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Walt Disney World Minute: Gaten Matarazzo

Jacqueline Logan

by , Public Relations Manager

Imagine this! You are spending a beautiful summer morning on the planet of Batuu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. As you watch the Batuuan suns rise overhead, you spot your Resistance friend Chewbacca in the midst of an animated discussion with a mysterious figure. In walking towards the duo, you recognize the figure to be none other than actor, musician and prank show host, Gaten Matarazzo. What a strange thing to happen! Even more perplexing, Gaten appears to be conversing fluently in Chewie’s native language, Shyriiwook.

The moral of this story? You never know who or what you might encounter when exploring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! We interrupted Chewie and Gaten to film the latest edition of our Walt Disney World Minute series.  

A devout Star Wars fan, Gaten could not stop smiling when he landed on Batuu and demonstrated his surprisingly skillful Chewbacca impersonation. And Gaten didn’t shy away from opening up about the topics near and dear to his heart, sharing a cause he is passionate about, his advice for aspiring actors and musicians and a lesson he learned from achieving fame at a young age.

Tune in for the full video below!