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Disney Genie Launching Oct. 19 at Walt Disney World Resort: Create Your Best Disney Day

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

What a week! The World’s Most Magical Celebration at Walt Disney World Resort is in full swing, as we kicked off the 50th anniversary festivities on Oct. 1 with all-new experiences and countless magical moments.

Now, we’re gearing up for yet another milestone: We’re excited to share that the previously announced Disney Genie service will launch on Oct. 19 at Walt Disney World Resort! 

Available for all of our guests right in the My Disney Experience app, the complimentary Disney Genie service offers new features that let you create your best Disney day. These features include a personalized itinerary creator that effortlessly and smartly maps out an entire day inspired by the things you tell us you love – helping you make the most of your park time so you can have more fun. 

Similar to a navigation app on your phone, Disney Genie continues to update your itinerary from morning to night as the day changes, so you can stay spontaneous and go with the flow – whether you need a nap, encounter an unexpected rain shower or want to take a detour for a Mickey ice cream bar. 

Many of you have asked about how this cool new technology works. Behind the scenes, the app is capable of magically evaluating thousands of possible itineraries in seconds – so you don’t even have to think about it! Disney Genie puts guests at the center of the experience by prioritizing ways to:

  • Reduce time in lines while keeping in mind your top picks
  • Pace your day with experiences you’ll enjoy – and haven’t already done yet
  • Build around your existing plans like dining reservations and Park Hopper preferences 

Disney Genie uses our 50+ years of knowledge and expertise in how guests visit our parks to make the experience better for everyone.

With this launch, we’ll also be introducing the Lightning Lane entrance. Available for purchase through our Disney Genie+ add-on at more than 40 attractions – or individually, “à la carte” at some of our most highly demanded attractions – the Lightning Lane entrance can save you time waiting in line. Click here for a first look at the list of current attractions with Lightning Lane entrances and info on pricing

As a reminder, attractions continue to offer a traditional standby queue or from time to time, a virtual queue may instead be used at select attractions, like right now at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

To get ready for the launch, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know before you go – visit for more details. Our Guest Experience Team will also be available throughout all four theme parks to assist you, and be sure to head over to planDisney for expert tips from the panelists.

Disney Genie service will come at a later date for Disneyland Resort, so stay tuned to the blog for future updates! You’ve never had a friend like this.


  • As the Disney Parks go, the Disney brand goes. Disney’s market value will continue to suffer until the Disney brass gets back to making visits to the parks a magical experience. Their Genie program forces visitors to be on their phone too much, does not deliver on helping to maximize park time, forces visitors to wake up early, and is just plain awful.

  • We just returned home last night after a week in FL. We typically go every year. I was so disappointed with Genie service. For my family of 4 we spent approx $150 more per day on Genie and still weren’t able to get on the rides we wanted. You need to get up at 7am on the dot to book Genie+ as well as any independent lightening lanes. But they can only be booked 1 at a time and after you complete each one. So there were many times that after we completed our first ride, the next ride we wanted was closed out for the day or not available until 7pm that night. This happened with Slinky Dog for example, we paid for Genie but never got to book it bc it was unavailable for the day by 9am. It was a terrible experience and a real shame.

  • So, basically there are minimal perks for staying onsite. I can stay at a less expensive resort on Disney property and receive the same benefits… Is the Magic turning into $$$$$$$

  • This paid fast pass system is at every other single disney park in the world i’m not sure why everyone is surprised, it works great. Disney World was bound to start the system one day. Standby is still there, you aren’t being forced to by genie+, wait in line or by the pass, that easy. Excited to use genie+ to make my trips better!

  • I know many are upset about this but it was bound to happen, when you lose over a billion because of covid, you got to make it up somewhere. When Disneyland opened they had individual tickets for each ride, hence “e ticket rides” you bought a book of tickets and once you ran out you were done unless you forked over more $ but you just couldn’t buy the e tickets you had to purchase a book, with a-e. I am upset also but there are still standby lines and virtual que, you just have to wait like all the other….

  • My only first impression of this year is amazing for Walt Disney The 50th Anniversary that we’re celebrating is our new year’s best wishes to everyone and happy Halloween to all the staff and plus Walt Disney World is the happiest place I love to share joy that If Walt Disney picked a better person that will give all the thoughts and dream will Be Mickey Mouse the number one favorite Character of world best mouse ever on earth When I went to Disney I so excited when I love Mickey Mouse is my only hope and favorite Character I always love I dream if I was at Disney I’m old give happy thoughts too all my memories I hope you in your hearts and the love we share in our lives

  • Walt Disney would be furious with all the expensive changes being made. None of this was part of his dream for families to enjoy his parks. Walt made it affordable. He wanted people to enjoy the most magical place on earth. The exes running the company have lost sight of this. All they seem to care about is money.

