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Pride is Always in Style: Elijah Stewart

Nicole Nalty

by , Employee Culture Communications Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products

Being a Disney cast member has always been a part of Elijah Stewart’s plans. Throughout his time at Walt Disney World Resort, he’s had several roles, most recently working in Merchandise in the France and Morocco pavilions at EPCOT. But no matter what role he’s in, Elijah is always true to himself. “My mom always told me, no matter what, whoever it is, be your authentic self,” Elijah shared.

And now, with the recent changes to The Disney Look, Elijah can further express himself when he’s at work. “I love the new changes and the new key of Inclusion,” Elijah shared. “As a member of the LGBTQ community, it means a lot to me, because we can be ourselves. I think this change is amazing –– now everyone can be who they are.”

Elijah is just as vibrant in person as he is on his colorful Disney-themed Instagram account, @_WorldofElijah. He spreads positivity every day and encourages everyone to share their stories authentically and proudly. “Having pride in ourselves, is not just about being gay or being lesbian –– it’s just about being proud of who you are,” Elijah said.

During Pride Month and beyond, Elijah’s uses the updated Disney Look guidelines to celebrate. “It is a celebration that I will never forget –– being able to have my nails painted for the month … and be who I am,” Elijah said. “It means the world to me.”


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“[Being at Disney has allowed me] to be who I am,” he continued. “That’s something that I did struggle with in high school… I was always nervous about what people would have to say about who I am. Working for Disney has helped me to be my true authentic self.”


  • We just got back from a 12 day trip, and it was SO amazing to see the cast members show off their tattoos, hair, nails and jewelry. I was especially happy for those working so hard in the hot sun who were now able to wear short sleeves and shorts, and in speaking to them, they were pretty darned happy about it, too! Love the new Disney Look and the new Disney Key of Inclusion! 🙂

  • I LOVE this. Elijah embodies what it is to be a cast member (and I say this as a former Disneyland cast member). It doesn’t matter who we are, or hor we identify. And I’m glad that the fifth key of inclusivity has been added. Because from the video, Elijah embodies someone who should receive whatever the current Walt Disney World equivalent of the Spirit of Disneyland Award (which I received in 1995) is. Consider this my nomination, even though I’m not actually qualified to nominate Elijah.