Two Disneyland Paris Cast Members Recognized for Creatively Filling A Community Need During the Pandemic

Shelby Grasser

by , Manager - Corporate Citizenship, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products

Throughout our search for 50 Disney Magic Makers, we’ve shared inspiring stories of individuals whose sincere acts of kindness and generosity – large and small – make magic for their communities. 

As a cast member, I am blown away by my fellow cast – the original Magic Makers – who make a difference by lending their time and talents to help our communities wherever there is a need.  Even during the toughest times, cast members around the world take a stand and say, “I can help.”

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Disneyland Paris cast members and Magic Makers, Cyril and Olivier. During the early days of lockdown, they realized their community was in desperate need of PPE, and knew they could help.

After seeing the need for PPE first-hand while volunteering to support hospital staff in the Seine-et-Marne area, Cyril, an occupational physician at Disneyland Paris, wanted to create face shields for hospital staff.  But he couldn’t do it alone.  Luckily, he knew just who to call – his colleague Olivier, a senior manager for entertainment technical production at the resort.

Olivier immediately got to work. He acquired 3D models of the needed face shields, mocked up prototypes in his garage, and started 3D printing. From early April 2020 through mid-June, Cyril and Olivier produced more than 500 face shields that were distributed to medical staff at local hospitals and clinics, and school teachers in the community.

Though the project took weeks of hard work, Cyril and Olivier will never forget the impact they made.

“When I delivered face shields to a clinic in our community, the doctor started crying,” Olivier shared. “In that moment, I understood how one idea can make a difference and bring a community together.”

Cyril and Olivier have been recognized as cast Magic Makers for their acts of good. But they are not alone – cast members around the world have completed similar acts of compassion and bravery year-over-year. Through food and product donations, volunteer work and skill-based support for local nonprofits, our global cast is connected at a heartfelt and human level.

As a whole, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products has donated more than 1.4 million face masks since March 2020 to communities in need worldwide. Disneyland Paris has donated more than 10 million euros worth of food, medical supplies and Disney-branded products to non-profit organizations, hospitals, and local and national partners.

We’re grateful for our cast and community partners who continue to come together to help make a difference. With a little magic we’ve been able to offer support to our communities around the world.