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Enjoy The Magic of Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel During Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

We’re just 93 days away from “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” in honor of Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary, but who’s counting? As we near this special milestone, we are excited to bring you more details on new benefits coming to the Disney Resorts Collection as part of the celebration.

Just in time for the start of this magical celebration, on Oct. 1, we will be rolling out a new early theme park entry benefit for Disney Resort hotel guests and guests of other select hotels, giving them the first chance to enjoy select attractions at EVERY theme park, EVERY day. These guests will also be among the first each day to see the dazzling decorations and EARidescent excitement. Guests will need a valid ticket or pass and a theme park reservation for the same park on the same date for early theme park entry.

In addition, with the kickoff of the 50th anniversary, guests staying at one of our Disney Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resort hotels will also be able to enjoy extended evening hours on select nights in select theme parks. Extended evening hours will begin in early October with specific dates and parks to be shared at a later time, so please be sure to check back on for the latest.

Please note that guests will need a valid ticket or pass and a theme park reservation for the same park on the same day to experience extended evening hours. Or, guests may visit with a ticket or Annual Pass with the Park Hopper option as long as they entered their first park where they made their reservation earlier in the day.

For both of these options, select attractions, merchandise and food and beverage locations will be available. Be sure to also bring your MagicBand, Disney MagicMobile pass or Key to the World card linked to your stay, or another form of Resort ID.

Back at your Disney Resort hotel, you’ll enjoy even more magic! During the celebration, be on the lookout for surprise appearances by some favorite Disney pals like Goofy and Pluto, who will be dressed in their EARidescent best and dropping by to visit with guests at Disney Resort hotels!

Pluto and Goofy at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

These new offerings will join a number of other great services available for Disney Resort hotel guests such as complimentary on-site transportation and the direct-to-room service available in the My Disney Experience app. We also recently revealed reimagined rooms coming to two of our original Disney Resort hotels that opened alongside Magic Kingdom Park in 1971: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

Speaking of Disney Resort hotel stays, we know many of you are also wondering when Disney dining plan packages will return. While we’re not quite ready to share an update on timing, we are planning to bring this guest-favorite option back at a later date. We will also continue to reopen more Resort offerings, including restaurants like ‘Ohana (with the noodles!).

With so much excitement in the air, we invite you to be our guest and stay in the magic during “The World’s Most Magical Celebration!”

*Please note that Disney Resort hotel benefits are subject to change without notice.


  • We had our honeymoon at MK in 72
    We enjoyed the 25th in MK and the other worlds. We had APH for several years since we live in Wisconsin it was pricey but we felt worth it

    Based on current pricing and all the perks you’ve taken away to improve your bottom line.
    Price to benefits ratio, Does not make financial sense. Bye bye Mickey.

  • Will EMH eventually be opened back to guests from all resorts?

  • Could not agree more with all the comments on here. We last visited in 2019 and enjoyed free dining and two glorious weeks at Coronado Springs Resort.

    We, like everyone else, save like mad for our Disney holidays. In the last few years, Walt Disney World has taken away the Magical Express, free parking for on site guests, fastpasses, free dining – replaced with the credit offer which Disney *know* is nowhere near as good value, and EMH for all on site guests – replaced with this system.

    Bring back free dining, fastpasses (and keep them free for goodness sake – for families a paid fastpass is an outrageous additional expense) and a proper EMH system for on site guests.

    All we’re asking for is a return to how it was pre-Covid. Don’t use the 50th Anniversary to attempt to champion less of an experience than was offered before.

  • We booked a trip for September thinking Disney would try to open back up and get Disney back to way it used to be ASAP. Now it seems like everything not being done now because of safety concerns, but that they are using covid as an excuse to take things away (particularly benefits of staying on property like magic mornings and early fastpass). I feel like those of us that booked when things less certain are missing out because they are so focused on the 50th and tying all the perks to that. Originally I felt comfortable booking week before 50th because announcement about early park hours for hotel guests said “leading up to” so I thought that surely meant in advance of….Please give those of us coming before then something to be excited about like fastpass so we don’t have to cancel!

  • Really disappointed that you are segregating your guests experience by the resort they choose!! Every single paying child and adult should be included in the extra perks for staying at ANY DISNEY property no matter if they are Camping, Value, Moderate or Deluxe!! Also the pick a park every day of your vacation is ridiculous!!! You should be allowed to go to any park any day or time you choose with the tickets you purchased!! This is not true park hopping!! Definitely not what I originally paid for!! And Virtual Queues are totally unfair!! You should also offer the option of getting in line – every single paying guest should be able to ride any ride they choose with the ticket they purchased!! I’m afraid to see what your plans are for fast pass!! Disney you need to find a way to put the heart ♥️ & Magic ✨back into your marketing and operating plans! No child should be segregated or excluded!! What about Shades of Green?? Where do they fall on your segregating tier plan? Please open the rest of the closed resorts!! Even though they are Moderate & Value Resorts (we know they aren’t your main concern) these Resorts are important to your guests!! You can do better!!

