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Disney Cruise Line Guests Recount Their Favorite Family Memories Onboard

Yolanda Cade

by , Yolanda Cade, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Disney Signature Experiences

For the Cox-Sellers-Jackson family, sailing with Disney Cruise Line has become not only a rite of passage, but a way to make lifelong memories. 

Whether it’s hearing about how the youngest lights up when she sees the Disney characters onboard (especially the princesses), the teens recounting the games and activities they’ve participated in the youth activities spaces, or even grandma recalling her favorite part about cruising – family dinner time! – every member of this multi-generational family has a favorite memory from being onboard. 

They love it so much, in fact, that they already have a Disney Wish voyage on the books for the ship’s inaugural season! 

Take a look into the Cox-Sellers-Jackson family story, and how Disney Cruise Line has become part of the fabric of their favorite family memories.