Royal Recap of World Princess Week

Kaitlyn Woollen

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This week marked the first-ever World Princess Week for Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, and cast members across the country celebrated this exciting week of festivities. Throughout the last few days, we spoke with cast members at locations throughout Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort that are tied to some of our favorite princesses. 

Digging a little deeper into the upcoming ‘The Princess and the Frog’ attraction in New Orleans Square and Frontierland

The week started off strong with news from the Bayou. On Monday, World Princess Week celebrated Princess Tiana, and we had the chance to “dig a little deeper” with some cast members at the Mint Julep Bar at New Orleans Square in Disneyland Resort (and of course, watch some beignet-making!). 

Disneyland Resort cast members Emily and Manny

Emily, a cashier at Mint Julep Bar, is in charge of the last magical step of sprinkling the powdered sugar on beignets before serving them to guests. She shared her thoughts on having a role that is so connected to the story of Princess Tiana: “It’s really exciting. Beignets are so important to her, and it’s nice to have that connection with her and with ‘The Princess and the Frog’. It’s fun when guests make that connection too and they’re really excited about it.” 

Over at French Market Restaurant, Manny is a cook – just like Princess Tiana – and he actually makes the famous beignets for Mint Julep Bar! He even has fond memories himself of this favorite treat of Tiana’s: “I came into the Park one time with some friends, and the best part of the meal at Café Orleans was the beignets for dessert. It just hits the spot.” 

World Princess Week kicked off with news about the latest developments on the an all-new attraction, including stunning new concept art depicting Tiana leading the way inspired by “The Princess and the Frog” coming to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. We had the opportunity to hear the excited reactions from both Emily and Manny about the updates as well as Walt Disney World Resort Frontierland cast members.

Frontierland cast members

“What excites me the most about the transformation is the music,” said Emily. “I love the music in ‘The Princess and the Frog’, so it’ll be really nice to just be covered by the music while on the attraction.” Manny expressed, “It’s really nice that Princess Tiana is getting her own attraction, finally!” Stephanie, from Walt Disney World Resort, mentioned how she’s from Louisiana and very excited, especially to see ‘The Princess and the Frog’ brought to life while Lexie, Frontierland Attractions cast member told us, “I’m ready for all the adventures Tiana is going to bring for us.”

Finding the perfect fit like Cinderella at Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland 

On Tuesday we said bippity-boppity-boo to Nicole and Shannon, Merchandise cast members at Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland. Just like Cinderella, Shannon and Nicole display such kindness and courage in their merchandise role. From sprinkling pixie dust to making sure each guest leaves with a smile, these cast members ensure that each little princess keeps dreaming. 

Fantasyland cast members Nicole and Shannon

“Having a small role makes a big impact,” said Nicole. “It’s so rewarding to see all the princess leave with the biggest smile on their faces knowing they are leaving with the perfect crown or dress.” Shannon chimed in to say that, “it’s so fun to talk with the guests to give them tips on how to get around Magic Kingdom to make their vacation memorable and to make the most out of their time here.” 

“What’s special to me is that we are having more costumes that are inclusion-friendly,” said Nicole. Cinderella was kind and included everyone, so cast members now get to provide guests with costumes that fit everyone, including wheelchair covers

Keeping things ‘Shiny’ with Housekeeping cast at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Leading the way just like the brave voyager Moana, Housekeepers Josette and Nashima, along with Houseperson Rosalie provide the best care for guests at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. On Wednesday, we visited this team in one of the newly reimagined rooms, featuring a fresh color palette inspired by the Pacific Ocean and its many islands.  

Polynesian Village Resort Housekeeping cast members

Josette, Nashima and Rosalie shared with us the passion, attention to detail and teamwork it takes to prepare the room’s amenities, including special textures and touches inspired by ‘Moana.’ Just like the story’s heroine, they imagine new ways to bring magic and adventure to their roles.

“Moana is brave, loyal and she loves her family,” shared Rosalie. “And that’s how I care for my ‘ohana here.” Josette added that she considers all of the guests to be part of that family: “I love to make magic for my guests every day.” 

“One of my favorite things about Moana is how sentimental she is, especially to her family and her grandma,” said Nashima. “And I feel that here [in my heart] as part of this team.” 

Discovering wonderful stuff from ‘Fathoms Below’ at The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure 

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think the Attractions cast members’ collection is complete? Our cast at The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure took on a challenge to “Guess That Thingamabob.” These cast members were willing to have a brave new adventure, just like Ariel, as they tried to guess what was inside the box.  


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Bringing honor to all of EPCOT with Entertainment 

Today had a trip around the world in store for us as we journeyed to the China pavilion at EPCOT, where our Entertainment cast members showcase the spunk, determination and creativity Mulan is known for. Character Captain Aaron, Character Attendant Bethany and PhotoPass Photographer Ali bring beloved Disney stories to life with guests while encouraging everyone they meet to create their own adventures. 

Entertainment cast members at Walt Disney World Resort

Imagination and storytelling are at the heart of what our Entertainment team does in every part of their role, whether they’re helping guests see a favorite Disney pal or capturing memories of a vacation that travel all over the world. And they all appreciate the magic that goes into each of these moments. 

“Being able to help facilitate that magic and make those memories that are going to last a lifetime, seeing the tears is the best,” said Aaron. “You’re going to see it in their eyes,” added Bethany. “It just melts you, and I love feeling that way and helping them experience a great trip.” 

“I love seeing our guests smile—if they’re smiling, I’m smiling,” Ali shared with a smile. Since she captures photos of our grinning guests, we take it that must be a lot!

Our cast members embody many traits and characteristics of our Disney Princesses: courage, kindness, confidence, passion, gratitude and more. We celebrate World Princess Week now, but our celebrations for our cast are never-ending. To see more #DisneyCastLife stories, be sure to follow the Ambassador Instagram channels.

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