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CookieAnn Bakery Café Now Open at Shanghai Disneyland!

Charlie Watanabe

by , Story Editor Sr., Walt Disney Imagineering

We are excited to announce the opening of a brand-new addition to Mickey Avenue at Shanghai Disney ResortCookieAnn Bakery Café! Owned by Minnie Mouse, this adorable bakery is inspired by CookieAnn’s culinary curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity, and, of course, by the friendship between Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Duffy and his friends.

Minnie Mouse and CookieAnn at CookieAnn Bakery Café at Shanghai Disneyland

Duffy and Friends have deeply connected with guests of Shanghai Disney Resort since the moment they first arrived there. Their friendship and heartwarming moments with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse inspired this location that highlights CookieAnn’s creative talent in coming up with fun, unique and delicious recipes.

The interior walls are adorned with murals, envisioned by Walt Disney Imagineering Shanghai Art Director Aileen Li and beautifully illustrated by Lina Barr with creative direction from Laura West, both Disney Imagineers from California. These four painted tableaus portray a fun day had by Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse with Duffy and his friends: Picking fresh ingredients on an outing, baking and decorating together, and enjoying a picnic savoring the tasty snacks of their own creation. These heartwarming images magically transport guests to the world of Duffy and Friends as they sit and enjoy the offerings in this entirely immersive, fantastically sweet environment.

The vintage oven in the middle of the CookieAnn Bakery Café shows baked goods animation, reminiscent of things that appear in many Disney animated films.

CookieAnn Bakery Café at Shanghai Disneyland

Guests will be treated with a host of delicious and delightful snacks and baked goods: pastries, cookies, soufflé pancakes, creative milkshakes, specialty hot beverages, as well as all sorts of homeware items Disney collectibles, souvenirs, all inspired by Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Duffy and his friends, and brought to life by the Shanghai Disney Resort Food & Beverage and Merchandise teams.

Merchandise available at CookieAnn Bakery Café at Shanghai Disneyland

We hope you will enjoy the amazing food and beverage offerings, charming goods and souvenirs, as well as the warm friendship between the Disney friends, especially that between CookieAnn and Minnie Mouse, at CookieAnn Bakery Café!