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Disney Genie Service to Reimagine the Guest Experience at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

Avery Maehrer

by , Manager of Communications, Walt Disney World Resort

We’re almost ready to let Disney Genie out of the lamp!

Coming this fall to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, Disney Genie is a complimentary and convenient new digital service designed to create your best Disney day. We’ve been listening to your feedback – you want planning to be easier, you want more flexibility and you want better tools to help you make the most of your visit – and that’s exactly what Disney Genie is here to do. We’ve made significant investments in this cool new technology, which guides you through our theme parks with tips that can help you reduce time in lines, discover magic around every corner and take the guesswork out of “what’s next.”

Built right into the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps, Disney Genie service will maximize your park time, so you can have more fun. It includes a personalized itinerary feature that will quickly and seamlessly map out an entire day. From specific attractions, foodie experiences and entertainment, to general interests like Disney princesses, villains, Pixar, Star Wars, thrill rides and more – just tell Disney Genie what you want to do and it will do the planning for you.

Here are a few more features:

  • Get Itinerary Updates from Morning to Night: Disney Genie will continue to update your itinerary throughout your day, so you can be more spontaneous and go with the flow.
  • Find Your Favorites at a Glance: Create your very own personal tip board to instantly see your favorites. It will display current AND forecasted future wait times, helping you predict when you might experience quicker entry to attractions.
  • Enjoy More Flexibility and Fun: Disney Genie brings existing planning features together in one place. Join a virtual queue at certain attractions, make dining and experience reservations, mobile order food at many locations, get help from a virtual assistant and more.

For even more convenience and flexibility, there are two other options for enjoying our theme parks, through a queue we are introducing called the Lightning Lane entrance that also saves you time in line:

  • Disney Genie+ service (available for purchase): For the price of $15 per ticket per day at Walt Disney World Resort and $20 per ticket per day at Disneyland Resort, choose the next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences using the Lightning Lane entrance. You can make one selection at a time, throughout the day – from classics like Haunted Mansion to thrill rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and newer favorites like Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (attractions subject to limited availability). This convenient option is the next evolution of the fan-favorite Disney MaxPass service from Disneyland Resort. Disney Genie+ will also include Disney parks-themed audio experiences and photo features to capture your memories – augmented reality lenses for those visiting Walt Disney World Resort and unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from your day if you are visiting Disneyland Resort.
  • Individual attraction selections (available for purchase): Schedule a time to arrive at up to two highly demanded attractions each day using the Lightning Lane entrance – like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Park and Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure park (subject to limited availability; attractions not included with Disney Genie+). Pricing for this option will vary by date, attraction and park and will be announced closer to launch.

Lightning Lane selections will be made on the same day of your visit and can be used across multiple theme parks, great for those who love the Park Hopper option. Attractions continue to offer a traditional standby queue, or a virtual queue at certain attractions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – to maximize flexibility.

While the FASTPASS, FastPass+ and Disney MaxPass services will be retired, we’re incredibly excited about the flexibility and choices Disney Genie service provides. You can choose from all of our new options, a mix of them or none at all, and continue to have a great experience no matter how you decide to plan your best Disney day.

We are also making some enhancements to our Disability Access Service (DAS) program, including new options to enroll in the program pre-arrival and for DAS participants to select attractions directly in the app. These options will be available in addition to our existing, in-person DAS program. Visit our Services for Guests with Disabilities page DisneyWorld.com and Disneyland.com for more details.

For more details on Disney Genie, visit DisneyWorld.com/DisneyGenie and Disneyland.com/DisneyGenie and check out this video from Gary Daniels, Vice President of Digital Experience. Stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog for updates real soon, including how to purchase Disney Genie+.


  • More than a little depressed. Over the years Disney has found multiple ways to pull additional money out of guests without it feeling like tickets are rising. Disney is quickly becoming a pay, pay, pay, pay, pay model. Parks are too crowded for me to continue to pay additional fees.

    Free thigs that were taken away over the years.
    -magic express
    -luggage transfer at airport
    -fastpass +
    -extra magic hours
    -resort parking

    I have an honest bet that the transportation from resorts to the parks will be a paid service in the next 5years. Sad.

