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Planning to Purchase a Disneyland Resort Magic Key Pass? Your Top Magic Key Questions, Answered!

Kelsey Lynch, Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

UPDATE: There may be updates to the Magic Key program. Please visit for the latest information.

There’s lots of excitement for the new Magic Key program, and we know many of you are ready to get back to unlocking unforgettable memories over and over again at the Disneyland Resort.  As you likely know, Magic Key passes will officially go on sale beginning August 25 (no earlier than 10 a.m. PT). Before we officially launch our four new Magic Key options in just a few days, we wanted to help answer some of the top questions to best help you plan and prepare ahead of time!

Where can I purchase a Magic Key pass?

You will need to buy your Magic Key pass online at either or on the Disneyland app. We will not be selling Magic Key passes at the ticket booths at Disneyland Resort at this time.

Do I need to purchase my Magic Key pass on August 25?

We know you’re eager and excited to “unlock” your new Magic Key pass, and we want you to have a magical experience upon your return to the Happiest Place on Earth. Please know it is not necessary to purchase your Magic Key on the first day of sale. As always, we appreciate your patience as we work hard to accommodate as many guests as possible through our system on

Is there a monthly payment option available for purchasing my Magic Key pass?

Yes! Monthly payment options are available for eligible California residents purchasing a Magic Key pass.

I’d like to upgrade my existing theme park ticket to a Magic Key pass. Is that doable?

Yes, most theme park tickets are upgradeable to a Magic Key pass. Fully used, or partially used and expired, theme park admission media, complimentary ticket media, special event ticket media and ticket media stating its ineligibility for an upgrade (such as the California Resident promotional ticket) may not be upgraded to a Magic Key pass.

How will I upgrade my eligible theme park ticket to a Magic Key pass?

If you have a partially used, unexpired ticket that is upgradable, you can do so directly on the Disneyland app! Visit to learn more.  

How exactly will my Magic Key holder theme park reservations work?

Depending on what Magic Key type you choose to purchase, you may hold a specific number of theme park reservations at a time, within a 90-day booking window, subject to applicable blockout dates (you can check the number of holds per pass type at For example, if you purchase an Imagine Key pass, you can hold up to 2 theme park reservations at a time. Once you enter a park on one of your two booked reservation days (or timely cancel a reservation), then you can make another, new reservation within that 90-day window! Park reservations may be made for one or both parks, subject to availability, and park reservations are limited and are not guaranteed for any specific dates or park.

Once you purchase your Magic Key pass, here are the steps to book a theme park reservation, beginning Aug. 25:

  1. Visit the theme park reservations page on or the Disneyland app to start the reservation process.
  2. Select the date that you wish to visit from the available theme park reservation dates. You can make reservations for one park, or both, depending on park availability for that selected date.
  3. If you will be visiting both parks, you must select a starting park in which to begin your day. You may cross over and switch between parks beginning at 1 p.m. that day, subject to capacity. If you arrive after 1 p.m., you may start your visit at either park.
  4. After making your selection, review and confirm your reservations details.
  5. Tip: If you’re planning to visit with friends and family, you can add their theme park admission to your account to make theme park reservations as a group!

If I want to visit both parks on the same day, do I need to make two separate reservations?

No. If your Magic Key theme park reservation is for both parks, it will count as one reservation toward your available reservation holds. Reservations for both parks are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

If I purchase my Magic Key pass within the first 66 days, what additional benefits will I receive?

In addition to all the great benefits that come with being a Magic Key holder, you will also receive a special charter member welcome package sent to the address on file, which will include a limited-edition Magic Key pin, celebratory button, magnet and more!

Additionally, the Magic Key holders who enter Disneyland park from Sept. 1 – Oct. 30, 2021 may enjoy access to a limited-time experience at Starcade in Tomorrowland. Here, Magic Key holders can enjoy a fun photo opportunity, charging stations, and other fun Magic Key surprises!

We hope this helped answer some of your questions! Now, who’s excited to become a Magic Key holder?!


  • I want to purchase a Magic Key for a Christmas gift. When I enter all her info, is it going to show up in her app or email? I don’t want her to know I bought it.

  • I purchased key passes as Christmas gifts. And made reservations for after Christmas to attend. However, I see that the monthly payment as well as the down payment has already come out. So my question is, when do the 12 months start? The day I bought them? Or the day we first use them?

  • Where are are the answers to all of these questions?

  • Is the payment plan option only available for Southern California residents?

  • What day each month is the monthly payment deducted/charged?

  • Can you make our own card with our passes

  • I have Disney gift cards to apply to my magic keys. How do I do that so my monthly payment will be lesser?

  • I have four pre-purchased Parkhopper tickets I have not used. Can I apply them to the price of a Magic Key , and how do I do it?

  • Hi!
    Is the pass activated the first day you enter the park or the day of purchase? If activated the first day you enter the park does that mean the monthly payments will be started on that date and that the start of your membership begins that day and not the day you initially purchased?

  • I saw a Disney post indicating that we are not allowed to purchase the passes in person at the booth. What about those of us who want to put a larger amount of down_payment so we have lower monthly payments? Please let us know.

  • Can I use Chase Disney card points towards the purchase of Magic Keys?

  • Can you bring a guest into Starcade for key bolder benefits? I will be going with my cousin I haven’t seen in 12 year in person and who I consider my best friend but she’s from out of state.

  • I have park hopper tickets and reservations for 1 Saturday in mid October. If I upgrade my tickets via the website or app will I be able to keep my current reservation? Or will I have to cancel my current reservation and hope that same day is available after my upgrade?

  • What about those of us with cash? What about those of us who were planning on using an upgradable tix + giftcard + cc? We are going to be denied the ability to purchase the key for the foreseeable future until you open the ticket booths? I assume phone lines cannot handle these transactions either.

  • What about those of us who want to put down a larger payment so we have lower monthly payments? What about those of us who have a gift card + upgradeable ticket + want to use a credit card to pay off the balance? The phone lines are useless to get through and I’m 99% sure that these types of transactions need to be handled in person. Soo does that mean those of us who require “hands on” are going to be denied our Magic Keys until Disney decides to open the ticket booths?

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