The Search Is On For Disney Magic Makers

Shelby Grasser

by , Manager - Corporate Citizenship, Disney Experiences

Do you know someone who makes magic by bringing comfort, support and joy to those around them? Now’s your chance to recognize all of the positivity and happiness they’ve brought to you or your community… and they may just win a trip to Walt Disney World Resort and a one-year subscription to Disney+

Starting today through Oct. 1, 2021, you can nominate any person who inspires you for the Disney Magic Makers contest by visiting and sharing the positive impact they have made. You can further share their amazing story with a public post using #DisneyMagicMakers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. Fifty nominees whose inspirational acts of kindness, compassion, and creativity best exemplify the values of a Disney Magic Maker will win a trip to Walt Disney World Resort to join “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” during the 50th anniversary and a one-year subscription to Disney+.

“All of us at Disney have been inspired by the countless acts of goodwill by people across the country throughout the pandemic,” said Josh D’Amaro, Chairman, Disney Parks Experiences and Products. “These magic makers and their stories have changed us in ways we never imagined.  That’s why we’re so proud to celebrate those who continue to make everyday magic a reality.” 

So what does it take to be a Disney Magic Maker? Magic moments come in all shapes and sizes, from simple, sincere acts between neighbors to massive acts of charity, kindness and generosity. What binds these special moments together is the way they raise spirits, inspire communities, and connect people to one another. 

The magic doesn’t stop there. Disney will also donate a total of $400,000 among four non-profits that demonstrated resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic: Make-A-Wish®, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and The Nature Conservancy. These organizations each found unique and innovative ways to continue serving their communities when they needed magic most.

For more examples of inspiring acts of goodwill from #DisneyMagicMakers, check this out:

For full details, and to cast your nomination, visit

How To Nominate a Disney Magic Maker:


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Enter contest between June 22, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. ET and October 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., who are 18 years of age at time of entry. Nominees must be at least 13 years of age at time of nomination. Limit 5 entries per person. See Official Rules for full details on how to enter, eligibility requirements, contest entry periods, prize description and limitations. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, Inc., 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521.


  • I want to get a chance to give the one person in my life a chance at happiness!! She is my mom who is always giving and giving to not one person but whole community and towns she is in her 70s and still works a full time job so she can make sure each family that lives in her apartment complex has a well ran and nice place to raise their kids. And for her elderly renters to enjoy there end of life days!! She also cooks for people and does fund raising for people in Africa and others she has never been anywhere special and I want her to see the magic at Disney please help her get some of her magic back

    • Thank you for sharing Lisa! Your mom has such a kind heart, we love hearing how she brings joy and magic to her community. Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • Hi! I would like to nominate my husband! He works in the restaurant business, during this pandemic, when they have to close the restaurant when it hit NY, he assembled a team to open a community kitchen to feed first responders and people in need in NY. He raised funds and made it possible to use the space to help people, he is our hero. He had to work tirelessly to keep peoples jobs, at the same time loosing his mother, he was not able to be at her side when she died, in all his grief he focused in helping other people, his work along with all his teammates served hundreds of thousands of delicious complete meals to families in need.

    • Thank you for sharing! It is amazing what your husband is doing for his community. Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • I’d love to see my older brother and his new family go to Disney land. After an accident that left me paralyzed they dropped everything to take care of me even with a new born. “Sam” his wife worked over nights as a nurse and spent the days helping me walk again while taking care of the child. Chris and Sam Dobransky

    • Hi Haley! We appreciate Sam and Chris for being there for you and bringing magic into this world! Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • I would like to nominate my husband for doing a great & amazing job for taking care of our twins! He never get a chance to get out of the house without his kids & he definitely needs to relax. During the pandemic is even more a stressful since I picked more hours to work @ the hospital, while twin’s stayed home for school on line. Getting up early to do groceries while I takeover the household & drives me to work after. He comes home & do all over again for the weeks turns to months to & 1 1/2 years later. This vacation is much needed to de-stress & hopefully to get away from this crazy routine @ home. Thank u in advance🤗. Our twins would love to come to Disneyland/world since they were never flew or out of Canada. They’ll be turning 6 this December & would be nice to take them & see the magic of Disney

    • Thank you for sharing your Disney Magic Maker, he is doing a great job and we love hearing how he is making magic in this world. Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • I would like to nominate Jessica Gennarelli. She is my future daughter in law. Jess has been working as an amazing teacher to make a difference in young people’s life. Since the pandemic she has worked every day on a computer zoom call to teach children how to adapt to their difficult environment. Hours upon hours she brings laughter and knowledge to children who are at home, and creates a safe classroom fir each student. Her brilliance to motivate these children is infectious. When I stop by to bring lunch – I can hear her love and dedication to these children. Even though they are at home in front of a computer screen she continues day after day and brings life to her zoom classroom. I hear laughter and up beat students that are happy to learn, they respond so well to her. She spends-so many hours at home trying so hard to make a difference in each and every child’s life. Never a complaint from Jessica. Hours fly by for her students when Jessica is the teacher. As an artist she then provides lessons to any student who would love to learn to draw. They all love Disney. So she tells them “ if we can’t go to Disney, we will make Disney come to us.” She is a beautiful talented artist who keeps their dreams alive. I have never seen such a dedicated teacher who puts so much time and effort into making her students not only happy but fills them with so much knowledge and all through a computer. As a huge Disney fan she brings the Disney magic alive to all her students. Her smiling children is her reward at the end of the day. She is an amazing dedicated teacher and to me that is the power of magic. We need more teachers like Jessica who bring such magic to our children. Now fir the summer she works a day camp still from her computer at home. Keeping each child’s dreams alive. She is such an uplifting, dedicated person who deserves to represent the Disney magic to all youngest in this uncertain world we live in. Jessica Gennarelli is what Disney is. Hope, laughter, joy and a way to dream and to dream big. And that is the power of a Disney marker. Keeping the magic always alive. Thank you Jessica for your dedication. God bless you.