  • I think these changes were imminent. When a union demands a minimum wage & gets it (which is 33% higher than they previously paid for wages,) it always effects the consumer. Also, just like everybody else, inflation ia effecting Disney–just like the rest of us. I think these new ways of keeping everybody happy, including employees, is a decent decision.

    They are not needed and not used at any other theme parks any more!

    Going to Disneyland and Walt Disney World should be fun and without the stress and worry that you might not even get in…and that’s after you already bought a ticket or an annual pass! And it should be spontaneous sometimes without micro-planning everything!

  • Not a fan for this at Disney World where FastPass+ was FREE before and no silly money-grab upcharge for some premium attractions!

    First you take away Magical Express for resort hotel guests, then implement nonsense reservations that NO OTHER THEME PARKS ARE STILL DOING and now “PAY EXTRA!” For was at one time free!


  • Only like 2 rides at each park have the price per ride….40 attractions are included in the $15 per day.

  • This is such a bad change. So complicated for a vacation. #makedisneyfunagain

  • It’s just hard to think that after all that we have endured during the last couple of years, most of us were looking forward to the days when our magical Disney World would go back to normal. Instead, yet again, there is something in our lives that has increased drastically in price and become more unreachable for many people. Especially for those families with multiple kids that would previously depend on the fast passes to be able to keep a balance in their kid’s experience. Waiting an hour on average to ride your favorite rides is brutal for many of the kids, which are precisely the group of people that Disney aimed to keep happy. I understand Disney parks may be looking to increase their revenues but let’s be real , where the parks took a hit Disney plus made up for it. Making these trips even harder to reach financially just let’s us see that more and more they are aimed at the money and the data and not looking out for the experience of the regular class kids. Yes we can still do the line but you mean to tell me that only the richer class can have the ability to have a magical day with their kids not crying cuz their feet are tired from constantly standing in line to get a few minutes of a ride at the end of it? I am a Disney fan and want to instill this beautiful tradition in my daughter but I do want to let my voice be heard, because I know many of us down here feel the same way. Sincerely , an honest Disney fan.

  • Continually disappointed in the changes being made that turn complimentary services into cash flow. Harmonious sings of there being no more greed and yet that’s all Genie+ looks like. We are avid Disney goers and honestly regret having purchased our tickets this past spring for our next trip. Disney was set apart from the “other” parks and now they’re falling in line. Our happy place is hurting and it’s breaking our hearts.

  • Disappointed in an up charge for what used to set Disney apart from other theme parks and be complimentary. I’ve been tracking Genie+ since it was announced and I get more and more frustrated. Disney was special and magical and it still holds some of that but it’s quickly turning to greed. Ironic that the Harmonious chorus mentions how greed has no place. Disney is our happy place and yet we are only filled with anxiety thinking about all these changes while also paying more for baseline tickets. I can’t imagine this is truly consumer driven unless they only polled the rich.

  • When I booked in 2019 for 2020, we had a package that included fast passes, meal plans, Disney express, magic bands and water bottles. Our hotel wasn’t open due to Covid for our Oct 2020 visit- though we delayed in May due to Covid. All our Magic in our original package is now gone. Delayed again till 2022 due to the Covid, crowds and long lines with mask. Disney please honor our Disney packaged prior to Covid and bring on the Magic instead the Madness and extra cost for fast passes and the other values.

  • Change is hard, even when it’s announced weeks ahead of time. Keep in mind folks, this announcement doesn’t prohibit you from riding rides, nor does it change the amount of people in the park. It’s adding an option for people to pay for fast passes. If you can’t, don’t, or won’t, you will still ride multiple rides each day and the free Geenie service will help you optimize your schedule.

  • I’m sorry, but these prices are far too much. It’s such a downgrade in magic from the free FastPass system.

  • Just to let everyone know, you can still wait in any line normally. This is basically a pay to skip the line pass. The people saying that certain rides will be pay only are spreading rumors.

  • How will lighting lanes work with virtual queues? My trip starts on the 19th so not much time to hear others experiences with lighting land before hand.

  • Pricing aside I’m not getting up at 7am everyday of my vacation. Let resort guest pick prior to their stay or at check in. Vacation is sleeping in.

  • For Remy after October 19th- so the virtual queue opens at 7 am. If you are a resort guest, if you aren’t able to get a into a boarding group can you at that point purchase a lightening lane for your family?

  • Can Genie+ sell out on certain dates? We are traveling around Thanksgiving and want to use the service. We already have our tickets and would like to modify them.

  • Any insight for Annual Passholders and how this new system will work for us this AP year?

  • I am so upset…I just booked our trip and now I am so sad that I won’t be riding all my favorites because I’m not paying extra for what should be free😫 Thanks for stealing the Magic Disney 😭

  • So just to get things straight, if you have tickets already for a trip in November I can buy the genie plus add on starting October 19th?

  • The pricing for a family is crazy! $50-$75 for my family to ride one ride!!!!

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