rico, but hopefully, next May to/from Hawaii?

    Very interested in being able to do self-guided shore visits post-CoVid as we tend to prefer our own “excursions”

    Best to Lloyd (Hotel Dir.) and “Tony from Spain”!

  • My husband and I are long time Disney Cruise lovers, will very much look forward to our cruise on this amazing vessel…. would love to know where it is planned to sail ?

  • I can’t wait to book Disney Wish and take our two granddaughters. It looks amazing 🤩

  • We are so excited, we currently have a booking for May 2022, but now we are thinking of booking on the new ship!
    The imagination that goes into building such a Grand Ship is amazing!!!

  • It’s time for Disney Cruise #5 with the Rock family. Can’t wait to see the Disney Wish!

  • OMG we can not wait until 2022 this Ship looks Amazing

  • Are there estimated sail dates yet?

  • Amazing! I love how much detail Disney puts into everything! And the themes are very exciting! My kids are going to be “stoked”!!!!

  • We are excited to sail on the Disney Wish!!!

  • I’m ready to book my cruise on the Disney Wish!!

  • Everything is beautiful as usual, you do the best ships. My grand daughter and I watched today and our family hopes we can visit you real soon!

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