Field Notes: Biodiversity Program Helps Disneyland Paris Thrive

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

On Earth Day, we took a trip to Walt Disney World Resort to learn all about renewable energy and the importance of pollinators. Today we’re traveling to our friends at Disneyland Paris to learn all about how biodiversity plays a key role in conservation.

Biodiversity includes all lifeforms found in nature including plants, insects, and animals. Disneyland Paris uses all three of these to help preserve nature and conserve natural resources, like water. The Nature and Environment Department at Disneyland Paris use their resources to make sure that the radiant plant life you see at the park is green and colorful, ready to welcome guests. 

In our latest episode of Field Notes, hear all about how this process works from Allison Le Flem, Biodiversity Project Manager at Disneyland Paris:

Each living organism has its own special place in nature and we see it play out at Disneyland Paris. The “Ouessant” sheep sustainably landscape resort grounds, the bees at the apiaries help pollinate plant life (all while producing that yummy honey!), and the hens help keep it all nice and tidy. It’s a beautifully balanced ecosystem, and it exists right here at Disneyland Paris.

It is tremendous to learn how each of us can play a role in preserving the world we share. Learn more about the magic of nature during #EarthMonth and see how our cast members are making a difference in our parks across the globe.