  • I’m excited for this, but honestly prefer Universal’s paid system. There I’m not on my phone constantly trying to figure out where to go next. We pay for express pass and go whenever we want to whichever ride we want. Also, as a west coast person, our family does not rope drop. We sleep in, do late breakfast and get to the parks around 10 then close the parks down each night. Will I have to get up early to make the paid reservations for 2 attractions? Will there be any LL entrances left if you arrive later in the day? It would be nice to be able to make the 2 paid LL reservations for every day of your visit say on the first day of your vacation or 30 days in advance. Not excited to get up early every day to set this up. (Do not mind this at DL since it’s the same time zone and east coast people visiting DL are 3 hours ahead, not behind).

  • I think it’s a great idea! A Disney Experience is a premium experience. They need to make a higher priced true lux tier. A $3,000 annual pass would be ideal. If it was cheap it wouldn’t be as special for anyone. For those who argue about the price increases, a visit to the park is optional if you don’t like the price don’t patronize it. Simple.

  • You listened to our feedback and came away with us wanting to pay for fast passes? As you continue to raise prices and lower the quality of the parks, at least have the decency to stop pretending that we want these things.

  • So, I now have to pay for a service that was included in the ticket price previously and I cannot do it in advance of the day I visit? The “A” ticket rides are only included on a pay as you go basis, that you have to book the day of and at a time dependent on whether you are staying on property or not? I think someone was looking at the budget when they made the decision to green light this project, not how it would affect their customer base.

  • Well Disney finally did it. I have taken my family every year since 1998 for a least a week. Some years we took multiple trips. I am done. Disney can kiss my eleven grand a year goodbye. I will never take my family again. They have taken me for granted and I will spend my money other places. I expect better from Disney. They are supposed to lead the industry not it. I will cancel my November 2021 trip in the next couple of days.

  • For Genie + at $15 pp per day can you use this when you park hop ?

  • I’m trying to understand this. Two of us are arriving the week after Thanksgiving. We have a 5-day park hopper pass. If we want to use this, do we pay $15 x2 people x 5 days upfront? Or if we just want to use it for one day out of the five, do we purchase this for just the one day.

  • For those of us who have unlimited digital photo pass downloads currently with our WDW annual pass, will we be losing this amenity and now have to pay for genie+ if we still want it?

  • So if im coming from the uk, and booked using your 14 day ticket offer. I need to allow an extra $15 per day per person to use the old free FP system, but if i want to use on a A tier ride i have to pay another fee ontop? So i need to allow another around another $1000?

  • @Kaolani – “YAY”? How entitled do you sound? Really?
    I will make our vacation plans for WDW as usual but will not pay extra for the +. At some point it becomes too tedious, too costly even for a Magical vacation at WDW.

  • Agree with others commenting about annual passes. I think there needs to be an option for top tier passes to include this as a benefit.

  • As a DVC and Annual pass holder it feels like I am losing all of the experiences that make the trips to Disney worth it. Ticket prices keep going up and services keep dwindling away. Magical Express which was the best ever (now gone) now have to pay for fast passes, dining reservations have gone from 180 days in advance to 60. I am really going to consider using my points at other destinations.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. I really hope that you know this is just wrong and you are pushing peaple away.

  • Disney continues to lose luster as it finds new ways to get money out of people. Seriously, tickets cost plenty already and now you are splintering all these “get in front of everyone else” options to the highest bidder… oh wait, guess you haven’t thought of that one yet. Totally understood Fast Passes as they helped with queueing. This is total money grab.

  • Someone at Disney needs to list the benefits of an annual pass and DVC membership. I guess I am a whale in Disney terms. My love of Disney was cultivated by my lower middle class parents who saved and took us there as kids. It was so magical and special. Had my parents been priced out like you are doing now for so many families, I would have never become a Disney whale Your vision is so short sighted. Repeat Whales go there because of special family memories. Disney is positioning itself as a one and done destination.

  • Will there be special benefits for Guests staying at a Disney Resort hotel who choose to use Genie+ ?

  • How about disability pass would you still need to pay for the lightning lane or genie+ or any added benefit at all

  • One of the reasons we purchased an annual pass and continue to be passholders is for the fastpass feature. Will there at least be a discount for passholders? And will we be losing our photo pass feature from out annual pass with this?

  • As an AP holder in the UK we still can’t get to WDW. Is the AP still going to have all the features and discounts as when we purchased it? Such as Photopass? Or as I suspect you are going to erode those features prior to us actually using the AP? If thats the case was the AP miss sold as the Genie Feature hasn’t just appeared overnight its being in the planning stage for a few years ! I note above the only replies are to the easy questions?

