Imagineering the Disney Wish: Construction Updates from Germany

Philip Gennotte

by , Portfolio Project Management Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering Germany

“Moin” from Papenburg, Germany! I’m Philip, the portfolio project management executive for Walt Disney Imagineering Germany, responsible for overseeing the design, construction and delivery of the new class of cruise ships for Disney Cruise Line. I’m excited to be your eyes and ears on the ground here at the Meyer Werft shipyard as we bring the Disney Wish to life.

These past months have been very exciting as we continue building the Disney Wish, and I want to share details on two specific spaces the team is currently working on. 

Wheelhouse Installation

The wheelhouse, also known as “the bridge,” is an incredibly important part of any ship. The captain and officers command the entire ship from this location. 

The wheelhouse for the Disney Wish is nearing completion and is part of a huge block to be installed on the ship in the building dock. We have all eagerly awaited this moment, as this block will truly give the Disney Wish an identity. I would even go as far as saying that it gives our ship a face!

The wheelhouse was very carefully designed both from a navigational and functional means but also from an aesthetical point of view. With the lifting and installation of this very large and very wide block, the next milestone in the impressive construction process is achieved. The second main building part of the Disney Wish, the entire foreship, has now been constructed.

The next step will be to get the first building part, the so-called gigablock, to be “married” to the foreship. Following this, the remaining aft blocks will be lifted and installed to complete the entire ship. So more to come very soon!

Bow Installation

All the ships in our fleet have very elegant lines with sleek hulls and long bows, and the Disney Wish will certainly carry on this tradition. As construction of our newest ship is progressing at full speed, another important milestone has been achieved.

Just installed is the impressive bow of the Disney Wish, where Captain Minnie will be featured in a beautifully designed medallion and filigree. As part of the shipyard’s high-tech block building principle, the bow block has been lifted and installed to reveal the graceful bow of the Disney Wish. This block is just one of nearly 100 total blocks, and the tip of the bow alone weighs an impressive 500 metric tons!

The entire process of lifting, installing and fully welding the bow block, while being suspended from the overhead gantry crane, took just under 10 hours.

Following the successful installation of this bow block, there are just over 30 blocks remaining to be installed in the coming weeks to complete the Disney Wish in time for the ship’s maiden voyage in June 2022 July 2022. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this progress!


  • Sirs – we started going on the Disney cruises at Christmas when the kids were young when the cruises were on the ” BIG RED BOAT ” and continued for a few years after. We have not been on a Disney cruise for quite a few years since I became a career firefighter and could not get Christmas off.
    Question 1- can we get onto the ignaugeral ” maiden ” cruise from Europe. We have been on ignaugeral sand had a blast.
    Question2- what does the Christmas cruise for the wish look like ????
    Question3- if the covid interrupts the cruise, then what
    Question 4- all four of my family are annual pass holders in Disney world, any help being pass holders with questions 1 and 2 ???
    Thank you – Randy Coddington

  • I’m stocked with the fantastic innovation at hand, learning to implement new technique and creativity really goes along way in the immersive experience! Hopefully I get to take on board, and join The Walt Disney Imagineering Department as an intern in this particular area. With the hint given, Mr. Philip Gennotte. I have applied to the Management Intern Role WDI, hopefully this will come across with open hands and opportunity. I’m highly eager, and highly motivated. Cheers!

    -Andrei Townley

  • Looking forward to sailing on the Wish. We have cruised on most of the other Disney ships / but the Wish looks special.

  • Welcome to the blog Mr. Philip!

  • And the hype train is back on!! Not a week goes by without me thinking about this trip but this is the content I needed.

  • Super, Nice schip

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