    • Jessica, thank you for your dedication and bringing magic to your students in the classroom! Keep spreading joy and happiness to those around you. Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • I would like to nominate my mom, Carol DePonte. She has made the Disney Magic happen the last 49 years. Twenty five years ago we were on stage during the Cinderella 25th Spectacular. We were celebrating he mother’s 80th birthday. We are now going to celebrate her 85th birthday on October 29, 2021. This year is the milestone year for her daughter turning 60 and grandson 30. It would be a great way to end this pandemic with a great celebration for are family to reunite in Disney World. Love the Disney Magic, Laura DePonte

    • Wow what a milestone! We are wishing you all the happiest of birthdays this year and thank you Carol for making magic for over 49 years. Cheers to more adventures! Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • I would love to nominate my family! It has been a hard couple of years with me in and out of operations, my sons Christopher (11) and Brandon (8) have dreamed of coming to Disney World and even though funds are tight as we will welcome our daughter Savannah in a couple months the boys still remain hopeful we will see it one day! Please select my family so me and my husband can see a forever smile on our children’s face! One more operation to go! Then off to Disney! Fingers crossed and PRAYERS UP! God bless

    • Thank you for sharing, your family is Incredible. Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • I would like to give this opportunity to my mother and my little brothers. My mother is a single mother of two boys who does not depend on their father. She has been working hard but does not have enough to take them to disney. They havent been on a vacation for quite a long time and I know this would just be an amazing moment and their relationship would grow im sure they need a vacation like this. I would love to help my mom out but i also have a family of my own so i cannot afford this trip for them and we just came about a month ago stayed for 4 days! Hope you guys have it in your heart to give my brothers the chance to expierence what my family did. Thank you have a bless magical day!

    • Thank you for sharing your nominees with us, we hope you had a magical time in our Parks! Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • The last time we were able to visit Disney as a family was Christmas 2014 into New Year’s Eve 2015. Unfortunately we all got sick on this trip. I developed bronchitis, my oldest son and husband developed sinus infections and my youngest son had an ear infection. We pushed through for most of the week taking in all of the wonders of Disney and enjoying each minute we could. By the end of the week we lost energy and got sicker. We didn’t feel up to leaving our hotel room. Then the most dreaded thing happened, I received a phone call that my Mom passed away unexpectedly. I keep saying we need another trip to Disney so we can spend it on a healthier and happier note. My boys have Autism but work very hard in school and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Since I need to be home with my boys to care for them I can’t work it’s hard for my husband to save up all the funds we need for a Disney at the moment. I am always showing my boys the benefits of volunteering and helping others. I volunteer and make blankets for hospitals. I donated many masks and ear savers at the start of the pandemic. My oldest son spends his time during the school year tutoring other students at his school. We would have so much joy and fun if we won a trip to Disney. It would mean everything to us and it definitely would be a trip we would never forget! Thank you for considering picking my little family of 4 who so desperately would love to return to Disney, our home away from home! ❤️

    • Your family is doing so much for your community! Thank you guys for being inspirational. Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • Hello there Disney!!!!!!! What a pleasure to be able to try and win a chance to visit. I’m nominated my daughter Ashton T Grams. The reason I feel she should win are my daughter has Patience, Grit, and Grace for herself with raising three boys all by herself. My daughter deserves to be able to go on vacation with her boys to enjoy a place so exciting especially since they have never been able to afford or take a vacation. Learning to remain calm through all the chaos is a lifetime lesson. She strives to teach her boys how to strong, yet vulnerable. Brave, yet humble. Courageous and fearless, yet unafraid to ask for help. She is blessed to have such a great role and how she teaches her boys. Please honor her with this vacation my sweet daughter deserves something fun and exciting with her boys. Thank you Disney…..

    • Ashton sounds like a great mom, thank you for sharing with us! Make sure to go to if you would like to nominate!

  • It’s just my son and I, I work very hard as a single mother with no questions asked, I just would love a chance to experience Disney with my son who will be 5 in September. I would love to surprise him with a trip of a lifetime if I could get a chance.

  • I would like for my great grandson (12) have the chance to go to Disney as he has been working hard for several years showing cows in school show for his and is burned out and needs some fun in his life My granddaughter is a signal parent. She lost her job 2020 and is having to clean homes for her income which does not pay well. Thank you Grandma

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