  • The language earlier this year when we booked said “leading up to the 50th” so I thought we were safe booking the last week in September and that early park entry would be available then. I am so upset that we are paying to stay at a really nice Disney hotel, and it seems that all they care about is the 50th and not the people that were supporting them before the big event and booked when things were uncertain. With no fast pass and no early park entry why are we even staying at a Disney resort? I’m very disappointed and will probably cancel. Why not get Disney back to Disney before the 50th? PLEASE bring back FASTPASS prior to 50th at least….

  • This just makes me sad. Disney fans, no matter where they stay, spend a lot of money to come here. Extra magic hours used to be such an amazing experience, getting to walk through magic kingdom late at night or getting an early flight of passage in animal kingdom. Now you have made what used to be so magical just absolute nonsense with “early park entry” just a measly 30 minutes before the parks open for all and “extended evening hours” just for those who can afford to pay the absolute highest dollar to stay on site. Not to mention all the other perks resort hotel guests have lost it’s almost better at this point to stay off site. But I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears as it seems certain higher ups could not care in the slightest for their fan base, but just look to how they can increase the bottom dollar. Please Disney reconsider how you are treating your fans. You are breaking our hearts. Poor form Disney.

  • Hope the early entry is a minimum of 90 minutes and not just 30 minutes as has been rumored. 30 minutes is practically meaningless and equates to only 1, possibly 2, attraction(s). Likewise, the extended evening hours for deluxe resort guests need to be a minimum of 3 hours to make the premium cost of those resorts worth it.

  • Would be nice if you brought back fastpass in some form (not paid) before September. That’s if we get to go

  • Still waiting for Florida Annual Passes to return for sale. We’d definitely consider a *stay-cation* at a deluxe resort… but since we live only a few miles from the MK we are waiting for Fl APs so that we can visit often (not just once per year). Can’t afford to buy day passes every time we’d like to dine at one of our favorite restaurants inside a WDW park. 🙁

  • This is BRILLIANT news!!! I love the late evening extended hours so can’t wait for my stay at The Contemporary. Thank you ! (You are totally forgiven for the Incredibles now)

  • I know some people are melting down about evening hours on certain nights only being for Deluxe resort guests. Disney is not required to give anyone extra hours. I am staying at a Deluxe resort this trip since I saved and saved for past two years. Next year I am staying at POP Century for my trip. I have no problem with not getting this perk on my trip next year. Last year I paid for an After Hours event and people without tickets were melting down then too. I’ve also seen guests not staying at a Disney resort melt down about not being able to get EMH. Its called a perk, not a given.

  • Hoping that the other comments on this blog post might give Disney food for thought. It’s wrong to price out guests from the extra evening hours who can only afford value and Morse rate hotels. Even more so for non US guests. Being from the UK and having to folk out 3000 for flights alone means I can’t even contemplate affording a deluxe hotel. From this I will never experience extra evening hours. Maybe Disney need to have a rethink on this one.

  • The extra magic hours for only certain guests really stinks Disney. I’ve been saving for three years to be able to make the 50th and because I can only afford a value resort then I don’t get the EMH. I really hope you reconsider, and show that all guests are welcomed and deserve the same park perks. You’re basically saying the deluxe guests are better because they can pay more.

  • Will the Swan and Dolphin count as Deluxe resorts for the extended evening hours?

  • Will the Swan & Dolphin count as Deluxe resorts for the extended evening hours?

  • We have been going to Disney World since 2014 every year and I’m not happy that only deluxe resorts get the extra hours. We works hard to save up for every Disney vacation and spend a lot to be left out. It should be for all resorts guest like it has been in the past. Is just so unfair to the rest of us that stay at a value or moderate resort.

  • Really unfortunate and disappointing that the late night hours are into for deluxe resorts. They should be for all Disney resorts!! Doesn’t feel very inclusive at all. You’re better than this, Disney!

  • Will DVC members get to use the late hours at the park as well?

  • Thanks for confirming that I’m only a second-tier or even third-tier guest.

    And a whole half hour in the morning, as you were advertising before? Not even an hour? That’s of very little benefit.

  • Will the dining plan be in time for end of October beginning of November?

  • That is unfortunate that only deluxe resort guests get evening magic hours. Are there any perks left for resorts guests in value or moderate resorts? If I had my annual pass back I could afford to stay deluxe but having to buy tickets every trip it is not an option. when will annual pass sales come back?

  • Really exciting news! Sad to miss the extra hours as we’re coming in mid-late September for our own birthday celebration, but so happy that guests will enjoy the 50th and the magic of Disney! We sure do hope the meal plans return before we get there. Just need those Fast Passes and Character Meets and we’re back to the Dis we love most!

  • How about the fan favorite fried chicken at Trail’s End????

  • Wow, let the class system begin. So much for that 5th key of inclusion.

  • Is there any updates on pass holders being able to have more than 3 active theme park reservations? I’d like to make a few weekend trips in the fall, but with the max of 3, it’s thought to be able to plan a visit.

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