A ‘How-To’ Guide for #WorldComplimentDay at Disney Parks & Experiences with the Global Ambassadors

March 1 is #WorldComplimentDay, and as part of Global Recognition Week, it’s one we wouldn’t miss! Consider us your personal guides to join in on the action from anywhere around our world. Whether visiting a Disney Park or experience, reliving fond memories of past adventures, or working today with your fellow cast members, why not spread some joy by sending cast appreciation? 

City Hall at Disneyland Park
Disneyland Ambassador Nataly, shares a cast compliment at City Hall. 

Pay a Visit to City Hall  

Want to let a cast member know they made your day? Make a stop at City Hall and share the compliment with Guest Relations, who will pass on the message. A few tips: always get the cast member’s first name and work location. Bonus points for the hometown on their name tag as well! It’s also helpful to remember around the time you interacted with the cast member when submitting your compliment.  

Disneyland Paris #CastCompliment
Quentin and Carmen look at the most recent #CastCompliments at Disneyland Paris.

#CastCompliment on Social Media 

Chances are you’re already posting photos and videos of your Disney experience on social media, so why not share the compliment there? Simply use #CastCompliment and tag any related, official Disney social accounts and our cast just may be surprised next time they come into work. You could make their day by sharing how they made your day! 

Mobile Cast Compliment at Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World Ambassador Ali explores the mobile cast compliment feature.

There’s an App for That!  

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World Resort, you can use the popular mobile cast compliment feature in the My Disney Experience mobile app to compliment cast. With just a few clicks, you can send appreciation to individual cast members by their first name and hometown, making it easier than ever to recognize the heart of the magic!

Hong Kong Disneyland guest letters
Hong Kong Ambassadors Lily and Tony read guest letters.

Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassadors Storytime  

Have an amazing story to share with us? You can send a guest letter either digitally or with a classic pen and paper to most of our parks and experiences around the world. Check the park or experience website for the best ways to share your amazing cast story.   

Walt Disney World RecognizeNow!
Walt Disney World Ambassador Ali and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park cast member Pedro are wild about RecognizeNow!

Recognize Your Peers 

Here’s one just for our cast members: did a peer go to infinity and beyond in the workplace? Visit RecognizeNow! on the HUB to share your appreciation, especially during Global Recognition Week.

Now let’s go out there and share those compliments! And to all our cast, crew, Imagineers and employees: thank you for being the magic!

For more on the Disney Ambassadors and other #DisneyCastLife stories, follow the Disney Ambassador teams on Instagram.  


Not all cast compliment features are available at all parks and locations.