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First Look Inside a Reimagined Guest Room at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Jeremy Schoolfield

by , Walt Disney Imagineering Communications Manager

When Walt and Roy Disney dreamed of a magical new future at Walt Disney World Resort, part of that vision became reality with Disney’s Contemporary Resort. With the Monorail running right through its A-frame tower, the resort was an instant icon at The Most Magical Place on Earth – a tribute to the future of imagination and progress.

As Walt Disney World prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary this October, Walt Disney Imagineering is continuing to build on the optimistic spirit of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, enhancing the retro-modern aesthetic evoking Tomorrowland … with a dash of something Incredible, too.

Currently all nine floors of guest rooms in the tower are being completely refurbished, and here’s a first look at the new décor debuting this fall. As you can see, these rooms will blend a sleek Monorail motif with some favorite characters from Pixar Animation Studios’ Incredibles films, including Jack-Jack, Frozone and Edna Mode. New custom artwork in guest rooms and along guest corridors will be modern, futuristic and oh so stylish, dahling, complementing the resort’s architecture while putting the Supers’ powers on display.

In the lobby, you’ll soon see a collection of modern art pieces as well as historical, behind-the-scenes photographs of Disney’s Contemporary Resort in development and under construction. The resort’s lobby restaurant, The Wave… of American Flavors, will also soon close to make way for a reimagined dining experience in time for the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration. And once the tower guest rooms are complete, work will begin on the rooms inside the Garden Wing out on the shore of Bay Lake.

All the excitement at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is part of the ongoing evolution of the Disney Resorts Collection at Walt Disney World, where the magic you find in our theme parks extends to every moment of your vacation. We’ll have more to share on this project in the months to come as we get ready for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” beginning Oct. 1, so keep checking back with us here at the Disney Parks Blog for all the details.


  • So glad I got to stay there when it was a deluxe resort. Now with the incredible theme it’s just another watered down, over themed hotel. This takes all the charm out of an iconic building. I won’t be paying top dollar to stay at a Disney hotel when I have to look at cartoon characters through out the whole room. Shame on Disney for doing this to such a great hotel.

  • I was lucky enough to stay at the Contemporary for most of my childhood visits. I agree with my of the other posters:
    – Adding characters everywhere in a room does not feel deluxe.
    – The overall design could be worked with to remove some of this character “explosion” and the room design might still be ok.
    – Work in the monorail theming to the existing design with shapes and space already in place.
    – Sounds minor, but it’s not: FROST the glass to the showers. Families stay in these rooms and providing the privacy would allow other family members to use the restroom while the shower is being used.

  • 3rd try to post this… please please bring some Mary Blair style to the remaining rooms. The Incredibles films are great but not iconic like the truly incredible Contemporary building , the aesthetic is not up to the standard of the subtle Riviera character touches , which I love. This resort is a Disney world treasure and deserves better.

  • Ooooohhhhh I really like how the rooms came out. The mid-century modern reminds me of growing up in the 1950s. The arch over the window can allow guests to feel as if they are looking out the front of the monorail. The “costumes” painted to look as if they are hanging up inside the closet are a nice detail, along with the artwork and special pillows. The bathroom is amazing. Cannot wait to see how the DVC wing eventually turns out!

  • I have never been so disappointed in a Disney room update. This is an iconic Disney resort that deserves so much better. These rooms would be great for a value resort, but this is supposed to be a deluxe resort, and it looks nothing close to that. Not all your guests want characters in their face 24/7. Some of us like staying at a Disney resort for their class and theme, and theme doesn’t mean it has to be characters hiding in your wardrobes and side table drawers. I’m sorry, this is a total fail, and I won’t stay there until after the next refurbishment.

  • What an abomination. Thanks for turning my favorite hotel into something that looks like the bedroom of a ten year old. This would be right at home in the value resorts like AOA or All-Star Movies. It doesn’t belong in a deluxe resort. Sad part is I was booked for a club level room here for next summer but as soon as I saw this I immediately canceled.

  • The common theme with Disney now is…DISAPPOINTMENT! I don’t know what is going on with their designers, imagineers etc….But the more they update EVERYTHING the worse it is. WHAT IS GOING ON??? From seeing dumpsters and cars along the route of the skyliner behind France (Walt would never want that) to drunks on skyliners (Walt would never want that), to dealing with constant YOUTUBERS and the ridiculous fake backdrop of Galaxy Edge while your driving outside the park…..Cast members exploit Disney after quitting and start youtube channels on disney….the expensive rates for Disney Hotels getting worse & worse with NO BENEFIT to staying on their property now…to all the disappointing renovations!!!! I’ve been going since 1976 and I have seen it all. I have never seen so many disappointing factors as I do now.

