NEW Awe-Inspiring Virtual Adventures For Kids With National Geographic Explorers

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

From virtual Mount Everest climbs to out-of-this-world sights, National Geographic has delivered the magic of adventure to Disney Parks Blog readers for years. Now, we’re thrilled to share a new series of on-demand experiences for your kids ­– the explorers of tomorrow! 

Search Beyond the Cosmos

National Geographic Live Explorer Academy Adventures is a special, limited-run series of streaming videos led by real National Geographic Explorers.

As part of the adventures, your kids will use science and curiosity to solve puzzles, break codes, and make discoveries.

This series of adventures features a variety of National Geographic’s most interesting topics, including amazing ancient civilizations, mysterious sea creatures, outer space and more. Here’s the full list:

Week 1 – Rainforests

Week 2 – Creepy Crawlies

Week 3 – Ocean

Week 4 – Ancient Civilizations

Week 5 – Mammals

Week 6 – Mad Science

Week 7 – Outer Space

Week 8 – Dinosaurs

Week 9 – Weird Animals

Week 10 – Cultural Connections

Week 11 – Your World

Find 65-million year-old giants. Sea creatures

These themed weeks are based on the hit National Geographic Kids books Explorer Academy. Each week includes “missions,” where kids will conduct experiments and complete craft activities, and “challenges,” where kids can solve puzzles, decode ciphers, and untangle word scrambles.

Tinker with innovative tech. Robot

Along the way, kids will uncover clues throughout that will illuminate the answers for that week’s virtual escape room.

Adventures are available now! You can purchase any upcoming week or a previously released week before Sept. 3, 2021. And your child can view the on-demand weeks from the time of the release until Dec. 31, 2021 (subject to change). For more information, visit

Training the explorers of tomorrow. Baby elephant.

Also, keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for updates on National Geographic Live Explorer Academy Adventures.