5 Benefits of Joining a Disney Cast Walking League

Tyler McNulty

by , Communications Specialist, Walt Disney World Resort

For many people, walking is a great way to stay active and healthy. To support cast members with their fitness goals, Disney Be Well offers many unique options, such as the Cast Walking League. This program is aimed toward encouraging team and personal well-being, building healthy habits and providing opportunities for friendship outside of work through fitness.

Our cast love this program, including Toby Bailar, guest experience manager at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, who began attending Be Well events to help him live a healthier life. Joining a Cast Walking League team made committing to goals easier for Toby, especially when being surrounded by other cast members who had a common desire.

Several years ago, Toby became the captain of his own team and continues mentoring others as they begin their wellness journeys. “Walking League was the best thing to happen to me,” Toby said. “It helped me to get and stay in shape, while encouraging others to join our team and live a healthier life.”

Keith Drosehn, administrative assistant for worldwide safety, health engineering & sourcing, and Debbie Chance Singh, administrative assistant for guest experience technologies, also love this cast-exclusive offering and are co-captains for one of the many teams. “Leading a team has been a great addition to my fitness routine,” Debbie said. “I normally work out in the morning, but this gives me a chance to add even more physical activity to my day while meeting new people.”

Still need more reasons to join? Here are five positive benefits getting active can have on your body:

  1. Walking reduces stress and can boost your mood. 
  2. It’s one of the best exercises for everyone, easy on joints and free.
  3. Going on walks can increase energy levels and improve your sleep.
  4. Walking may help keep bones strong, protect your joints and strengthen other muscles.
  5. Regular exercise helps strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation throughout your body.

For those who might be hesitant to start exercising, Keith says to believe in yourself and try to improve a little each week. “Everyone has a different path, but we all have the same goal of improving and making ourselves healthier and stronger,” Keith said. “There’s no better way to do this than by participating in a Disney Be Well activity.”

Disney Cast Sports Leagues are an exclusive offering just for cast members at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort and is just one of the many ways Disney Be Well offers to help cast members work toward their wellness goals.

Ready to join a group of dedicated cast members taking steps toward a healthier life? Join our team! Visit DisneyCareers.com to apply for a role today.