  • I’m okay with Disney characters in my hotel room on a Disney property. With that said… I don’t like this design. Looks tacky to me. I agree that it definitely doesn’t feel luxurious. I also agree I’d prefer a subtle Mickey and Minnie theme. They’re classic and timeless.

  • What about the Incredibles says “Contemporary”? If they were looking for a theme, the monorail alone would suffice. At least the sinks were changed. The likelihood my family will choose the Contemporary for our next visit has been reduced.

  • 3rd try to offer my opinion – I guess only looking for positive remarks…
    I am positive when I say that these seem very standard and not luxe for such a remarkable resort like the Contemporary!
    I agree with @Andrew – who thought it was a good idea not to frost the shower doors? A little privacy please?!
    There is now very little to differentiate any of the resorts that have been redone other than the sign out front.
    Sorry, it’s “incredibly” average especially for the magnificent location of the resort.

  • Absolutely love this! I hope to one day be lucky enough to stay at The Contemporary, and this fun new look just makes me want to stay there even more! It cracks me up when Disney “fans” complain about Disney/Pixar/etc. characters, it’s like why do you even go to WDW? There are plenty of non-Disney hotels you can stay at. I know life’s not fair, but it’s a shame that people who whine about Disney characters being added to a Disney hotel, or a Disney ride, etc. have the means to enjoy these things while there are plenty of fans who can only dream of being able to stay and enjoy these rooms, the parks, but will never be able to. Anyways, awesome work!

  • 😳

  • Uh, what does J.J. Abrams have to do with “The Incredibles”?

    Anyway, I’m not sure who was in charge of this idea but they could’ve done a better job than this especially since this is the hotel’s (and resort’s) 50th anniversary. I mean, couldn’t they do a limited edition 50th Anniversary theme celebrating iconic parts of the resorts (with some subtle Hidden Mickeys thrown for good measure)?

    Also, what ever happen to optimism, Ron? Something tells me this theme will be short-lived.

  • Love it. Came out better than I originally thought it would. I am glad to see that the Imagineers still have plenty of creativity left. The Incredibles theme ties in nicely with the Contemporary’s architecture. Looking forward to staying in an Incrediroom!

  • Love the details. The sleekness of the Incredibles room design compliments the architecture of the hotel itself. Looking forward to staying in one of the Incredirooms!

  • I’m so disappointed they chose the Incredibles…glad I got to stay there in 2018. I liked that it wasn’t overly done with the themes. Would have been nice to do a subtle Mickey and Minnie over the Incredibles.

  • Ugh… Who let JJ Abrams loose on this project? Not a fan, not a fan at all.

  • (Second attempt at posting this.) Nope, don’t like it. Not at all. Prefer the old room design by far. If I wanted that bright and busy of a room, I’d stay at AoA. Just doesn’t belong in the Contemporary. I’m also trying to imagine corporate people going to a convention there, and returning to their “Incredible” rooms. The subtle monorail theme makes sense, and with a former monorail pilot in the family, is a very welcome addition. But all I can say now is if there’s any hope left in this world, they’ll leave the garden wing with the old room design as an option for those who don’t want those bright, IP filled rooms. But realistically, I doubt that will happen. So thank goodness we got to stay there one last time this month before it’s all lost.

  • I love it. The look is great. I love M& M but can see changing things up. I will be there in November 2021 and Im looking forward to see the changes. If I could I would live there. Just a thought on the bathrooms: a bar to help an older person who needs slight assistance but not handycap would be helpful. Keeps me coming back

  • Nope, don’t like it. Not at all. Prefer the old room by far. If I wanted that bright and busy of a room, I’d stay at AoA. If there’s any hope left in the world, they’ll leave the garden wing with the old room design for those of us not into the super bright, IP filled rooms. But that won’t happen, so thank goodness we got to stay there one last time this month before it’s all is lost.

  • I have mixed feelings. I like the overall look of the design, though I’m disappointed to have characters (other than a subtle Mickey and Minnie profile) invade our “private space”in the World.

  • Horrible. Not a fan of this, and doesn’t seem fitting for the Contemporary at all.

  • The incredible theme was a stretch…get it? But seriously; it’s not working with the iconic contemporary resort. Love the monorail idea; stick with it. Bed frames and bathroom all look good; but imagine this with a monorail pillow? & the fab 5 in Tomorrowland cast costumes. The incredibles has a setting of the past which is clashing with the idea of the contemporary, but would work well at pop century.

  • Is it too late to frost the glass on that shower? When everyone’s trying to get ready in the morning, it would be nice if person A could brush their teeth at sink while person B is in the shower…

  • These are gorgeous! Are they planned to be open by/on October 1st? We’d love to stay here!

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