  • Disney, please don’t do this. The most magical thing about your parks is once we have our tickets everyone has equal access. Now you have created a two tier system with those on budgets standing in queues watching those with money walk into the ride. It will change the whole atmosphere or Disney and essentially turn you into another two tier system theme park like Universal et al. Rethink please and bring your magic for all philosophy back.

  • First a less-than-magical visit to WDW last week, and now this? I mourn the Disney World my family grew up with – more magic and Pixie Dust, less money-grab. Seriously wonder if last week’s trip was our last.

  • How does the DAS work?

  • SO EXCITED to hear about this,, but nervous we’ll miss it-we have an early October trip booked. When will this be available? Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻Thank you!

  • So you are requiring season pass holders to pay $15/visit every time to get lightning lane? What am I getting for being a pass holder?? All the perks are going poof like a genie.

  • I purchased the memory maker for a planned trip for summer 2020 that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. When cancelling, I was told the memory maker would remain on MDE until it was used. However, Disney Genie includes photopass so what can be done with the memory maker?

  • So sad…fastpass used to be free for all, but here lies yet another experience that is being taken from us and replaced with a payed option. Disney, you are breaking my heart. Guess my trip in 2019 will forever be the best trip. Magical express, extra magic hours, and 60 day free fastpass reservations were all magical and wonderful experiences. I suppose these times will just live in in my memory. Again I hope you reconsider how you are treating your guests. Be more than a company out for the money…be about the experiences like you used to be.

  • It’s a shame not only do I have to reserve a day to bring my family to the parks, but now I get to enjoy a “Magical Experience” and pay $15 a person so my kids can ride more than 3 rides waiting in 100+ minute lines. What’s next? Will I have to pay for a table at your quick service, I’m sorry I meant “Genie Fast Food” restaurants so my family doesn’t have to sit on the floor?

  • As a Florida resident pass holder, I’m confused why you would charge us for the new policy which takes the place of the fastpass. Love Disney, but extremely unhappy with this news.

  • What’s happened to all the magic of Disney? We lost the magic of having our luggage handled from airport to room & back again. Next we’re losing magical express bus service. We’ve lost free magic bands & now fast pass+. Please review all your changes & bring back some magic.o

  • What’s happened to all the magic of Disney? First we lost the magic of having our luggage handled from airport to room & back again. Next we’re losing magical express bus service. We’ve lost free magic bands among other bonuses & now fast pass+. It seems all prices are being raised while all freebies are dropped.Please review all your changes & bring back some magic. Please bring back our favorites.

  • Does this mean the loss of photo pass unless you pay for genie+ or will it still be included in certain ticket options? For example the 14 day tickets

  • What’s happened to all the magic of Disney? First we lost the magic of having our luggage handled from airport to room & back again. Next we’re losing magical express bus service. We’ve lost free magic bands among other bonuses & now fast pass+. It seems all prices are being raised while all freebies are dropped. Disney has never been an inexpensive vacation but now it’s far from magical. Please review all your changes & bring back some magic. News outlets have published the Corporate officials income info. There’s no excuse for the magic to melt away. Please bring back our favorites.

  • You guys keep raising the prices each year. Let me guess it’s to improve the guest experience, which is always the same response you make each year.

  • After a less than magical visit to WDW last week, now this? We can’t be the only folks who work hard to treat our families to the magic of a WDW vacation. And now Disney wants to nickel and dime us to death to enjoy just a little extra magic? Sure… we don’t have to invest in the new offerings and instead just “take advantage” of traditional attraction queues – but we don’t invest thousands of dollars to stand in lines for most of the day. That’s what we loved about FastPass. It gave our family a little break from the craziness of traditional amusement park insanity, and kept the Disney magic alive. We may be just one family, but we’re one family mourning the loss of the WDW we grew up with. I wish I had known that last week’s trip may have been our last.

  • How ever much Disney try and dress it up as a benefit, this absolutely stinks. Ticket prices are extortionate as it is and benefits of staying on site at over priced hotels being eradicated, Magic Hours reduced and early booking of fast passes etc.

  • This is very disappointing. Unless you want to fork over extra cash, on top of being admitted, you will experience less stuff in a day than ever before. There’s nothing magical about that. I like how this is being spinned as a good thing, it’s not.

