Hong Kong Disneyland’s New Outdoor Musical Party Inspires the Pursuit of Dreams

Tommy Lee

by , Communications Editor, Communications and Public Affairs, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland’s new stage show, “Follow Your Dreams,” is an eclectic blend of rearranged classic Disney songs with live singing and dancing throughout. This new outdoor musical party features surprise appearances from some new Disney characters on stage for the first time, along with exciting pyro effects, mesmerizing water fountain technology and a host of giant props and installations. Set against the backdrop of the Castle of Magical Dreams, the 20-minute show takes guests on a journey to follow their own dreams and reach for the stars.

Ceejay at Hong Kong Disneyland

Ceejay, Music Director

“My dream has always been to be able to create music that moves and inspires people, so I’m really proud of this show. Each of the songs pay homage to some classic Disney tunes that everybody knows and loves, so I know the show will resonate with a lot of people. They certainly stick in your head after hearing them!”

Cast member, Emily, at Hong Kong Disneyland

Emily, Vocalist

“For me, joining Hong Kong Disneyland was a journey of trying and failing again and again. I grew up with a tough experience and learned how to transform my frustrations into a thirst for success. The lyrics of the theme song “Follow Your Dreams” contain the phrase “It’s never too late for you to start.” Everyone’s dream is different, and no matter what your age and background, as long as you dare to purse your dreams it’s never too late. I hope everyone can realize how important it is to pursue these dreams with desire after watching the show.”

Cast member, Gogo, at Hong Kong Disneyland

Gogo, Production Stage Management

“Stage management is like a bridge connecting different teams, communicating, understanding and adapting to everyone’s different needs. We also check occasional situations in advance to prevent any potential problems. We also play a role during the show making sure that the right person and the right thing appear at the right time and place. We’re really lucky to have the opportunity to create a castle show, because few people can have these chances. I was part of the opening team at Shanghai Disneyland, and also worked on their castle show. So it can be said that my dreams at different stages have come true!”

For even more surprises be sure to follow Hong Kong Disneyland and be sure to stay up-to-date with all the new celebrations as the resort continues celebrating its 15th anniversary.