Disney Chefs Share Heritage Through Family Recipes

Tyler McNulty

by , Communications Specialist, Walt Disney World Resort

Disney chefs flex their culinary muscles every day by taking ingredients from across the globe, crafting delectable dishes for all. The richness of unique and distinctive flavors is what draws most guests back to our restaurants time and time again. And, like most guests, our cast equally love the many delicious food and beverage offerings these chefs create.  

As we celebrate Black History Month, Disney chefs come together to give cast an exclusive look at some recipes that are steeped in their heritage and passed down from family members, while discussing foods that have deep roots in Black and African American communities. 

Joni Wilson Ferguson and Alysia Haygood help to develop programming for our cast during Black History Month and shared that this event is one a way to feature the amazing Black culinary talent at Walt Disney World Resort. “It was really important for us to highlight areas where we may not normally see Blacks and African Americans,” Joni said. “Being able to show the cast that there are people who look like them in roles they may want to get into is really great.”

This behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the event showcases the collaboration between many teams, and our chefs who prepare for months crafting the perfect dish.