    Even if you can afford it, you’re being taken for granted at the expense of other guests. It’s not a nice thing to do or the right thing to do.

    This is not the Disney I grew up with, that is for sure. Robin Williams would be sad to know that his character is attached to this, I think.

  • This is brutal on families. $20 more per person per day just to get fast pass back 😟

  • This is just really hard to shallow. I grew up my whole life going to Disney and FastPass was such a great way to truly enjoy the park without the added stress and wasting so much time waiting in very crowded lines. As a teacher and parent now of 3 young boys, I will now have to spend even more money in order to give my kids a experience that’s not them remembering waiting in crowed long lines all day. We went to all the parks on a 4 day pass (which was for 5 people) & we paid IMO a very Large sum of money to do this. During that trip, there was no FassPass option and it made the waits unbearably long. I estimated that we lost one full day of our 4 day pass (1/4” of our trip and cost went to waiting in lines). This is incredibly disappointing and just sad. Sorry, but this makes me genuinely think twice before booking our next Disney trip.

  • Totally ridiculous considering how much the park passes already cost. You are literally making it so the average family can’t afford to go to Disney. I am a DVC member and annual passholder and this feature should be included. If you do buy this upgrade it’s not clear whether you have to buy the genie+ for the duration of your pass or can you just do it for 1 of your days?

  • I thought you were better than Disney 😔

  • You listened to feedback? Did any of the feedback mention wanting to pay a whole lot more per day for services that used to be included? Ridiculous price gouging. Pay for hotel parking, pay for genie +, pay for lightning passes. Week long trip for 4 just went up over at least $600 plus the continued increase in park passes. Done with Disney parks and I hope others do the same. Last trip this summer had us experiencing multiple staff that didn’t follow the KEYS. This is definitely the nail in the coffin for any trips to WDW.

  • Gary, Courtney asked a great question. You are wrong, now the average family will not be able to set up their 3 “free” fastpasses before they enter the park, sometimes up to 6 months. Now you have to start at 7 am after paying. You are now creating different classes of guests those who can pay and those who can’t. A form of exclusion. I’d rather not be on my phone all day, criss-crossing the park chasing down ride times.

  • What perks are there to staying on property now? The biggest reason I stay on property is for the FastPass options. It would be less expensive to get a condo at this point.

  • SO … My 6 day trip for family of 8 (2 parents & 6 children ages 14 – 20) next summer, just got $15 x 8 people x 6 park days = $720.00 more expensive for Genie+. Which doesn’t include the very best rides. So adding ($15 x 2 rides) x 8 people x 4 days ( 1 day @ each park ) = $960.00
    So total increase = $ 1680.00
    Additionally, we were considering getting a DVC membership (350 points) so that my wife and I could visit more often. Now each additional visit is a minimum of $30.00/ day more expensive. We figured 350 point would get us a minimum of 17 days in a studio per year. Now that is $510.00 per year more. Are my numbers correct? Or am I missing something.

  • “We’ve been listening to your feedback“. I don’t think feedback has asked to increase cost while really offering similar (and really maybe worse) service. Will you be decreasing ticket prices to account for the loss of FP?

    We will no longer be able plan out the park days ahead of time from home. It’s going to be daily/on the fly while there and “based on availability”. We know what that means…they’ll run out. Disney already cost a ton before this. I’ve been going since I was a kid but this may finally be my breaking point after 40 years.

  • Will there be any benefit to staying on Disney property with the Disney Genie+ services or does everyone on property and off have the same options?

  • We have a trip planned for Oct, what will we need to do to get it set up. When will there be an official start date ?

  • Will guests still be able to book table service advanced dining reservations 6 months out from the date of their visit for their trip, or will table service dining reservations only be able to be made day of?

    • We are not making changes to our dining booking windows as part of these updates – guests can continue to make their dining reservations up to 60 days in advance at both resorts. That said, Disney Genie will make it even easier to make your dining reservations and find a great spot to eat!

  • So no more more fastpasses free by walking up to the fastpass ticket booth? Look I get that from a business stance your trying to recoup losses from DLR being closed for so long, but taking one of the few free bees we had away doesn’t seem like the way to go. If you wanted to quickly recoup losses then you should’ve reopened with everything the way it was pre-COVID and keep that for a year and then make your increases and take away freebees.

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