#DisneyCastLife Spotlight: Mireille

Emily Wagner

by , Digital Employee Communications Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products

Around our world, Disney Parks and Resorts make our guests feel welcome. This looks unique to everyone: some may feel the swell of the background music, some may smell the sweets from a nearby cart, others may look at stunning sites that are either familiar or completely, enchantingly new. While all of these possibilities vary from park to park and person to person, there’s one thing every location shares: Disney cast members who are an essential part of that welcome. And here’s one cast member who made the welcome something extra special. 

Mireille’s worked at Walt Disney World Resort for 14 years and counting with the Custodial team at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. She loves her team and is a trainer for new cast members. If you’re lucky enough to arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for park opening, you may catch Mireille doing her favorite part of her role, which truly speaks for itself: 


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This happens every day that Mireille is there. In every and any location she finds herself starting the day. I was lucky enough to join Mireille for a morning. She shared that this became part of her routine in her role long ago, and it’s something she wants to do every morning. 

“When people arrive here, they may be facing something difficult, and I will never know what that is,” Mireille said. “But I can wave to them, say ‘good morning,’ and make them smile.” 

That care and compassion to make everyone feel seen and welcome extends to everyone Mireille passes by. Walking with her from the breakrooms to her favorite corner of Hollywood Boulevard, you may mistake her for mayor of the whole place because she says hello to every other cast member, leader, security guard, third shift teammate—no one is a stranger to Mireille, and everyone is worth stopping for and saying hello. 

Mireille on Sunset Boulevard

This matters to Mireille. Deeply. You should know that she was happy to talk with me about her role and share some of her favorite moments, but she also carefully checked the time to make sure she wouldn’t miss the start of the day! 

“I’m happy to see everyone,” she smiled as she walked out to greet guests at the main entrance as they waited for the park to open. And then she left me in the dust—she’s one fast walker and she wants to wave to every single person coming off the Disney Skyliner, Friendship Boats and Disney Buses.

I eventually caught up with her and caught my breath along Sunset Boulevard, but it wasn’t long after that I had happy tears in my eyes as I watched Mireille wave and wave. And wave. And welcome person after person. She stretched her arms as far as she could so everyone could see. Every smile was returned, each special celebration button acknowledged. More than one guest stopped to say, “she’s just wonderful,” or “she made my day.” I couldn’t agree more. 

“If you do something very simple, you may not know it, but it matters to somebody.”

Mireille waves and smiles

Mireille’s enthusiasm and intentionality to welcome everyone is a reminder of how ordinary moments become extraordinary magic. Mireille embodies the traits of a true Disney Princess not only during World Princess Week, but every day that she makes magic at Disney Parks!